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Contract Laboratory has received the following life sciences and medicine Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These life sciences and medicine Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their life sciences and medicine Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a life sciences and medicine Laboratory, please Submit a life sciences and medicine Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

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Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator Analysis

Life Science Laboratory needed for HPLC analysis required to determine ass... (view details)

Life Science ASTM Transit Study

Large Life Science Company needs Packaging Laboratory for Transit testing p... (view details)

RTD Cocktail Shelf-Life Determination

US Food Laboratory needed to determine the shelf life of a RTD cocktail (view details)

Ingredient Analysis

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for ingredient analysis on a wildli... (view details)

FDA Compliant Hot Sauce Testing

Food Laboratory needed for FDA compliant hot sauce testing which will be so... (view details)

Documentary Plastics Alternatives Investigation and Labeling Claims Testing

Film Maker needs Independent Laboratory for investigation and labeling clai... (view details)

11 Chemicals Physical Propertiies Testing

Life Science company needs Analytical Laboratory for Physical properties t... (view details)

Pharmaceutical Bioassays

Life Science Company needs India Bioanalytical Laboratory for the following... (view details)

Cookie Accelerated Shelf Life Testing

URGENT Baked Goods Company needs Food Laboratory accelerated shelf life tes... (view details)

Clinical Trial Blood Analysis

Life Sciences Company needs Clinical Laboratory for blood analysis work for... (view details)

Coffee Packaging Testing

Food Laboratory needed for product safety, shelf-life and sensory testing o... (view details)

Beverage Shelf Life Testing

Food Laboratory needed for Shelf life testing using pre pasteurized product... (view details)

Food science

Dear Sir/Madam,We are a startup company from Newcastle, and we've got a new... (view details)

NY or NJ Food Lab Needed for Shelf Life Studies

New York or New Jersey Food Laboratory needed for shelf life testing done f... (view details)

Contract Lab Needed for Nutrition and Shelf-Life Testing of New Coffee Creamer

START-UP New beverage company needs contract laboratory service partner tha... (view details)

Food Consumer Panel Sensory Study

Food Company needs Consumer Products Laboratory for Consumer Sensory Panel ... (view details)


NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Food Laboratory needed for nutritional testing and ... (view details)

ISO Medical Implant Evaluation Testing

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ISO mechanical , shelf-life and chemic... (view details)

Life Science Wavelength Scans

Life Science Company needs Contract Laboratory for wavelength scans of wate... (view details)

Preclinical Inhalation Medicine Development Studies

EU GMP and US FDA Registered Pharmaceutical Preclinical Contract Research... (view details)

3 Collagen Beverage Shelf-Life Testing

Food Laboratory needed for shelf life testing needed for 1 - 3 collagen bas... (view details)

Guacamole and Pico de Gallo Shelf-Life Testing

Food Laboratory needed for shelf-life testing of guacamole and the pico d... (view details)

Pet Hemp Oil Cream Testing

Veterinary Medicine Laboratory needed for sodium borate testing in feline ... (view details)

Honey Analysis

BUDGET APPROVED Honey importer needs Food Analytical Laboratory for full ho... (view details)

Spirits Beverage Accelerated Shelf-Life Testing

Beverage company needs USA Food Laboratory for accelerated shelf-life testi... (view details)

Pyrrole Solution Flash Point and Melting Point

Life Sciences Company needs Laboratory for flash point and melting point te... (view details)

FDA GLP BA/BE Animal Health Generic Drug Study

Veterinary Medicine Company needs FDA GLP Preclinical Contract Research Or... (view details)

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Shelf-Life Study

Food Laboratory needed for shelf-life testing for Nitro Cold Brew Coffee (c... (view details)

Moisturizer Comparison Study

South America Analytical Laboratory needed for comparison of natural moistu... (view details)

Condom Biological, Toxicity, Microbiology and Packaging Studies

Product Safety laboratory needed for ASTM and ISO testing of a liquid appl... (view details)

Florida Clade 1

Veterinary Medicine Laboratory needed for equine virus testing for Florida ... (view details)

Skincare Body Lotion Shelf-Life Testing

Cosmetics Laboratory needed for shelf life testing on skincare body lotion... (view details)

Soil Fertilitiy Testing

Environmental Laboratory needed for soil testing for soil fertility, pH, or... (view details)

Erucic acid- inherent plant toxins and Ergot sclerotia and ergo alkaloids

USA Life Sciences Company needs laboratory for AOAC and ASTM endotoxin (tot... (view details)

Aerospace Adhesive Lifetime Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for lifetime testing of a new adhesive coating ... (view details)

Fermented Sauce Shelf-Life Testing

Food Manufacturer needs India Laboratory for shelf-life testing of ferment... (view details)

TTB Liqueur Testing

USA Laboratory needed for TTB testing of two liqueurs for alcohol content, ... (view details)

Prepared Food Shelf Life Stability Study

Food company needs Food Laboratory for nutritional chart as well as shelf l... (view details)

Dietary Supplement Shelf-Life Testing

Dietary Supplement Company needs Laboratory for shelf-life testing of singl... (view details)

Animal Tissue Collagen and Elastin

Life Sciences Laboratory needed to measure collagen and elastin content in ... (view details)

Government of Canada Pharmaceutical Equivalency Study

Pharmaceuticals Laboratory needed for physiochemical testing done for two f... (view details)

Shelf-Life Stability Studies

Contract Manufacturer needs Pharmaceutical Laboratory for shelf-life stabil... (view details)

M. incognita nematodes Inhibition Efficacy

Life Science Company needs Laboratory for standard assay evaluating the eff... (view details)

Anti-Viral Studies (CPV, IFV, VSV, BPSV)

Life Sciences Company needs India Microbiology Laboratory to conduct anti-v... (view details)

Veterinary Medicine Sterile Injectable Pyrogen Testing

Pharmaceutical Preclinical Contract Research Organization CRO needed for py... (view details)

SAE Brake Vacuum Tube Assemble

Automotive Laboratory needed for SAE Life testing of Brake Vacuum Tube Asse... (view details)

Alkaline Stability Study

Financial Company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory to provide stabilit... (view details)

FDA GMP Veterinary Medicine Characterization

FDA GMP Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for veterinary medicine pharmalogi... (view details)

ICH Silicone Medical Device Shelf-Life Aging Study

Experienced Medical Device Laboratory needed for ICH shelf-life study of a ... (view details)

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