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Most Recent arts and crafts Laboratory Requests

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Contract Laboratory has received the following arts and crafts Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These arts and crafts Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their arts and crafts Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a arts and crafts Laboratory, please Submit a arts and crafts Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

India Automotive Parts Metallurgy

Automotive Company needs India Laboratory for automotive parts SEM and Metallurgical Analysis testing View More

Composite Leaf Spring Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Large Composites Manufacturer looking to forge a partnership with a certified laboratory that can give timely results on composite l... View More

Cosmetics Test Method Development

Experienced Microbiology Laboratory needed for research study to develop new cosmetics microbiology test method . One of the most important parts of ... View More

FMVSS Adult Car Seat Safety

USA Automotive Laboratory needed for certification of motor vehicle parts to specifically adult car seat safety to FMVSS. View More

Public Building Art Sculpture Glue Bonding Suitability

URGENT Accredited Materials Laboratory needed for bonding suitability testing of a glue product in an art glass and metal sculpture.
The sculpture i... View More

Volcanic Rock Mineral Analysis

Artist needs Geology Laboratory for mineral analysis of volcanic rock used in artwork carvings. View More

Artist Oil Paint ASTM Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of 6 colors of artists oil paints tested to be in compliance with ASTM D4302 Standard Specificat... View More

Automotive Part EMSA Certification

Automotive Laboratory needed for ESMA certification testing for vehicle spare parts View More

ABS Sheet General Motors Corporation Standards Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for General Motors Corporation GMW Testing of ABS sheet to GMW16853 Comprehensive Standard for Overall Emission Testing o... View More

ASTM Art Material Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of an Art Material to modify its labeling to ASTM D4236 - 94(2016)e1 Standard Practice for Label... View More

Plastic Parts Resin Confirmation

BUDGET APPROVED Medical Device Company needs Materials Laboratory resin confirmatory testing of the parts used in 2 plastic disposable infusion sets... View More

ISO Ash Content and Extractable Matter Testing

Large Automotive Parts Manufacturer needs Laboratory that can perform ash content as per ISO 3451 Method A and extractable matter as per ISO 6427. ... View More

Resin Melt Flow Index

Automotive Parts Supplier needs Materials Laboratory for Melt Flow Index analysis of a resins used in a plastic automotive part by Melt Flow Analyzer... View More

Art Materials LHAMA testing

Large Corporation needs USA Consumer Products Safety Laboratory for ASTM LHAMA testing of school putty and flexible mass with the ASTMD4236 Standard P... View More

Ford Automotive Elastomeric Part Testing

USA Automotive Laboratory needed for elastomeric part testing to Ford Spec WSS-M9P8-C. The testing is for elastomeric parts the testing is environment... View More

Metallurgical, Mineral and Element Breakdown

Sculpture Firm needs Metallurgy Laboratory for crushed ore, soil and powdered rock composition testing for a full mineral and element breakdown of the... View More

ISO Pipe Testing

Third-Party Laboratory needed for certification testing of DPE pipe PE100 by the following ISO Lab Test methods:

Sample 1 with different wall thick... View More

Automotive Parts Wearing Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for wearing testing on automotive parts such as break pad, break shoes, clutch facing lining,
View More

Art Materials ASTM D 4236

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for art materials testing for Labeling of Hazardous Art Materials (LHAMA) Certifications and ASTM D 4236 Standard... View More

Canvas Material UV Rating

Textiles Laboratory needed for UV rating testing of canvas type material made form 100% polyester to see how long it can be exposed to the sun before... View More

CPSC LHAMA Art Materials Testing

Consumer Products CPSC Laboratory needed for art materials testing in compliance to ASTM 4236 Standard Practice for Labeling Art Materials for Chronic... View More

Integrated Circuit Authenticity

Large Corporation needs Electrical Laboratory for authenticity testing of Integrated circuits to determine they are not counterfeit or refurbished p... View More

SAE Automotive Hose Testing

Automotive Parts Manufacturer needs automotive laboratory for SAE testing of a couple of different hoses to hoses for SAE J2064 norm Refrigerant Aut... View More

JIS Automotive Moisture, Rain and Spray Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for JIS environmental simulation testing of automotive parts to JIS D 0203 JIS D 0203: Method of moisture, rain and spray... View More

MIL-SDT-2041 Control of Detrimental Materials

Laboratory needed for detrimental material levels testing of liquid ink markers according MIL-SDT-2041 Control of Detrimental Materials View More

