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Contract Laboratory has received the following Lubricants Laboratory Test Requests which need to be fulfilled! These Lubricants Laboratory Test Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their Lubricants Laboratory Test and Scientific Research. If you need a Lubricants Laboratory, please Submit a Lubricants Laboratory Test Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

ASTM Condom Compatibility

Medical Device Laboratory needed ASTM compatibiity testing of lubricant with condom as per ASTM D7661-10 Standard Test Method for Determining Compati... View More

ASTM Condom Compatibility Testng

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM condom compatibility testing to ASTM D7661-10 Standard Test Method for Determining Compatibility of Persona... View More

Lubricant Testing

Large Oil Company needs Third-Party Laboratory for EN/DIN 51347 testing of lubricants - Testing under boundary lubricating conditions with the Brugger... View More

JIS Lubricating Grease Testing

ISO 17025 Oil Laboratory needed for JIS grease testing to Japanese grease standard JIS 2220:2013, Lubricating grease View More

EPA and ASTM Oil Analysis

Oil Laboratory needed for EPA and ASTM testing of tire derived oil analysis to the following Test Methods::
EPA Test Methods 3040 Dissolution Proced... View More

Medical Device Compatibility of Lubricants with Rubber Latex Condoms

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of personal lubricants compatibility with natural rubber latex, polyurethane and polyisoprene condo... View More

Petrochemical Testing

Oil Laboratory needed for petrochemical testing to analyze the end product of downstream petroleum products (diesel, gasoline, LPG, Lubricants, kerose... View More

Drilling Fluid and Cementing Additives Quality Testing

Oil Drilling Operation needs Oil Laboratory for mud chemicals (drilling fluid) quality and cementing additives quality testing:

In order to verify... View More

Hydraulic Fluid Contaminant Identification

Forensics Laboratory needed for identification of contaminant in SAE10W-30 oil hydraulic fluid that caused hydraulic system in a farming machine becam... View More

Drug Product Compatibility Testing

Pharmaceutical company needs Laboratory to perform ASTM condom compatibility testing of a drug product according to ASTM D7661-10 Standard Test Metho... View More

Environmental toxicology laboratory needed for OECD testing to classify water soluble, anhydrous PAG lubricant hydraulic oil as Environmentally Accept... View More

Large oil company needs oil laboratory for performance testing of chainsaw lubricants for sliding, wear, etc. View More

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of condoms to ASTM D7661-10, Standard Test Method For Determining Compatibility of Personal Lubrican... View More

Environmental microbiology laboratory needed for OECD biodegradability testing of industrial lubricants to OECD 301B Biodegradation Test CO2 Evolutio... View More

Medical Device laboratory needed for ASTM and ISO product safety testing for evaluation of medical devices including toxicology, packaging and microbi... View More

LONG TERM TESTING: NABL and ISO/IEC 17025:2005.laboratory needed for osmolarity testing of personal lubricants View More

Oil Laboratory needed for DIN Grease Testing to DIN 51816-1 Testing of Lubricants; Conveying Characteristics of Greases; Determination of the Rheolog... View More

Consumer products company needed for personal lubricant testing to analyze ingredients in two of personal lubricants for:

Glycerin... View More

FDA GMP Biomedical laboratory needed for FDA testing of personal lubricants for 510k submissions Condom compatibility testing. View More

USA Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of Adhesion of Solid Film Lubricants to MCL F-23 and ASTM D2510-94 View More

USA ISO 9001 certified materials laboratory needed for ASTM Lubricant or Plastics Testing: thermal conductivity testing on lubricants, ASTM D2717 or A... View More

United States FDA GMP bioanalytical laboratory needed for condom compatibility testing or water-based personal lubricant for condom compatibility. The... View More

Mechanical Laboratory needed to perform NADCAP Testing to NADCAP (AC71001): endurance (wear) life and load-carrying capacity of solid film lubricants ... View More

Medical Device Laboratory needed for physical, safety and biocompatiability testing of around 20 variations of Personal lubricants for FDA 510k submi... View More

FDA Medical Device Preclinical Laboratory needed for medical lubricant testing for FDA 510k: cytotocity., vaginal irritation and systematic toxicity,... View More

