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Most Recent home accessories and housewares Laboratory Requests

Submit home accessories and housewares Laboratory Requests

Contract Laboratory has received the following home accessories and housewares Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These home accessories and housewares Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their home accessories and housewares Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a home accessories and housewares Laboratory, please Submit a home accessories and housewares Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Bathroom Scale Testing

Performance Laboratory needed for BS fragmentation testing of 6 bathroom scales under the BS3193:2008 fragmentation tests.

Product information shee... View More

IEC Home Health Medical Electrical Equipment Testing

Large Medical Device Company needs Laboratory for IEC Testing for Mechanical Strength testing includes Drop test and Impact test to IEC 60601-1 Standa... View More

ANSI Kitchen Cabinet Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Manufacturer needs kitchen cabinets tested about every Six months under the kitchen cabinets manufacturers's association standard A... View More

Residential home asbestos testing

INDIVIDUAL Laboratory needed for asbestos testing for 12x12 vinyl tiles in home View More

Candle Burning Time

Candle company needs Consumer Products Laboratory for burning time testing for one of our collection. Please specify cost of testing

View More

ASHRAE HVAC Air Register Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for ASHRAE HVAC air registers testing for home HVAC systems for air flow, static pressure drop and throw, sound testing ... View More

Agriculture Plant Seed Growth Study

Third-Party Agriculture Laboratory needed for plant growth studies of experimental seeds in new growth medium versus control seeds for evaluation from... View More

Dry Rub Jerk Spice Mixture

INDIVIDUAL Food laboratory needed for deformulation of homemade jerk spice mixture to identify the various spices and ratios used. It is a dry rub. View More

Closet Shelving Weight Capacity Testing

Third-Party Independent Laboratory needed for closet shelving testing to determine the weight capacity of a closet shelving product. View More

Paper Cup Leak Testing

USA Independent Laboratory needed for Paper Cup Leak Testing of 4 different size cups as per our company method. View More

CPSIA Toy Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for various CPSIA testing of various dollhouse, furniture and accessories including Substances testing (e.g. Bisp... View More

Bamboo Light Fixture Weathering Testing

Laboratory needed for weathering testing of bamboo material utilized in light fixtures for exposure to all outdoor elements i.e. wind, rain, sun, etc... View More

ANSI / ISEA 107 Safety Apparel Testing

Safety Laboratory needed for safety apparel testing as per ANSI/ ISEA 107 Type R Class 2 American National Standard for High-Visibility Safety Apparel... View More

Eco-Friendly Shower Filter

Green company needs laboratory for all required testing on eco-friendly shower filter for sale to the US including whether it is compatible with relat... View More

ISO and IEC Dental Equipment Testing

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ISO and IEC testing of dental equipment on ISO 14457:2017 Dentistry -- Handpieces and motors , IEC 60601-1 Medica... View More

Mirror General Certificates of Conformity (GCC) Testing

Manufacturer needs Third-Party CPSC Consumer Products Laboratory for General Certificates of Conformity (GCC) testing for 3 different types of import... View More

Home Food Contamination

INDIVIDUAL Consumer needs Food Laboratory for contamination testing of foods (salt, brown sugar and other condiments, etc.) at home that may have been... View More

FDA Compostable Straw Testing

USA FDA compliant Food Laboratory needed for Certificate of Analysis Testing of a component / material used in imported compostable straw to determi... View More

Dishwashing, Detergent Oral Toxicity Study

Consumer Products Toxicology Laboratory needed for alternative test for Oral toxicity for home care (dish washing, detergent and etc.) products to ens... View More

Petroleum Laboratory Equipment

Petroleum Laboratory needs Laboratory Supplier to provide a quote for the following equipment for their laboratory.

S/... View More

Home Health Care Employee Drug Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Home Healthcare Company needs Clinical Toxicology Laboratory for drug testing of all new employees at the time of hire. We'll be do... View More

Bedsheet Lyocell Fabric testing.