ASTM-D4236 Labeling Art Materials for Chronic Health Hazards

Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for toxicology ASTM testing of watercolor paint for ASTM-D4236 Standard Practice for Labeling Art Materials... View More

DOT Windshield Testing

Auto Parts Manufacturer needs Automotive Laboratory for DOT Testing of windshields View More

GMW Vehicle Interior Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for GMW Testing of Vehicle Interior Materials to GMW16853 COMPREHENSIVE STANDARD FOR OVERALL EMISSION TESTING OF INTERIOR... View More

LHAMA Art Products

CPSC Consumer Products Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of the following 4 painting products to ASTM D-4236, Standard Practice for Labeling Art Mate... View More

Acoustics proficiency tests for accreditation

ISO 17025 Materials Laboratory needed acoustics proficiency testing to the following ISO Standards:

(1) ISO 354 Measurement of sound absorption in ... View More

ASTM Art Product Compliance Testing

Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for 3rd party testing for ASTM D4236 compliance on a liquid art craft manufactured in the united states View More

Materials Evaluation

Large Corporation needs Laboratory for the evaluation of a material used in the manufacturer of sanitary parts. The material is not homogeneous.The t... View More

Computer DUT Compliance Testing

Computer Company needs Laboratory to ensure DUT complies with mandatory parts of ETSI 201907.
DUT: home network gateway View More

Offer request

Food Packaging Laboratory for food contact applications analysis and certificate of declaration of conformity for paperboard products according to the... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING US Automotive Laboratory needed for vendor supplier confirmation cleaning testing of parts used in pumps and turbines to ensure part... View More

Toxicology Laboratory needed for ASTM toxicity testing of chalk art materials to ASTM D-4236 Standard Practice for Labeling Art Materials for Chronic ... View More

Mining company needs California Metallurgical Laboratory for gold testing in parts per million. View More

Fine Furnishings Company needs Materials Laboratory for ASTM Testing to ASTM D648 Heat Deflection Temperature of Plastics View More

LONG-TERM Contract Sterilizer needed for sterilization of a range of measuring fragile medical equipment post contact with human tissue. Components mu... View More

FDA cGMP/ ISO 17025 Pharmaceutical Microbiology Laboratory needed for USP monograph, stability and compliance testing of sterile and non-sterile comp... View More

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for compliance testing of art paints to ASTM D 4236 Standard Practice for Labeling Art Materials for Chronic Healt... View More

Polymer laboratory needed for laser transparency testing on plastic nylon parts.The values of laser transparency apply on every 12 points located on ... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Aerospace company needs materials laboratory for testing new aircraft part including mechanical property testing for composites and ... View More

ISO/IEC 17025 Automotive laboratory needed for resin testing to Mercedes Standard DBL 7384:2015: Supply Specification Coating of plastic parts in vehi... View More

Consumer Products Safety laboratory needed for LHAMA / ASTM testing of children's paint product and art material formulations for conformance to ASTM ... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Polymer laboratory needed for viscosity testing and CT Scanning of automotive molded parts. View More

Materials laboratory needed for testing 5 - 6 different hot melt glue sticks for their viscosity, open time, cure time and other technical details th... View More


Large automotive parts company needs materials laboratory for product testing for the presence of asbestos View More

Toxicology laboratory needed for performing a Toxicology Risk Assessment and Labeling of art materials as per the LHAMA Labeling of Hazardous Art Mat... View More

Oil and petroleum laboratory needed for contamination analysis of an oil used for rust prevention on engine parts, View More

Plumbing company needs metallurgical laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of brass plumbing parts to the ASTM B858 standard for stress corrosion crackin... View More

Materials laboratory needed for confirmatory testing of jointing materials for sewer drains to DIN 4062, Cold processable plastic jointing materials f... View More

Automotive laboratory needed for several tests on plastics oil pan auto parts including oil pan assembly fatigue resistance (vibration test), M8 bushi... View More

Materials laboratory needed for ASTM Thermal Stiffness property testing as per ASTM D 1043 Stiffness Properties of Plastics as a Function of Temperat... View More

Packaging laboratory needed for various ASTM and ISTA testing of engineered parts packaging including 1) Free drop : Reference Specifications: ASTM D ... View More

Automotive parts manufacturers needs laboratory for accelerated againg of test oil sa including GC-MS headspace and GC-MS direct injection (after dilu... View More

