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industrial Laboratory Testing Requests

Below are some examples of the most recent incoming industrial Laboratory Testing Requests that we have received from companies, governments and organizations looking for industrial laboratories and scientific research facilities to perform their industrial Testing, Scientific Research, Analysis, Assay, Product Development, Certifications, Inspections. Does your company need a laboratory for lab testing or science research projects? Save time and money searching! Use our Lab Assistant to find contract test laboratories or contract research facilities. Submit Lab Testing Requests

Nanoparticle Solutions DLS Testing

Nanotechnology Laboratory needed for sizing of nan... (view details)

Meltblown Material Cytotoxicity Testing

Toxicology Laboratory needed for cytotoxicity study testing on our meltblow... (view details)

Leather Alternative Material ASTM and ISO Biodegradability Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for AS... (view details)

Compression and Mechanical Connectors EN 61238 Testing

Electromechanical parts manufacturer company needs Contract Laboratory for ... (view details)

Cooking Process Deviation Authority Review

Food Laboratory needed for Process Authority review of process deviation du... (view details)

Food PET Trays Packaging Testing

Packaging Laboratory needed for food packaging testing of PET trays used i... (view details)

Personal Protective Equipment ASTM Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for the following ASTM testing o... (view details)

Glass Refractive Index Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for refractive index of glass in the range of ... (view details)

Ceramic Glaze Metal Leaching Testing for Food Consumption Safety

Food Laboratory needed for metal leaching testing in a ceramic glaze to det... (view details)

Welding Eye and Face Protection European Test Standard Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for welding eye and face protection testing to t... (view details)

Textile Fiber BHT Quantification Testing

Large Textile Company needs Laboratory for the Quantification of BHT in tex... (view details)

Filter Transmittance Curve

Contract Laboratory needed for BG39 filter testing to de... (view details)

Food Manufacturer's Sterilizer Gasket Analysis

Food Manufacturer needs USA Laboratory with the capabilit... (view details)

NIOSH Pre-Certification Tests

USA Contract Laboratory needed for NIOSH pre-certification... (view details)

AC Leak Detector SAE Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for multiple SAE testing of AC L... (view details)

Power Plant ULSD Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for the following ULSD testing ... (view details)

AMCA Fan Sound Testing

Contract Acoustics Laboratory needed for AMCA Sound Level Testing of Axial ... (view details)

Curtain Fabric Swatches Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for multiple tests on category I... (view details)

Deinkability Testing

Europe Contract Laboratory needed for Deinkability testing according to ING... (view details)

Medical Bed Rail Testing

Healthcare Company needs Medical Device Laboratory for bed rail testing. C... (view details)

Polycarbonate Molded Part Optical Properties Testing

Large Engineering and Manufacturing Company needs India L... (view details)

Fabric Fiber Content Testing

Textiles Laboratory needed for fiber content testing on fabric. (view details)

Edge Crush Testing

USA Packaging Laboratory needed for edge crush testing on several corrugate... (view details)

Pulley Durability Life Comparison Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for durability life comparison testing of pulle... (view details)

SEM-eds Mapping of Cross Section of Four Coated Samples

India Materials Laboratory needed for SEM-eds mapping of the cross section ... (view details)

NIOSH Methyl Mercaptan Testing

Industrial Hygiene Laboratory needed for NIOSH Methyl Mercaptan testing acc... (view details)

ISTA Plastic Bag Jolt Testing

Packaging Laboratory needed for ISTA Jolt testing of plastIc bags to ISTA t... (view details)

Nonwoven Wiper IEST Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for IEST Testing of nonwoven wiper for cleanroom... (view details)

Label General Motors Specification Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for labels to General Motors Specification GM... (view details)

Pharmaceutical Bulk Drug Substance Containers USP Sterility Testing

Large Pharma needs Pharmaceutical Laboratory for USP sterility testing (20... (view details)

Complex Ions Analysis

Contract Laboratory needed for complex ions analysis eg pb2... (view details)

Activated Carbon Particles Thermal Conductivity Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for thermal conductivity testing of activated ca... (view details)

Heavy Metal Nanoparticles in Air, Water, Plants and Soil

Contract Laboratory needed for the determination of heavy ... (view details)

Titanium Working Fluids Feasibility Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for feasibility testing for ti... (view details)

Fire Extinguisher Claims Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for testing on as many of the ... (view details)

Liquid Oil Based Air Fresheners Odor Kill Efficacy Testing

Performance Laboratory needed to show 100 percent oil based liquid air fres... (view details)

Pre-Engineered Bamboo Moisture, Sugar and Fat Content Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for moisture, sugar and fat c... (view details)

Filters Total Carbon Testing

USA Contract Laboratory needed for analysis of tot... (view details)

Pharmaceutical Foil Pouch Packaging Testing (60 Samples)

Large Pharma needs USA Pharmaceutical Packaging Laboratory for the followi... (view details)

Casting Outgassing Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for Outgassing testing on castings. (view details)

FDA Surgical Mask Biocompatibility Testing

FDA GMP Contract Laboratory needed for bio compatibility testing for our su... (view details)

Eco-Friendly Housebold Cleaning Products Testing and Consulting

Start-Up... (view details)

Polymailer Chemical Composition Testing

Large Corporation needs Analytical Laboratory for chemical composition test... (view details)

Alloy Nanopowder Nanoindention, SEM, TEM, XRD

Contract Laboratory needed for AFM sample testing for Nanoindention, SEM ,... (view details)

Machine Smoke Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for Machine smoke testing. (view details)

Nitrile Sterile Gloves Chemotherapy Drug Testing (1000 Samples)

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM Chemotherapy drug testing for nit... (view details)

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