URGENT Consumer Products Softlines Laboratory needed for the following textile testing on bedsheets made from lyocell fabric.
Need testing to measure... View More

Personal Deformulation of Spice Mix

INDIVIDUAL Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for deformulation of homemade Spice Mix to determine the ingredients and the quantity of each o... View More

ASTM Thermal Insulation Panel Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of Decorative Coating Thermal Insulation Panel to ASTM E2430 .
View More

Refrigerator Energy Conservation Standards

Large corporation needs Laboratory for certification of refrigerators fridges in accordance with US 10 CFR 430.32 Energy and Eater Conservation Stand... View More

ASTM Candle Holders Thermal and Shock Resistance

Third-Party Laboratory needed for ASTM Materials Thermal and Shock Resistance of glass candle holders to ASTM( AMERICAN STANDARD TESTING MATERIAL) AS... View More

Quote for Coffee Caffeine Testing

INDIVIDUAL Home Coffee Aficionado needs Food Laboratory for caffeine testing in sample of coffee.Please provide cost. View More

NSF / ANSI Water Purifier and Filtration

Laboratory needed for NSF / ANSI testing of water purifier and filter according to
NSF/ANSI 177 standard Shower filtration systems Aesthetic effects... View More


Industrial Laboratory needed for ASHRAE and ASTM testing of air vents and ducting accessories for HVAC. diffuser and sound attenuator ducting accesso... View More

Plastic Product ASTM Biodegradability

Manufacturing Company needed Third-Party Laboratory for ASTM biodegradability testing of a finished plastic spoon product to ASTM D5511 test method . View More

California Prop65 of Kitchen Utensils

FDA GMP Laboratory needed for and California Prop65 compliance (BPA free, Phlalate-Free) testing for imported kitchen and cooking utensils.
View More

Quote for Dinnerware Testing

Importer needs Food Laboratory for composition testing of imported dinnerware to sell them on Amazon. View More

SASO Furniture Testing

Third-Party Laboratory needed for SASO testing of tables (furniture) to SASO 1587 & SASO 2454 (for tables with glass) View More

Allergen Testing of Disposable, Eco-Friendly Straws

Food Clinical Research Laboratory needed for allergen and gluten testing of disposable, eco-friendly drinking straws . View More

Bed Sheet Fabric Testing

Textiles Laboratory needed for wash/dry durability testing for a bed sheet fabric. The parameters are as follows:

 300 wash cycles at 50 C
 300... View More

Leather Goods Furniture Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Furniture Manufacturer needs Consumer Products Laboratory for composition testing of all their imported leather goods for their com... View More

Plastic Louvers Testing

Third-Party Laboratory needed for Plastic Louvers testing for UL category FTTA (Environmental-rated Accessories for Enclosures) approval to satisfy th... View More

Lamp Fuel Burn Comparison Study

Laboratory needed to do benchmark/comparison testing of patio lamp fuels. We would like to test/video a number of patio lamps simultaneously, videoin... View More

Varnish / Lacquer Identification

Industrial Laboratory needed for determining the amount and kind of varnish / lacquer in a couple of wood products analyze to know exactly what kind o... View More

ASTM Plastic Products Biodegradability Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Disposable plastics company needs microbiology laboratory for ASTM biodegradability testing of a wide range of plastic disposable pr... View More

Computer DUT Compliance Testing

Computer Company needs Laboratory to ensure DUT complies with mandatory parts of ETSI 201907.
DUT: home network gateway View More

Europe Compliance Testing of Hygiene and Home Cleaners

USA Laboratory needed for pressure-sensitive labeling and shrink wrap optical and infrared testing for European NIR / AAR compliance on a large range... View More

CPSC Candle Testing

CPSC Laboratory needed for consumer product safety testing of candle packaged in a tin. Testing is being done in order to support selling candles on ... View More

Fine Furnishings Company needs Materials Laboratory for ASTM Testing to ASTM D648 Heat Deflection Temperature of Plastics View More

Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for child safety testing of several push and turn containers View More

lead content test for metal pitcher View More

USA Fashion Accessories Business needs Textile Laboratory for Azo Dye Testing View More