Automotive parts company needs physical materials laboratory for ASTM flammability testing to ASTM D6668 - 01(2016) Standard Test Method for Discrimin... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Geochemistry laboratory needed for mercury levels testing in mining spoils (tailings) at the parts per million level (mg/kg). Appro... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Materials laboratory needed for ASTM physical, mechanical, and accelerated aging testing of polymer auto parts to car manufacturers ... View More

Consumer product laboratory needed for CPSC safety testing of an arts and crafts product constructed out of urethane, water based contact cement, hard... View More

Plastics Laboratory needed for Automotive Materials Testing to GMW14797 APOP Painted Plastic Parts Performance Requirements View More

Automotive Parts Company needs VW validated materials laboratory for VW Testing to VW 50180 odor test View More

Physical laboratory needed for DIN Testing of automotive parts to 5.9 Solar Radiation Test as per DIN 75220, D-OUT-F
Test duration 1 cycle = 240 hrs... View More

Consumer Safety Laboratory needed for product safety testing of light modeling clay for kids View More

Calibration & Repair Services business of laboratory instruments for sale. Manufacturer certified service, Clients in the medical, pharma, food & indu... View More

Oil Laboratory needed for product development testing of diesel and gasoline additive combination with methanol. Previous studies showed the Binding o... View More

Auto parts manufacturing company needs quarterly check of metal surface for compliance with ANSI B46.1 Standard in compliance with Rz10 requirement in... View More

Automotive parts manufacturing company needs testing of a lubricant certification per ASHRAE -97. The lubricant is a solvent based deforming product t... View More

Manufacturer of rubber parts needs materials laboratory for UL certification testing for a gasket. View More

Materials laboratory needed for crack testing in plastic parts View More

Food laboratory needed for quinine content analysis in parts per million for tonic syrup concentrate View More

Food laboratory needed for food packaging testing of packaged consumer food products for a measurement in parts per million of lead and/or an analys... View More

Materials laboratory needed for Precision surface metrology testing of the inner surface of ring-like metal parts. Contact (precision spindle) measur... View More

Polymer Laboratory needed for TEM for Determining the difference in crystalline in plastic parts with different colorants using TEM View More

Cosmetics laboratory needed for gluten testing oftest our cosmetics (lip products) . Tests need to be specific to cosmetics (not food) and the lower ... View More

Mechanical Laboratory needed for motor testing of 24 motor assemblies measured for surface roughness (required spec. is Ra 0.4µm max). The surface we... View More

India materials laboratory needed for testing red and yellow ochre View More

India laboratory needed for fuel testing of airline turbine fuel refuelled one year back to confirm suitability for reuse in aircrafts / helicopters... View More

AUtomotive Parts company needs Acoustics Laboratory in Saudi Arabia to perform sound testing of York centrifugal chiller View More

Geology company needs India environmental laboratory for soil and sediment testing: the stream sediment and soil samples are needed to test for multi-... View More

AUtomotive parts company needs automotive laboratory for General Motors Testing to GMW14609 Corrosion, Simulated 3 g Occupant Load & Downward Strengt... View More

LONG-TERM Eastern Europe laboratory needed for long-term testing of injection, painting and chrome plating of plastic parts for automotive industry t... View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbial testing of manufactured medical device parts for specific microbiological requirements.
We are a contrac... View More

Materials laboratory needed for Residual Gas Analysis, Raman Spectroscopy or Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis on our test parts. The size... View More

Canada laboratory needed to test our waste carts to ANSI specification Z245.30 - 2008 and Z245.60 - 2008. I can provide the documents for the measur... View More

Large transportation company needs physical laboratory for Thermal cycle testing for water charge air coolers with below test requirements. Requiremen... View More

USA Laboratory needed to test aluminum washers according to ISO 16232-5/6/7/8/10 including metallic and non metallic parts, residue wt (mg/cm^2), num... View More

Midwest USA laboratory needed for halogen lamp degradation study of plastic joining technology for measuring the infrared output of a halogen bulb use... View More


Manufacture of rubber parts and seals for industrial applications needs materials laboratory for certificaiton testing of seals View More

Materials Laboratory needed to test the absorbance of 5 ZnSe 38mm parts ranging from 8 to 11mm thick. View More

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for Fashion Accessory Testing to ASTM F963 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety for small parts ... View More

