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engineering Laboratory Testing Requests

Below are some examples of the most recent incoming engineering Laboratory Testing Requests that we have received from companies, governments and organizations looking for engineering laboratories and scientific research facilities to perform their engineering Testing, Scientific Research, Analysis, Assay, Product Development, Certifications, Inspections. Does your company need a laboratory for lab testing or science research projects? Save time and money searching! Use our Lab Assistant to find contract test laboratories or contract research facilities. Submit Lab Testing Requests

Quality Control QC Testing % Reflectance

High Technology Company needs US Materia... (view details)

Hair Capillary Treatment Chemical Reverse Engineering

Cosmetics Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for chemical reverse engineering ... (view details)

Bridge Stay Cable System Prestressed Steels FIB-a Acceptance Testing

EN 17025 Contract Laboratory needed for FIB-a Acceptance testing of bridge ... (view details)

Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid Reverse Engineering and Reformulation

USA LABORATORY (Southern California Preferred)
West Coast USA Analytical C... (view details)

Fishing Pole Polymer Part Reverse Engineering and MSDS

USA Materials Laboratory needed f... (view details)

Brass Parts ASTM Grain Size Determination

Large Corporation needs Metallurgical Laboratory for ASTM B 19-05 Grain Siz... (view details)

Disinfectant Component Reverse Engineering

Test Facility needed for reverse engineering testing for the components in... (view details)

Reverse Engineering of Shampoo and Conditioner Line

Cosmetics Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Reverse Engineering of... (view details)

Alcohol Based SOlution Reverse Engineering

Medical Device Company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for reverse e... (view details)

Ice Cream Product Formulation

Food Laboratory needed for reverse engineering ice cream products (view details)

Middle East Oil and Gas Laboratory Set-Up

Company setting up oil and gas laboratory in Middle East needs Laboratory E... (view details)

Hair Product Reverse Engineering

Contract Laboratory needed for reverse engineering for hair products. (view details)

PVC Product Reverse Engineerign

Polymer Laboratory needed for reverse engineering of PVC products that are ... (view details)

Nutraceutical Product Laboratory Testing

India Start-Up needs Laboratory needed for Nutraceutical... (view details)

Spice Mix Reverse Engineering

Food Laboratory needed for reverse engineering a spice mix from a company t... (view details)

National Fast Food Chain Hamburger Testing

FIlm Maker needs Food Laboratory for food sc... (view details)

Cosmetics Face Mask Reverse Engineering

Cosmetics Laboratory needed for reverse engineering / deformulation of face... (view details)

Hair supplement testing

I am interested in reverse engineering a hair supplement. Can you tell me y... (view details)

XPS Spectrometry of il Samples

Engineering Company needs Oil Laboratory with a XPS spectrometer for analy... (view details)

Pet Supplement Reverse Engineering

Animal Healthcare Company needs Contract Laboratory for reverse engineering... (view details)

CDC COVID-19 Surface Swab Testing

URGENT LONG-TERM TESTING Large Engineering Company dealing with disasters n... (view details)

Cosmetics Deformulation and Product Development

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Cosmetics Laboratory needed for deformulation of cosme... (view details)

Cocktail Dry Seasoning Blend Reverse Engineering

Food Laboratory for reverse engineering new dry seasoning powdered blend ... (view details)

Refinery Insulation Material Mineral Fiber Thermal Conductivity

Large Corporation needs Materials Laboratory needed for thermal analysis of... (view details)

Nano Fluids Thermal Conductivity Testing

Engineering Company needs Contract Test Laboratory for conducting Thermal c... (view details)

Water Condensate Analysis

Technology Company needs India Laboratory to analyze water in condensate u... (view details)

Organoleptic Tests

Engineering company needs Construction Laboratory for organoleptic tests. (view details)

Biodegradable Bag Reverse Engineering and Redevelopment

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Research and Development Laboratory needed for reverse... (view details)

Deformulation of Paper Coating

India Laboratory needed to deformulate a water based chemical used to coat ... (view details)

Cosmetics Reverse Engineering

Company needs Cosmetics Laboratory for reverse engineering on unknown fragr... (view details)

Third-Party Contract Laboratory needed for H2S, mercaptans, and total reduc... (view details)

Cookie Reverse Engineering / Reformulation

Food Company needs Food Laboratory for reverse engineering and ingredient b... (view details)

Ice Cream Reverse Engineering

Food Laboratory needed for providing a quote for reverse engineering an ice... (view details)

Wooden Scaffold Plank Failure Analysis / Investigation

Engineering Forensics Laboratory needed for failure analysis/investigation ... (view details)

Fire Resistance Product Testing Standard Comparison Study

Product Testing Laboratory needed for fire resistance product testing using... (view details)

Polyurethane Foam Flammability Testing

Engineering Company needs Materials Laboratory for UL and IS Flammability T... (view details)

Particle and Distribution Testing

Engineering Company needs Contract Laboratory for particle and distribution... (view details)

NIST Traceable Dimensional Measurements

Manufacturing Company needs laboratory for NIST traceable dimensional measu... (view details)

Total Solids Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for total solids testing for gold in either tds ... (view details)

Bitumen Extract Testing

Oil Laboratory needed for bitumen extract testing of 25 bitumen samples for... (view details)

SPR Rubber Tint Formulation

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for reverse engineering and formulation of ... (view details)

Stainless Steel Component Metallurgical Testing

REQUEST FOR QUOTE RFQ Large Engineering Company needs USA Laboratory for bu... (view details)

Field Metallography and Replication

US Engineering Company needs Russia Federation Metallurgical Laboratory for... (view details)

Deodorant Reverse Engineering / Deformulation

USA Based Cosmetics Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for reverse engi... (view details)

Chemical Diluent Reverse Engineering

Contract Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for reverse engineering a ... (view details)

Pesticide Deformulation Reverse Engineering

Agriculture Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for reverse engineering ... (view details)

500 Carp Otolith Cross-Sections

Engineering Company needs contract laboratory needed for cross sectioning a... (view details)

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