FDA GMP Consumer Products Laboratory needed for lead residue testing in brass food bowls (that have been manufactured in India
View More

Large home appliance company needs Laboratory for sensory analysis testing View More

Laboratory Supplier needed of Hapsite ® Portable GC-MS with Accessories. View More

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for quality evaluation of various small home appliances with QC issues. View More

Laboratory needed for UL compliance testing of regulators to UL 252.Standard for Compressed Gas Regulator Accessories Inlet pressures up to 110bar View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Small business that manufactures topical homeopathics in small batches needs microbiology laboratory for USP Batch Testing to USP St... View More

LONG-TERM Laboratory needed for IS appliance testing of free-standing gas cooktops as per IS 4246:2002 Domestic Gas Stoves For Use With Liquefied Petr... View More

INDIVIDUAL Laboratory needed for wine testing of a home wine sample (in a bottle) for oxidization, bacteria, other faults, etc., and overall general h... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Large Home Health Agency needs new clinical laboratory with mobile labs. View More

INDIVIDUAL Home winemaker needs laboratory for wine testing for alcohol content, sulfides, acid and pH for two varietals: a 6.5 gallons of Syrah and a... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Electrical laboratory needed for compliance testing of electrical grounding rods and accessories as per IEC 62561 standards, Lightni... View More

Consumer Products laboratory needed for customized testing of home appliances with the usage of Fabric Softener Sheet (Dryer Sheet) in cloth dryer. ... View More

Medical electrical laboratory needed for IEC testing of sterile electrosurgical products to IEC 60601-1, Medical electrical equipment - Part 1: Gener... View More

Laboratory needed for general performance testing of tooled shower seat as well as static/dynamic load testing and rust/aluminum (weathering) testing View More

Home furnishings company needs textile laboratory for BS testing of inner fibers of duvet quilts to BS 5335 Test Standard for Continental quilts conta... View More

Laboratory needed for new product development study of new wine preservation system to show that the product decreases oxidation of wine over a contro... View More

Microbiology laboratory needed for antimicrobial efficacy testing of an aloe bar soap to be used in medical facilities, nursing homes, and long-term c... View More

Food laboratory needed for food safety testing of a homeopathic liquid to determine safety for human consumption. Also need to know the mass balance ... View More

Product safety laboratory needed for ANSI testing of ladder levelers to ANSI 14.8-2013 (Safety Requirements for Ladder Accessories). View More

LONG TERM TESTING FDA GMP ISO food laboratory needed for sensory testing after reheating soup contained in a specific bowl using a specific brand of m... View More

Consumer products safety laboratory needed for European compliance testing of a plastic eating utensil to ensure the product does not impose a fire, e... View More

Automotive laboratory needed for SAE testing of a device and components to SAE J575, Test Methods and Equipment for Lighting Devices for Use on Vehic... View More

ISO Electrical laboratory needed for BS certification of EN 60335/2-96 certified testing of a heating element.

View More

Electrical laboratory needed for full scale testing of a LED light panel. View More

Materials Laboratory needed for optical testing of light diffuser sheet for Optical characteristics. View More

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for Competitor Comparison study of the quality of industry kitchenware /cookware such as All-Clad, Mauviel and ot... View More

ANSI electrical laboratory needed for surge testing and certification of surge protective devices as per ANSI C 136.2 2014. View More

Company planning on establishing independent and third party Tobacco & Cigarettes Testing Lab based on ISO 17025 Standard, would like to purchase : 1)... View More

Environmental simulation laboratory needed for the testing of lamps including vibration tests shower tests and dust tests etc. View More

Physical Environmental Laboratory needed with anechoic chamber for 3D antenna pattern measurements of a small unit (40 mm square) at 923.5MHz and 157... View More

US Laboratory needed for air purifier testing according to Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), AC -1-2015 Standard - ISO 17025 lab pr... View More

Large electronics company needs electrical laboratory for IEC Testing: cable tray testing as per IEC 61537 View More

