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Recent Biotechnology Laboratory Requests

Contract Laboratory has received the following Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a Laboratory, please Submit a Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Leading cell and gene therapy material manufacturer is looking to outsource the following lab tests for plasmids and proteins:
- Activity by UPLC
- Activit...

CLIA-accredited (CAP or COLA- accreditation is preferred) high-complexity clinical lab needed to run around 1,000 tests per mont...

Contract laboratory needed to provide a quote on testing SS-31 peptide purity.
I want to see if it is ss-31, its potency, and if there?s contamination.

UK GLP preclinical laboratory needed for in vitro comparison of the hemostatic capability of two formulations (30 samples).

UK biotechnology lab needed to measure volatile fatty acids (VFA) of over 90 digested synthetic human excreta sludge samples.
May I know what is the budget per sample, the a...

Singapore only -- Food-grade pilot chromatography unit needed on rent for protein purification studies.

Contract Research Organization CRO needed for development of noninvasive test for endometriosis using gene expression analysis of menstrual blood samples.

India third-party analytical chemistry lab needed to carry out structural elucidation of two plant samples using FTIR to meet the ASTM test standards

Third-party chemical testing laboratory needed to determine the physical and chemical properties of plant extract-based mosquito coils in terms of strength of repellency, long...

USA Contract Laboratory needed to perform protein labeling protocol (2x100 micrograms biotinylation kit) on two proteins and validate tag success.
Urgent timeline. Pl...

New practitioner's office needs a New York-based clinical laboratory for testing patient samples.
Must provide pick-up services.

Contract laboratory needed to perform beta-hydroxybutyrate testing on a Vitros instrument per the FDA standards
Is this something you would have access to and if so, how much...

USA analytical chemistry laboratory needed to determine the salt content of four oligonucleotide samples after HPLC purification per the FDA standards

Genetics Laboratory needed to analyze RNA-DNA oligos to be for purity by CE-Capillary Electrophoresis. Please provide the TAT and cost?

Independent laboratory needed for testing research peptides. We want do blind testing and if your tests can determine the exact MG of the products.
We would like to know the ...

Contract analytical chemistry laboratory needed for:
1. Thin layer chromatography-bioautography of plant product
2. Immunoaffinity chromatography

Contract Laboratory needed for plant NTA for particle concentrations and Western Blot analysis for TET3, CD81, CD 63, and CD9.

Two sets of samples will be provided. One ...

Canada-based independent laboratory needed to process microtainer, blood spot, urine, and saliva samples that are collected from patients at home without a physician's requisi...

USA Third-party laboratory needed to perform N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDAR) expression in the prefrontal cortex, nucleus accumbens, and the striatum in eight rats.
Brain tissue...

Genetics laboratory needed to perform DNA testing on an Icelandic horse that has not been registered. Parentage is believed to be from Canada.

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for one cell line-based experiment to check the adherence of bacterial cells in Caco-2 cell line

Biotech company needs USA-based FDA analytical chemistry laboratory to perform method validation for 10-20 samples of residual organic solvents, such as Methanol and bis(2-met...

Cell Biology Laboratory needed for testing Platelet Rich Plasma for a PRP 510(k) filing to include:
- P-selectin expression on platelets (on resting and ADP activated platel...

Pharmaceutical laboratory or facility needed for in-vitro research study on the activity of antidepressants for future research work on the role of harmaline for antidepressa...

Microbiology laboratory and/or fermentation technology facility/lab needed to quantify polyglutamic acid in fermentation culture media.

Molecular biology or biotechnology lab needed to run Western blots to identify the following milk proteins on powder samples made from microorganism:
- Beta casein
- Alpha S...

Contract Research Organization CRO needed for screening small molecule compounds (one sample & one control; 1-2 mg each) against a cell-based model of Epstein Barr virus (EBV)...

FDA GMP laboratory needed to carry out quantitative testing for different types of collagen. (Type I, Type II, Type III, and Type IV) in a 50-500 grams sample.

USA-based FDA GMP Compliant Laboratory is needed for ongoing monthly testing of four to ten samples of lyophilized peptides (5-10 mg each) to determine their contents, quantit...

USA based Contract Laboratory needed for testing two vials of frozen 0.5 cc peptide powder samples per the FDA standards.

Research and Development Biotechnology Company needs Contract Laboratory needed to test biotech products regularly.

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for MALDI-TOF spectrometry of two organic samples. Our objective is to investigate the aggregation of the compounds to determine if supramolecu...

Biotechnology Company needs USA Contract Analytical Laboratory for identification of unknown chemical that has appeared on one of their diagnostic test produc...

Large Pharmaceutical Company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for testing freezing point of 3 lots of aqueous materials by DSC (ASTM m...

Delhi, India analytical chemistry lab needed for FTIR analysis of two plant samples and provide result with structure interpretation.

Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed that is capable of performing a bismuth content assay per the USP monograph on bismuth subsalicylate, copied below:


FDA GMP Analytical laboratory needed to run three sucrose-fatty acid ester samples on GC-FPD (Gas chromatography flame photometric detection) per the USP Food Chemical...

Contract Laboratory needed for purity testing of peptides. Company early stages of starting a health and wellness company that will focus on peptides, namely Tesamorelin, IGF1...

Pharmaceutical Toxicology Laboratory needed for cytotoxicity testing on granular bioceramic. Contact >30days, 72h.
I will appreciate if you can provide me with quote and tim...

Contract Laboratory needed for plasma samples analysis for Cr and Fe57 by ICP-MS

Contract Laboratory needed for Capillary Gel Electrophoresis to test mRNA integrity with a SCIEX CGE instrument.

BUDGET APPROVED ($1000-$2000)
Veterinary Medicine Company needs Bioanalytical Laboratory for franz cell testing.

USA Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for ELISA tests to find certain biomarkers

Preclinical Laboratory needed with non-human primate capabilities essential.

Contract Laboratory needed for Permeation/Permeability testing of controlled pore glass-filled columns.

In addition to measurement of an initial baseline of samples, we ha...

Europe Bioanalytical Laboratory needed to run a western blot as part of research on a rare variant of uncertain significance.
Can provide the antibody ourselves.

USA GLP Contract Laboratory needed for air permeability testing of macroalgae biofoams

USA Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for denaturation testing of collagen bovine wound dressing to perform an evaluation of whether or not the protein denatures over time. Cir...

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