Texas Laboratory needed for Lubricity Testing for O&G Pipe on Pipes. We have a customer who is wanting us to run an independent lubricity test on our ... View More

Researching partner western Russia and Easternn China laboratories ASTM ad ISO testing of in-service lubricants and coolants for equipment condition a... View More

ASIA Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of Lubricating Jelly to ASTM D7661, Standard Test Method for Determining Compatibility of Personal Lubricants ... View More

Southern USA FDA Registered and cGMP compliant laboratory needed for to perform ASTM D7661 testing to ASTM D7661, Standard Test Method for Determining... View More

Large Advanced Technology Company needs materials laboratory for Falex Four Ball Wear Test (ASTM D-4172) and Pin and Vee Block Test (ASTM D5620) and c... View More

Biomaterials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: compatibility of non lubricated latex , poliurethane and polyisoprene condoms with a lubricant to AST... View More

Oil Laboratory needed for lubricant testing some of our most commonly used lubricant additives in brine base drilling fluids. The lubricants consist o... View More

UK Medical device laboratory needed for Biocompatibility testing for Class-III (EU Classification) personal lubricants. View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for OECD Testing: Biodegradability Testing utilizing, ideally, OECD 301B: CO2 Evolution Test (Modified Sturm Test) and ... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for Lubricants Testing: Special tests to be run in typical lubricants lab. Method description will be supplied, along wit... View More

FDA Toxicology Laboratory needed for cytotoxicity testing, FDA testing for condom compatibility with personal lubricants. Cytotoxicity " View More

Australia and USA Energy Laboratory needed for DIN standards testing. The proper wind energy test rig will be necessary for the tests. FE8, FZG, FVA... View More

Europe oil laboratory needed or FE8 testing on lubricants (oil) View More

Medical Device Preclinical, Clinical Laboratory needed for Condom-Compatibility Testing of Personal Lubricant 1) Condom Test: Compatibility Study (Lub... View More

Food Laboratory needed for Food Packaging Testing,
Migration Testing for Food Contact Surfaces (polymers, adhesives, metals, lubricants, colorants, ... View More

US medical device bioanalytical laboratory needed for ASTM Condom biocompatibility testing to ASTM D7661-10 Standard Test method for determining compa... View More

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM compatibility testing of personal lubricant products to ASTM D7661 for compatibility with natural rubber lat... View More

Middle East Materials Laboratory needed for Lubricants Analysis Test Turnbine Oil Test
Water Content
Particle Count View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of lubricants andd petroleum products View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for ASTM Biodegradation Testing of Lubricants to ASTM D-5864 View More

Canada Microbiology Laboratory needed for ASTM D-5864-00, Aerobic Aquatic Biodegradation of Lubricants Testing View More

USA Microbiology Laboratory needed for ASTM D5864-05 environmental fate, biodegradation testing, aerobic aquatic biodegradation of lubricants or thei... View More

Large Oil Company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for ASTM biodegradation Testing of lubricants to ASTM D-5864 View More

USA, Canada ISOorA2LA Microbiology laboratory needed for biodegradation testing, ASTM D5864-Standard Test Method for Determining Aerobic Aquatic Biode... View More

USA Environmental Chemistry Laboratory needed for ASTM and OECD Aquatic Degradation Testing of Lubricants to ASTM D-5864-05 Standard Test Method for ... View More

Europe/Turkey ISO Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for lead testing. We are manufacturer of PVC window and door profile and we use lead based pv... View More

USA Tribology Laboratory needed for ASTM testing to compare two synthetic lubricants vs two established ones View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for ASTM testing on industrial lubricants View More

Automotive laboratory needed for perform machine tests. Tests like comparrative testing of 2-3 lubricants (coolants)being used in tapping, drilling, m... View More

Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for ASTM lubricant analysis, crude oil assay services.
- Analysis of lubricants for predictive and preventive... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for ISO Biocompatibility testing for ISO10993 for finished Instrument Lubricants used in the Medical Field. Al... View More

Physical laboratory needed for testing tensile strength of automotive plastics after exposure to lubricants View More