Midwest USA analytical chemistry laboratory needed for magnetic particle testing in Manufacturing Environment. Need parts tested for Magnetic Particl... View More

Canada and USA ISO or AALAC certification laboratory needed for testing and certification of automotive parts (e.g. AMECA or any other certification c... View More

India aerospace textiles laboratory needed Dry Cleaning Dry Cleaning of Aircraft Fabric as per Civil aviation standard of fabric used in aircrafts. View More

South America or USA Mechanical Laboratory needed for Motor Vehnical Parts Testing to ISO and General Motors Standards: Bumper Product Validation tes... View More

Children's Arts and Crafts company needs India Toxicology Laboratory for Toxicology Testing: LD50 testing on modeling clay for children View More

Europe mechanical and physical laboratory needed for automotive parts testing: ball joints testing for stress resistance, dust seal, tests in environ... View More

USA Mechanical Laboratory needed for automotive parts testing: Ford Spec testing with tube and hose assemblies to ESDS7H-19b591-AA View More

Physical Laboratory needed for surface roughness testing on 40 parts. Tested on the cylindrical body and chamfeer on the part. I would prefer the tes... View More

USA analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Oat Testing to assay colloidal oat used as OTC active in OTC skin protectant to 21 CFR Parts 310, 347, ... View More

USA Sports Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of Outdoor fitness equipment to pass ASTM: F2276-10, ASTM F1749-09, and possibly parts in ASTM F887 incl... View More

Materials laboratory needed for SEM Imaging / EDX Analysis the surface of a few parts. Parts are non-conductive and will most likely need a metallic c... View More

URGENT: Electrical Product Safety Laboratory needed for EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility EN 50130-4: 2011) testing for smoke alarms.
We have two m... View More

Plastics Laboratory needed for plastics testing.Test contents in plastic parts.

Hexaoxacyclotria... View More

USA Certified A2LA ISO 17025 laboratory needed for Gravimetric Particle Analysis to ISO 16232-7 Plastic Injection Molded Back-up Sensors
2 Part Numb... View More

Malaysia Mechanical laboratory needed for brake pad testing (SASO) on spare parts in Malaysia for e export to Saudi Arabia.
View More

Importer needs US Food analytical chemistry laboratory for alcohol testing analyze mezcal for it's chemical composition 43% Alcohol by volume analysis... View More

India Materials lab needed for international level of Filter mask testing to provide the best quality of filter mask to Indian citizen in any case. W... View More

Canada mechanical laboratory to outsource part washing and testing for Ford program - est. annual volume is 850,000 pcs.


India materials laboratory needed for auto parts testing
View More

FAA or EASA Accredited Laboratory needed for cargo tape testing to BMS specifications. Wish to get Cargo tape, used in the sealing application in Boei... View More

ASAP: Automotive Car Parts Manufacturer moving to new manufacturing plant needs for automotive car parts testing of exterior plastic parts like Front... View More

New Jersey Laboratory needed for Microstructure steel / Tungsten testing including: Mount parts. polish, etch and picture the micro structure. View More

Automotive Parts manufacturer of brake pads and brake linings for cars and trucks needs India, USA or UK Materials Laboratory for failure analysis, q... View More

USA aerospace laboratory needed for aerospace parts testing to find out what material it is made of, it's properties, how thick it is, the finish etc.... View More

REQUEST FOR QUOTE: Hong Kong based arts and crafts manufacturer needs consumer products safety laboratory for Labeling of the Hazardous Art Material... View More

Europe materials laboratory needed for ISO or ASTM Testing. Laboratory tests of Attapulgite clay 1. Oil Absorption and water absorption tests on the n... View More

East Coast Automotive Laboratory needed for automobile headlight testing: headlamps for automobiles and we are having marks show up on the plastic le... View More

Supplier of plastic parts for the automotive industry needs ISO automotive laboratory for GMW testing and ISO testing. Company is developing a new pro... View More

California automotive laboratory needed for automotive compliance testing to GMW 14650 (Performance Requirements for exterior Plastic Part). 2 Parts, ... View More

South Africa Physical Laboratory needed for accelerated weather testing on grp parts bonded with an adhesive. Please find the cycles below: Weathering... View More

Polymer Laboratory needed for polymer testing studies and failure analysis study: ECE (R-110 and R-67) requirement testing on several polymers and pla... View More

Midwest FDA GMP Microbiology laboratory needed for microbiology testing of E. coli bacteria-based bioprocessing platform. This involves using agar-ge... View More