Independent Consumer Products Laboratory needed for competitor analysis/ comparison study of new consumer blender to determine if new blending proces... View More

Sensory laboratory needed for sensory fragrance evaluation of pest control and home cleaning products. Must be able isolate and contain fragrance int... View More

Third-Party Laboratory needed for Vibration test in accordance with standard ANSI C136.31 Standards for Roadway and Area Lighting Equipment, Luminair... View More

Electronics Laboratory needed for Solder Joint and contamination level in assembled PCBA View More

Large manufacturer of electro-mechanical products for the aerospace industry needs test facility for various types of compliance testing per DO160G ... View More

Certification laboratory needed for BSMI certification testing of networking equipment. Please advise on 1.cost 2. lead time 3. what document we nee... View More

Test laboratory needed for SAE J1939-11 Table 7 cable tests for data cables (20 AWG). impedance and resistance, measurement of cables and shield effec... View More

Electrical Laboratory needed for CE Mark Testing for Cables and Wires to .H05VVH2-F
- H05VVH2-U
- H05VV-F (TTR)
- YVV (NYY... View More

Computer Hardware company needs certification laboratory for ETSI certification testing an e-CALL modem according to multiple ETSI standards includin... View More

Lighting test laboratory in Germany & Mexico needed for airline cabin LED lighting testing for DO 160G compliance View More

Electrical laboratory needed for IEC certification testing for electrode holder, cable connector, and work clamp under IEC 60974, Arc welding equipmen... View More

Industrial Third-Party ISO 17025 Laboratory needed for IEEE, ANSI and UL Testing of 9 cables flammability and toxicity testing: FT4/IEE1202 flame pro... View More

Electrical lab needed for: product safety requirements testing for equipment for electrical energy measurement and control. IEC and ANSI standards View More

Electrical laboratory needed for Dielectric testing of phone accessories between 800 mhz and 4 ghz View More

Environmental Laboratory needed for OECD biodegradability testing to OECD 301D to support biodegradability claim on 7 different household cleaning pr... View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for Fungus testing on Test coupons of Printed Circuit Boards PCB's View More

Electrical Laboratory needed for conformance testing of automotive spark plug cables:
ISO 3808 (or SAE J2031) for Spark Plug Cable. ISO 3808 or SE... View More

Electrical laboratory needed for electrical testing on new medical device prototype:
1.Ground Continuity test
2. High voltage test
3. Insulation Re... View More

Consumer products laboratory needed for usage testing of microfiber mop head used in healthcare to determine how many times this product can be used... View More

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for clinical testing of Hair Towel to show that our product is better for hair than terry cloth and microfiber, ... View More

Company developing new line of towels needs consumer products laboratory for laundering test study: AATCC 96 testing (Dimensional Stability to Commerc... View More

Physical Laboratory needed for drop and vibration testing for Expanded Polyethylene Foam EPE foam View More

Electrical Laboratory needed for EMC Testing to DO 160 Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment for aviation products. View More

Medical Device Company needs medical technology laboratory for packaging/ product /development of developing a disposable medical cable assembly that ... View More

Materials laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to measure Hiding power of coated aluminum powder to ASTM D6441,Standard Test Methods for Measuring the H... View More

Electrical Laboratory needed for IEC Testing to International Electrotechnical Commission
IEC 60855-1, Insulating foam-filled tubes and solid rods -... View More

ISO 17025 accredited electrical laboratory needed for qualification testing of Medium Voltage Cables rated 5- through 46kV per AEIC CS8, Section 15 fo... View More

Europe laboratories needed for electronic waste testing to determine metal content (Cu, Au, Ag, Pd, etc) in diverse electronical wastes eg. printed ci... View More

Electrical laboratory needed for Insulated Piercing Connector (IPC) testing to NFC33020 & NFC33004 View More

Electrical Laboratory needed for IEC Testing for Aluminium and nylon Cable Cleats as per attached specs IEC 61914:2009 (Old BS EN 50368) Cable Cleats... View More

