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Contract Laboratory has received the following Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a Laboratory, please Submit a Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Multiple Tests on Food Products

Food Laboratory needed fo... (view details)

Multiple Tests on Pure and Synthesized Essential Oil Products

Asia Contract Laborator... (view details)

Multiple Natural Green Tea Leaves Tests

UK or EU Food Laboratory needed for t... (view details)

Multiple Tests for Raw and Processed Dairy Products (1000 Samples)

Food Laboratory nee... (view details)

Air Sampling and Testing for Multiple Fungicides/Herbicides

USA Environmental Laboratory needed for air... (view details)

Natural Supplement Contents Testing (10 Products)

USA Dietary Supplement Contract Labor... (view details)

Tea Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for the following tea testing:
... (view details)

Compost Herbicide Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed for compost testin... (view details)

USP Cannabis Product Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Contract Laboratory needed for USP Finished Good Testing ... (view details)

Honey Pesticide, Oxalic Acid and Contaminant Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed for honey testing for pesticides, oxalic acid... (view details)

Moroccan Argan Oil Purity and Contaminants Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for Imported Moroccan argan oil testing... (view details)

Apiary Pollen and Bees for Pesticides

Apiary needs pollen and bees tested for pesticide from major commercial row... (view details)

Cannabis DEA Schedule 1

Third-Party Laboratory needed for DEA Schedule 1 Testing for cannabis prod... (view details)

Cannabis Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Third-party Laboratory needed for analytical chemistry an... (view details)

Third-party laboratory needed for confirmation testing of the Certificate o... (view details)

FDA GLP certified or ISO 17025 Agriculture laboratory needed for insecticid... (view details)

Company interested in acquiring an analytical laboratory in Saudi Arabia fo... (view details)

Accredited pharmaceutical laboratory needed for European Pharmacopeia testi... (view details)

LONG TERM TESTING. Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for beverage test... (view details)

Laboratory needed for medical cannabis testing including percentage of rele... (view details)

Food Laboratory needed for testing about a dozen different processed/unproc... (view details)

Food laboratory needed for dietary supplement testing: nutritional testing ... (view details)

Agriculture laboratory needed for hay testing for Pesticides and Herbicides... (view details)

Food Laboratory needed for testing about a dozen different processed/unproc... (view details)

Food Laboratory needed for testing about a dozen different processed/unproc... (view details)

Asia environmental laboratory needed for hydrocarbon testing.Soil and grou... (view details)

Analytical chemistry labroatory needed for herbicide and pesticide testing ... (view details)

FDA GLP certification or ISO 17025 Agricultural agrochemical company needs ... (view details)

South Florida Agriculture Laboratory needed for herbicide testing: Side by ... (view details)

California EPA Laboratory needed for water quality testing: Indirect Potabl... (view details)

Canada pharmaceutical laboratory needed for medical marijuana testing:
sp... (view details)

US Food Laboratory needed for honey testing for pesticides, herbicides, hea... (view details)

EPA GLP Environmental Laboratory needed for GLP toxicology testing, 5 batch... (view details)

West Coast USA FDA GMP Packaging Laboratory needed for FDA Packaging Testin... (view details)

India Analytical Chemistry Labroatory needed for Quality Control Testing: Q... (view details)

FDA SQF Analytical Food Laboratory needed to test for contact food packagin... (view details)

Canada Microbiology Laboratory needed to test efficiency of wash formulatio... (view details)

Geology Metallurgial Laboratory needed for GC/MS testing zeolite sample for... (view details)

European Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing desalinated rej... (view details)

Occupational Health needed for clinical testing of Trace elements (cadmium... (view details)

Asia Toxicology Labroatory needed for toxicity tests of insecticides, herbi... (view details)

Saudi Arabia Environmental lab needed for EPA/SW846 soil analysis and groun... (view details)

California Environmental Laboratory required for testing of soil and plant ... (view details)

USA Environmental Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for HPLC, pesticid... (view details)

UK/Ireland GLP Envirnomental or Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for ... (view details)

India Environmental Laboratory needed for Bioefficacy Data for Herbicides. ... (view details)

Mexico Environmental laboratory needed to test for herbicides, insecticides... (view details)

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