EU Certification Laboratory needed for ISO safety boots (EN ISO 20347:2012/ EN ISO 20345:2011. Our products are CE certified by TSE (Turkish Standarts... View More

Machine parts manufacturer needs physical chemistry laboratory for particle analysis for studying the fine particle attached to the surface of the arm... View More

Automotive Laboratory needed for automotive parts testing. Brake testing to U.S. Dept. of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administrati... View More

USA EPA Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for EPA Toxicity Testing: Chronic Whole Effluent Toxicity Monitoring Requirements: The Water Quali... View More

Middle East, Asia Mechanical Laboratory needed for automotive parts testing to 6311:2005 -MOTOR VEHICLES METHODS OF TESTING BRAKE LININGS - P... View More

Norway mechanical laboratory needed for mechanical testing of automotive parts. Tests to be performed on interior parts for the automotive industry. View More

Virginia Laboratory or North Carolina Laboratory needed for clinical testing. Testing done for criminal trial to connect strands of Genital Warts from... View More

FDA GMP US analytical chemistry laboratory needed for plastics Extraction testing outlined by FDA 21CFR177.1520 and 21CFR176.170 for molded parts base... View More

Food Laboratory needed for tequila testing: parts per million spirit Tequila Report
I have a report to follow that I need for Japan but its in Spani... View More

Aerospace Mechanical Laboratory needed for aerospace parts machinery testing View More

Accredite USA Materials Laboratory Molded parts made of needle-Punched Nonwoven need to be tested to TL52662 material requirements." View More

North Carolina Mechanical Laboratory needed for Automobile Packaging testing: Compression testing and incline testing on boxes filled with automotive ... View More

Asia mechanical laboratory needed for plastic Testing of automotive painted plastic parts to GMW and EDS standards for painted plastic parts. View More

Natural Products manufacturer needs medicinal chemistry laboratory needed for analyzing several plants (endemic to certain regions in South America) f... View More

Asia, India or USA Automotive Laboratory needed for vehicle parts testing. Testing of Vehicle spare parts;
mainly for Brake Pads, Filters (Air, Fuel ... View More

Florida Toy Laboratory needed for plush toy testing for: Flammability, toxic, tension, torque, small parts, Phthalates and age grade Thanks

View More

Asia mechanical laboratory needed for IEC Testing: Cable test for mechanical parts in IEC60502 & IEC60794 (Armoured LS0H Copper & Optics cable for rai... View More

USA physical laboratory needed for flammability testing to UL 94 Standard for Safety of Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and Ap... View More

Canada materials laboratory needed for mechanical testing, physical testing, consumer product testing for Automotive Parts Importer/Wholesaler and wou... View More

Canada Mechanical Laboratory needed for ISO Testing to ISO 16232, Cleanliness of Components of Fluid Circuits in Road Vehicles, 50 parts of 3.7 g each View More

Mechanical Laboratory needed for plastics automotive testing to test painted plastic parts test for VW TL 211 Specification. View More

South Africa materials laboratory needed for ASTM Testing and ISO Testing of oil & gas (specifically diesel fuel)to Anti-Corrosion to ASTM 0665
Anti-... View More

USA Consumer Products Laboratory needed for dishwasher performance testing: 9 product samples to be tested in repeated dishwasher cycles (100) to dete... View More

USA product safety laboratory needed for We have a dietary supplement testing including API Testing, microbiology testing and chemistry testing. Dieta... View More

India Metallurgical Laboratory needed for materials testing of Miralloy / Trimetal plated Parts . The test requirement is as mentioned below. Please ... View More

Mechanical laboratory needed for abrasion testing by using ABREX equipment. Test item : IEC60068-2-70 Test component : Knob of Automotive interior pa... View More

Large Pharma needs pharmaceutical packaging laboratory for Packaging Testing : packaging anomalies quantitative characterization Analytical : packagin... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM G85 02-A4: Corrosion tests on aeronotical parts 3 samples View More

Electronics Laboratory needed for fuse testing. The fuse is rated at 15 amps 250 VAC. We can supply the currently approved vendors parts and the new s... View More

Utah Metallurgical Laboratory needed for soil testing and liquid testing for precious metal parts per million View More

India Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: Melting Temperature, degradation mechanism, calculating molecular Weight by gel permeation chromat... View More

US Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Competitive brand analysis (reverse engineering) to determine ingredients of liquid material used to cle... View More

West Coast USA consumer safety laboratory needed for toy testing toy that consists of many small plastic parts with different solid colors. The compo... View More



Eastern USA metallurgical laboratory needed for analyzing a rust condition on fuse holders (on a PC Board) as to the following:

1)Root cause of the... View More

Non-destructive Laboratory needed for non-destructive testing: X-ray inspection of zinc die cast parts to detect internal cracks or flaws: parts quant... View More

Pittsburgh or Eastern USA Mechanical Laboratory needed for Mechanical load testing: A total of 86 steel separate parts are to each be loaded to a for... View More

US FOOD CERTIFICATION LABORATORY needed for third party certification testing of food equipment used as part of a seasonal or annually-renewing health... View More

East Coast Materials, Mechanical Laboratory laboratory needed for aluminum analysis used in a die casted part. Comparison of two similar parts from tw... View More

Europe Oil and Petrolem Laboratory needed for ASTM, ISO or GPA Testing of natural gas fixed gases, methane ethane, propane, butanes, pentanes in pm; C... View More


Large Auto Manufacturer needs A2LA Mechanical Laboratory for Mechanical Testing - Fatigue Tests Automotive Parts as per GMW3172 Standard.
Typical Tes... View More

FDA GMP and GLP Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for USP testing of ingredient: European Mistletoe (Viscum album). We are actively searching for... View More

Toxicology Laboratory needed to test a product known as Strauss Heartdrops, one of the ingredients is European Mistletoe (Viscum album). We are active... View More

Plastics and Polymer Laboratory needed for Nissan Engineering Standard
MO135 Weatherability and light resistance test methods for synthetic resin... View More

Large multinational company needs Minnesota physical analytical chemistry laboratory for onsite purity testing of a High Pressure, High Purity CO2 Ski... View More


USA Metallurgical/Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing 2 small stainless steel parts to start (we are looking for long term lab partner ... View More

North America ISO Physical Laboratory needed for testing as per ISO 16232, technical cleanliness of metallic engine parts
particle size and quantity,... View More

Automotive rear view mirrors manufacturer needs Materials Laboratory to perform roughness testing on the ground edge of the mirror. Mirrors range in ... View More

Midwest USA ASTM JIS Automotive Laboratory needed for testing chrome plated plastic a parts on Ford WSB-M1P83 B2, Chrysler PS-8810, Nissan M4063 [2001... View More

USA Non-GLP Histology Laboratory needed for stent testing:
48 coronary stents to be embedded in SPURR, 6 sections per stent, stained with H&E and ela... View More

Georgia or Southeast USA ISO Physical Laboratory needed for ISO 16232-10 Testing including
-Parts must be cleaned with solvent, used solvent filtered... View More

USA Physical Laboratory needed for abrasion testing on several nylon parts. View More

FAA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to test the chemical which can be used for runway rubber removal in accordance with FAA advisory circular g... View More

Eastern USA metallurgical labroatory needed for trace metals analysis 10 samples of carbon inks that were made on a piece of equipment where the suppo... View More

British Columbia, Physical Laboratory for thermal cycling testinf for parts. View More

South Carolina ISO Automotive Materials Laboratory needed for testing as per ISO 16232, technical cleanliness of metallic engine parts View More

ISO Materials Laboratory needed for testing plastic parts on pilot ladders as per ISO 877:1994 View More


SAE/ASTM Automotive Materials Laboratory needed for testing automobile interior carpet parts. They are body trim (textile), tailgate trim (textile), f... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for BTU testing on some pulverized samples of different parts of trees grown at varying densities and with vary... View More

Industrial Manufacturer needs USA/China Physical Laboratory for cleanliness testing of industrial parts to millipore spec class B View More

Southeastern USA ISO Electrical Laboratory needed for Dimensional Testing of small electronics parts in accordance to ISO TS 16949 - 5 parts 100% dime... View More

ISO Materials Laboratory needed for testing plastic parts on pilot ladders as per ISO 877:1994. View More

Global Trading Company from Myanmar needs Automotives Materials Laboratory to test Auto Spare Parts. View More

Physical Laboratory needed for USP Absorbency Test on 2 samples of Cotton.