Electrical company needs Laboratory needed that can certify that material shipments are checked for gamma radiation using a Ludlum model 19 Micro-R Me... View More

FDA Certified Food Microbiology laboratory experienced with Home Shoping Network requirements needed for cultures and colony count from bacteria and f... View More

Metallurgical laboratory needed for elemental analysis of pottery plant stands for following elements:
View More

URGENT Jewelry designer who needs proposition 65 laboratory testing for lead, cadmium and phalates on jewelry Please call me right away if this is so... View More

Electrical laboratory needed for failure investigation testing for lightning cable to specific problem (or problems) with a defective 8-pin lightning... View More

Electrical Home appliance manufacturer needs Microbiology Laboratory for antimicrobial efficacy testing of UV-light on sterilization.
1. Textiles in... View More

Exporter of rubber,plastic bathroom accessories needs physical laboratory for physical testing including prformance and biodegradability:
1 Tensile ... View More

Laboratory needed for Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) testing for a coated textile used as temporary outdoor structure such as tent, pagoda, hangar, awn... View More

FDA Electrical medical device laboratory needed for Skin massager testing:
2. FDA Product Code : PBX
3. Performance test standard
? IEC 60601-1: M... View More

INDIVIDUAL: Laboratory needed for alcohol content testing of home made brandy cherries--have 3 sample jars View More

California Laboratory needed for air purifier testing according to AHAM, Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) View More

Microbiology laboratory needed for medical fabric testing for bacteria-resistance. It is nylon taffeta 70 denier with a pic waterproof backing. The sa... View More

Automotive Laboratory needed for SAE Testing of automotive senders (hall effect transducers) tested to
SAE J1226, Electric Speedometer Specificati... View More

Contract Laboratory needed for home appliance testing to issue a Test Report for EER SASO that Deep Freezers have capacity 200 , 300 and 500 Liters View More

Canada food analytical chemistry labroatory needed for spice paste testing: PH and water activity test of a spice paste created at home in order to se... View More

Food Laboratory needed for kombucha testing for percentage alcohol of home fermented acidified beverage, kombucha View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for virucidal activity testing of aerosol that is used to eliminate odors and sanitize environments in homes and hospit... View More

Homeowners Association needs Georgia licensed laboratory for water quality testing including coliform and e. coli testing. Sample(s) from what is bel... View More

Playground equipment manufacturer planning on entering USA market needs product safety laboratory for playground equipment testing: ASTM norms (ASTM ... View More

Phoenix medicinal chemistry laboratory needed for homeopathic medicine. Scientific analysis of Ingredients for potential product liability matter.

... View More

Cosmetics laboratory needed for formulation testing of homeopathic nail fungus treatment created with natural ingredients View More

Large home Improvement Manufacturer needs materials laboratory for home improvement product comparison testing: The products are lightweight spackling... View More

Home Brew Beer Manufacturer needs laboratory for microbiological and chemical analysis should I do about my beer. Also if possible I would like to kno... View More

San Diego Clinical Laboratory needed for blood testing. in vitro/ RAST/ IgE for Mold antibody blood test,results for the 15 most common molds and Stac... View More

US Contract Research Organization needed for OTC pharmaceutical efficacy study: Evaluation of effectiveness of novel motion sickness OTC, Homeopathic ... View More

EPA accredited laboratory needed for formulation testing of a cleaning/sanitizing product for home/consumer use. Can you please let me know of potenti... View More

Asia physical laboratory needed for Performance testing of Aerial Bunched Cable accessories. As per French Std. NFC33020 / NFC33021 / NFC33040 / NFC33... View More

South Africa Laboratory needed for ISO testing to ISO 2531, Ductile iron pipes, fittings, accessories and their joints for water applications hydrost... View More

Central America Clinical Laboratory needed for aluminum testing of Home test kits to verify level of aluminum in patients hair samples View More

Canada Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for a certificate of analysis testing for homeoapthic medicine/sucrose pellets View More

