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Contract Laboratory has received the following industrial Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These industrial Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their industrial Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a industrial Laboratory, please Submit a industrial Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

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Auto-Roll Filter Product ASHRAE and UL Testing

Contract Industrial Laboratory needed for ASHRAE and UL testing of Auto-R... (view details)

Industrial Kitchen Equipment Certification Testing

ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory needed for certification testing of indust... (view details)

Laboratory Consulting on Laboratory Equipment Standards

Chemists on site want to move a residential oven from the lunchroom to a la... (view details)

Industrial Optical / Electronics Laboratory Start-Up Services

Laboratory Consulting Firm needed for assisting industrial research laborat... (view details)

NIS Cigarette Testing

Independent Laboratory needed for Nigerian Industrial Standard NIS cigarett... (view details)

Third-Party CSA Hardhat Compliance Testing

Third-Party Laboratory needed for CSA compliance testing of hard hat to ens... (view details)

ASTM Green Cleaning Product Effectiveness, Sensory and Competitor Comparison Study

One of our clients needs ASTM cleaning product tests to evaluate the effect... (view details)

Architectural Elements Millwork ISTA Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for ISTA Transportation testing of millworked ... (view details)

ASTM Concrete Mixing Water Testing

URGENT Industrial Laboratory (preferrably close to Alaska) needed for ASTM ... (view details)

ASTM Tube Fittings Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for ASTM tube fittings testing including hydr... (view details)

ISO Smoke and Heat control Systems

UK Industrial Laboratory needed for ISO testing to ISO 21927-9 Smoke and h... (view details)

ASHRAE VOC Air Purification Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for ASHRAE VOC removal efficiency of air purif... (view details)

ASHRAE HVAC Air Register Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for ASHRAE HVAC air registers testing for hom... (view details)

SAE Deicing / Anti-Icing testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for SAE Testing to SAE AMS 1435 FLUID, GENERIC... (view details)

HVAC Air Duct Settled Dust Testing

LEGAL Industrial Environmental Microbiology laboratory needed for settled d... (view details)

Saw Blade Wear Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for carbide tip saw blade wear testing on comm... (view details)

Rockwool Pipe Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for rockwool pipe testing to be in compliance ... (view details)

Wallpaper Fire Testing

Wallpaper Producer needs Industrial Laboratory for fire testing according ... (view details)

Industrial Robotics Application Testing

Technology Laboratory needed for Industrial Robotics Application Testing in... (view details)

Thermal Conductivity Testing

India Industrial Laboratory Facilities needed for thermal conductivity test... (view details)

ISBN Certificate

Large Food Company needs Europe Independent Industrial Laboratory for ISBN ... (view details)

H2S Scavenger Performance Testing

Independent Industrial Laboratory needed for performance testing of H2S Sc... (view details)

Chemical Company needs Laboratory Engineering Company for technical advisin... (view details)

Facility Combustible Dust Analysis

Large Mechanical Contracting Company needs Industrial Hygiene Laboratory fo... (view details)

ASME Plastic Bag Compostability Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for ASME testing of plastic bags to ASME D6400 ... (view details)

ASHRAE Activated Carbon Filter Media Efficiency

Reputable USA Industrial Testing Facility needed to measure activated carbo... (view details)

Skunk Spray Compound Testing

Industrial Hygiene Company needs Laboratory for testing for skunk spray com... (view details)

Request for Quote RFQ: Lubricant Wear, Load and Weld Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for lubricant testing to determine if lubrican... (view details)

IEC Rail Car Wire Assembly Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for the following IEC wire assembly testing: w... (view details)

ASTM Industrial Testing

Large Industrial Manufacturing Company needs Laboratory for ASTM Testing t... (view details)

SAE Air Dryer Testing

Large Industrial Manufacturing Company needs Laboratory for SAE Air Dryer T... (view details)

Industrial Propellant Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for propellant testing to industry standard qu... (view details)

IEC Power Cable Connector Certification Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for IEC testing of compression and mechanical ... (view details)

DIN PVC Gutter Systems Testing

Large Construction Materials Manufacturer needs Industrial Laboratory for D... (view details)

Perfume Clinical Research Studies

Perfume Manufacturer needs Clinical Research Laboratory for consumer safety... (view details)

PET Flake Analysis

India Industrial Laboratory needed for for quality control certificate of a... (view details)

Industrial Microbiology Bacterial Study

Automotive Company needs Industrial Microbiology Laboratory needed for micr... (view details)

ASTM Softening of Bitumen

Industrial Laboratory needed for ASTM testing to ASTM D36-95 Standard Test ... (view details)

Quotation for ASME B16.20 Metallic Gaskets for Pipe Flanges

USA Third party Industrial Laboratory needed for ASME Testing of the quali... (view details)

IEC Overhead Line Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for IEC Testing of overhead lines according to... (view details)

ASTM Pipe Fittings Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for ASTM tubes and pipe fittings testing to A... (view details)

ASTM Lamination

USA Industrial Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of metal stator laminatio... (view details)

Cable Compression Connection Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for cable compression connection testing on 75... (view details)

LED Ingress Protection IP Certification

LED Lights Company needs Industrial Laboratory for IP44, IP65, and IP66 ce... (view details)

Heat Seal Lacquer Formulation Development

Industrial Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for formulation of a heat... (view details)

Resin IEC testing

Industrial Laboratory needed to perform the following IEC tests on resins: ... (view details)

ASHRAE HVAC Filter Evaluation

Industrial Laboratory needed for ASHRAE of t air filter as per ASHRAE 52.2 ... (view details)

Sawdust Analyses

Industrial Laboratory needed for sawdust analysis including:
Elemental An... (view details)

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