Procedure- Prepare a test basket, weighing not more than 3 g, from coppe... View More

USA Materials Laboratory needed for testing as follows: LP-12012 Exterior Silencer - Water Absorption and Shedding Lab Test Procedure LP-12013 Ext... View More

SAE Laboratory needed for fog testing four small plaques to SAE J1756 using gravimetric procedure. These parts will be adjacent to windows in a truck.... View More

Asia Boeing approved Laboratory needed for BSS 7230 Flammability testing, Smoke test and Heat release test for composite parts used in aircrafts As pe... View More

Montréal or Toronto Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed to perform safety tests on 3 components (small parts) destined to young children betwee... View More

ISO 17025 Laboratory needed for testing in accordance to ISO 10993 Parts 3,5,6,7,10,11&15 View More

Canada Mechanical Laboratory needed for Pressure Cycling & Thermal test to be done on a charge air cooler, destined for truck engine in accordance to ... View More

India Mechanical Laboratory needed to perform thermal shock experiment on plasma sprayed Zirconia- ceria oxide powder coatings on SUS 304 and Mild Ste... View More

USA Environmental Laboratory needed for trace analysis of soil and water samples for Bisphenol S (CAS # 80-90-1) Down to parts per billion View More

USA and China Product Safety Laboratory needed to develop a battery of analytical testing to evaluate different batches and formulations of consumer a... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for testing dozen different coatings we apply to medical devices. What we want tested is having the parts that are coated ... View More

India Weathering Laboratory needed for weathering testing or printed self adhesive vinyls pasted on polycarbonate sheets tested for outdoor weathering... View More

Florida ANSI laboratory to test lead on 3 small metal parts. View More

Industrial parts washer manufacturer needs physical laboratory for cleanliness testing of industrial parts to match customer's millipore spec View More

Eastern China Physical Laboratory needed for FMVSS 201Testing for automotive interior parts View More

Large Automotive Mfg needs Russia Physical Laboratory for automotive component testing sunroof and cockpit Operating Noises, Squeaks and rattles carac... View More

Large electronics mfg need IPC-TM-650 2.3.28 Ionic Chromatography testing as process qualification on modled electronics parts This test is required ... View More

India Contract Research Organization needed for invitro antiviral study of papilloma virus(Causing Warts) by using an aqueous plant leaf extract. View More

Fine Arts Museum needs dating testing to confirm the approximate age and possible country of origin of a sliver of artist canvas with paint possibly f... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Gravimetric Analysis Testing of plastic injection molded parts using . View More

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing, ASTM F 801 Optical Deviation testing of Transparent Parts View More

Mechanical Laboratory needed for thermal, combustion testing, glycerol combustion experiments and would like to measure the acrolein emission in the e... View More

FAA Laboratory required to perform a complete testing of a gaseous oxygen sample , per the requirements of the US DoD specification MIL-PRF-27210G Typ... View More

USA, Canada Toxicology Laboratory required for ISO 10993, parts 5 and 10 View More

Toronto Mechanical Laboratory needed for Rockwell Hardness Testing, material check, tensile and yield strength on fastener-type parts. View More

Children's toy manufacturer needs north american FDA, GMP, ASTM and ISO Product Safety Laboratory for deformulation of food items, and other products ... View More

Large Medical Device Manufacturer needs US Analytical Chemistry laboratory to produce a number of chemically treated metal parts. The methodology req... View More

Large Medical Device Manufacturer needs USA biomedical labroatory for validation testing including production of a number of chemically treated metal ... View More

Asia FDA GMP Food Analytical Chemistry Labroatory needed for testing food contact plastic parts molded from Glass Reinforced Nylon, and Teflon. View More

Europe DIN 4102 Parts 15/16 - Brandschacht (B1)Certified Materials Laboratory needed for product safety testing - fire prevention on textile fabrics View More

Texas Plastics/Materials Testing Laboratory needed for several plastic inj molded parts which need to have their respective grade,type, filler polymer... View More

Europe CE EN 71 Materials Laboratory needed for product safety testing EN 71 Parts 3, 7. View More

North America ASTM Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM biodegradability testing, oxo-biodegradable additive, prodegradant for polyolefins (film, shee... View More

USA Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM biodegradability testing, oxo-biodegradable additive, prodegradant for polyolefins (film, sheet)

We conta... View More

Asia Analytical Chemistry, Materials Laboratory needed for recertification testing of Polycarbonate Resin, old grade which are over 2 years (the guara... View More