Asia mechanical laboratory needed for cable joint testing to BS EN 50393/HD631 Test methods and requirements for accessories for use on distribution c... View More

Canada or US pharmaceutical analytical chemistry laboratory needed for ingredient testing. Test ingredients contained in the cream. This includes acti... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for acoustics testing for covers and accessories for iPad, Kindle, Nook, and many other tablets and e-readers: perform a s... View More

US Chemical Research and Development R&D Laboratory needed to assist us in creating a cleaning chemical used for the decontamination of mold, pet urin... View More

USA FDA cGMP Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for cGMP Testing using a qualified testing method,quantify atropa belladonna alkaloids (atropine a... View More

US FDA GLP Biomedical Laboratory needed for GLP Sensitivity and Specificity Testing needed for new medical diagnostic at home tests
View More

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for methane testing: Stoichometric methane potential - 10% VS Sewage sludge SMP of bio-enzyme alone and SMP of bio-enz... View More

USA Consumer Prodcuts Laboratory needed for USP Microbiology Testing: US (USP61 + 62) Test item Claire's US Requirement Total viable count (TVC ) ... View More

NYC FDA GMP Food Laboratory needed for Nutritional Testing: nutritional facts label for a homemade style, natural beverage.This is a start up business... View More

Microbiology laboratory needed for antimicrobial challenge testing / preservative testing for 3 homemade body products such as body creams, bath oils,... View More

India Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbial filtration efficacy testing of H1N1 Influenza Virus in Air Purification System for Home & Hospital... View More

India pharmaceutical analytical chemistry laboratory needed for steroid identification testing in Homeopathic medicine View More

Electrical Laboratory needed for NFC Testing of suspension assembly and dead end assembly for Test as per NFC33-041.NFC33-040 standard Insulated Cabl... View More

Asia Mechanical Laboratory needed for NF C 33-040 Mechanical Load Test. Insulated cables and their accessories for power system;
Suspension equipment... View More

Eastern US food microbiology laboratory needed for needed for mold testing of 25 gallons of wine that was home made about 20 years ago. View More

Europe Electrical Laboratory needed for Electrical Connector Testing of connectors and wiring related to electronic boards in home appliance and autom... View More

Philipines FDA GMP consumer product safety laboratory needed for In home product use test
Skin safety test
Comparative testing View More

Vancouver BC Environmental Laboratory needed to perform a simple test of swabbed areas from a home I acquired which was occupied by a chronic smoker t... View More

FDA GMP Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for GMP Testing Homeopathic Drug for Aconitine content View More

California, USA Microbiology Laboratory needed for shelf life testing of homemade skin care products View More

UL Electrical Laboratory needed to test espresso machine (small appliance for home and office use) to certify electrical safety for UL listing of prod... View More

Europe certification laboratory needed for EN conformity testing to EN 50483 of aerial bundled cable accessories for conformity to requirements of sta... View More

USA Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of home playground equipment as per astm f963-08 astm f1148 and 16cfr. View More

USA Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for CPSC testing on writing products and curriculum for sale to schools and home schools. Most items a... View More

Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for nutritional testing for nutritional label for homemade sauce. View More

USA FDA Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed to provide clinical trial services for the company product - home based Hair Regrowth treatm... View More

Europe Electrical Laboratory needed for NFC33-020 Performance testing of aerial Bunched cable accessories according to NFC33-020 View More

KSA Physical Laboratory needed to certify the load capacity of the tirak and its accessories in a yearly basis and inspections in 6 monthly basis. View More

Micobiology Laboratory needed for preservative effectiveness in my homemade soap and bath products against mold, bacteria, fungus View More

Electrical and Mechanical Laboratories needed for Complete testing of low voltage aerial bunched cable accessories like insulation ptercing connectors... View More

USA NCCLS/CLSI EP6-A Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed to collect venous blood samples from 1-2 donors, spike with glucose (up to 600 ... View More

Toronto CANADA Environmental Laboratory required to test Asbestos in construction materials - Random samples from each level in a home. (3) View More