United States CPSC, UL, CE, Prop 65 Materials Testing Laboratory needed for testing small parts ban & lead paint according to CPSC Importing Regulatio... View More

Europe Plastics and Polymers Laboratory needed for standard Luposol Stress Crack Testing on plastic parts injected in PE-HD for the automotive industr... View More

California EPA Environmental Lab needed for testing water and sludge from cleaning metal parts made from brass, stainless steel and aluminum View More

Engineering laboratory needed for determining the oil content on metal parts. View More

Mechanical Laboratory needed for testing car parts View More

Physical wethering lab needed for ASTM Salt Spray Corrosion Testing. 500-hour environmental salt spray testing for various small parts used in ceiling... View More

Physical laboratory needed to test knee implants to ASTM F 1223. We are a Brazilian company that produces knee implants. We are needing to quote these... View More

Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed to perform Icing Test according to RTCA DO-160E Section 24 A & B For two separate parts, one is moving and big ... View More

Metallurgical laboratory needed to verify that steel parts are madeof required 304stainless steel. Company sourcing steel parts in Asia and would lik... View More

Materials laboratory needed for testing PMI finished parts View More

Automotive laboratory needed for parts validation testing. View More

Analytical Chemsitry Laboratory needed for cleanliness verification testing of stainless steel parts after cleaning View More

Engineering Firm needs metallurgical laboratory for microhardness testing of case carburized parts View More

Materials laboratory neded for material failure analysis of a steel housing and analysis of a weld. (Determine if the failure was do to the material... View More

Metallurgical laboratory needed for zinc element analysis testing on casting zinc parts View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for chemical & mechanical testing on plastic injection moulding parts.
View More

FDA GLP, AAALAC oreclinical laboratory needed for Testing in 2 parts. Part A. Mass Balance of Radioactivity Elimination in Rabbits Dosed Dermally with... View More

Automotive materials laboratoryneeded for testing of plastic parts (cockpit, door trim) for Automotive market. View More

Electrical Laboratory needed for ASTM Characterization Testing of Polymer Parts: Dielectric constant, dissipation factor, volume resistivity, surface ... View More

Product Safety Laboratory needed for EN and ASTM Product Safety testing including for finished Wooden Toys and small Wooden Arts & Crafts item, approx... View More

Product Safety laboratory needed for toy testing soft doll and related doll clothing for flamability, small parts etc. View More

USA Product Safety Toy Laboratory needed for ASTM child safety testing of planks (maple wood blocks) for small parts, sharp points and edges, durabili... View More

Materials laboratory needed for acoustics testing of noise attenuation material requirements Rw=30dB

Measurement shall be according to:
ISO 140-P... View More

Construction laboratory needed for IAQ testing and smapling including: Formaldehyde, 50 parts per billion, Particulates (PM10) 50 micrograms per cubic... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM High temperature Testing of GPC-polypropylene
also possibly FTIR on sample parts View More

Food analytical laboratory needed for testing vanillin content in Vanilla Beans from different parts of Asia. View More

Physicl laboratory needed for DIN Flammability Testing as per DIN 4102 Parts 15/16 - Brandschacht (B1) View More

Analytical laboratory needed for fuel permeation testing to General Motors test method 5113 on nylon 6 parts. View More

Laboratory needed to measure Rockwell F scale hardness on small powdered metal parts View More

Europe microbiology laboratory needed for RTCA, AITM, ASTM testing for Fungus Resistance (Pilzbeständigkeit)in aeronatutical parts (honeycomb core san... View More

Corrosion testing (H2S & NACE BRINE)for some Aluminum machined parts with coating on them.
View More

European physical laboratory needed for Experimental modal analysis at high level of amplitude (500 until 1000 N or more) on parts of a rocket engine ... View More

ISO Laboratory needed for testing Pesticide/insecticide ready to use, in liquid (DIFLUBENZURON - class benzoylureas - formulation OF ,60g a.i./l). Tes... View More

-Hazardous Products (Toys)
-Mechanical Hazards ... View More

Automotive manufacturer needs laboratory for physical and electrial Testing the operating performance of the car in extreme winter climatic conditions... View More

Acid soluble Arsenic Testing by the cosmetic, toiletry and fragrance association (CTFA) method F1-1, parts IA and II. This colorimetric silver diethy... View More

surface roughness and contour measurement of plastics.On-going inspection of molded plastic parts. 6 measurements/part, approx 250 parts in 3 wks, on-... View More