India ISO Electrical Certification Laboratory needed for BIS Testing: High Voltage, Continuity test, Load Test, Resistance Test, Accidental Contact te... View More

Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia Laboratory needed for Performance testing of Aerial Bunched Cable accessories. As per French Std. NFC33020 / NFC33021 ... View More

West Coast USA Forensic Toxicology Laboratory needed for testing Arsenic, total and inorganic, of homeopathic medication(s). View More

USA (Colorado) Materials Laboratory needed for lead, phthalates testing for baby-children apparrel as well as quilts and accessories from my line. Loo... View More

Eastern USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing. I would like to have a cologne, that went out of buisness in the early seventies, test... View More

Cincinnati Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing of a home cleaning product. We are able to provide the know-how, but will need space to... View More

HIPPA California clinical laboratory needed for testing Homeopathic resulting in prolonged numbness and tingling of tongue, lower lip, and caustic sen... View More

Eastern USA Electrical Laboratory needed for IEC Testing: IEC 60601-2-2 : Section 56.102 (Anchorages of cords of active accessories) View More

Los Angeles physical laboratory needed for physical testing of a portable home traction unit to show the least amount of pounds of pull it can provide... View More

Canada Food Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbial testing including salmonella, ecoli, spoilage organizms, media validationProduct produced at ... View More

USA ISO 9000 Physical Laboratory needed for Testing Total Absorbent Capacity to ISO Test Method 11948-1:1996

2. Rate of Acquisition Test (ROA): A... View More

USA, FDA GLP Histology Laboratory needed for Histopathology analysis for qualitative analysis of embolic particles AND Morphometric analysis using an ... View More

Europe(Germany, Denmark) FDA GLP Clinical Lab needed for Histopathology analysis for qualitative analysis of embolic particles
2. Particle analysis s... View More

Physical Laboratory needed for maximum load testing for steel, plastic, aluminum wall systems and components for home storage
View More

Toxicology laboratory needed to test chess sets made from pewter to see what levels of lead are acceptable. Also I want to test for general product sa... View More

Analytical Chemistry and Materials testing laboratory required to determine composition of patching material that was applied to a foundation of a hom... View More

Product Safety Laboratory needed for CE Testing for compliance of CE/ETAG 0012 for log home building kits View More

Microbiology laboratory needed for Preservative Efficacy Testing and Stability Testing to determine expiry date including Fungi, yeast, gram positive,... View More

FDA GMP analytical chemistry laboratory needed for testing ibuprofen in ready homeopathic ibuprofen creamcream View More

FDA GLP Preclinical laboratory needed for stent testing in minipigs. QCA and IVUS with virtual histology necessary; normal histopathology and morphome... View More

Electrical laboratory needed for Electro magnetic compatibility survey testing. The survey environment includes the comms systems, microwave facilitie... View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for testing check take home Methadone Doses. Quantitative analysis to check for tampering by addict or medical staff. ... View More

Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for pollution testing occured from inlet side of internal combustion engines :co testing meter ,tachometer & fo... View More

Toy Manufacturer needs product safety laboratory for ASTM (ASTMF1148) testing of home playground equipment View More

GLP medical devices laboratory needed for processing fixed human coronary tissue from cassettes to H&E and Movat's pentachrome slides.

2) Using m... View More

Bare metal stent -MRI

2. Assessment of restenosis through histopathological and histomorphometric studies.

3. Animal pharmacokine... View More

ICP-MS analysis for Ba, Co, Ir, Mn, Ni, and Sn
in homegeneous water solution containing about 125 g/L dissolved inorganic salts. View More

Cadium testing to satisfy 76/769/EEG or 91/338/EEC for manufacturer of video games accessories View More

Small, home-based business beginning to make my own hand lotions and in need of having testing done in accordance to FDA Cosmetics Handbook in order t... View More

""Looking for a contract lab that will create or is able to create an FDA approved water-based "personal" lubricant. This substance should be clear, n... View More