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Contract Laboratory has received the following Beverages | Drinks Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These Beverages | Drinks Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their Beverages | Drinks Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a Beverages | Drinks Laboratory, please Submit a Beverages | Drinks Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Request for Quote RFQ: Lubricant Wear, Load and Weld Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for lubricant testing to determine if lubricants meet the wear, load and weld requirements imposed by the relevant standa... View More

Beverage Caffeine Testing

Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for caffeine testing for beverages View More

Rum Beverage Alcohol Content

Small rum distillery needs Laboratory for certified alcohol content testing for it's bottled rum beverages. View More

Cocoa Beverage Lecithin

Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for lecithin content analysis in cocoa beverages View More

Cocktail Alcohol Testing

Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturer needs Laboratory for alcohol proof testing of 4 different cocktail beverages View More

Laboratory needed for ABV testing for a comparison study on the alcohol in various moon shine alcohol beverages View More

URGENT Food Laboratory needed for flavor testing on 5 different flavors of carbonated soft drinks packed in aluminum cans. with test cans and contro... View More

Plastics laboratory needed for gamma ray irradiation and measurement of light transmittance in PET bottles used in food and beverages. For measurement... View More

Large company needs packaging laboratory for lid seam testing on aluminum cans of carbonated beverages such as cola and sparkling to determine the psi... View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for alcohol content testing on two wine beverages View More

Food laboratory needed for caffeine testing in carbonated soft drinks View More

New distillery needs laboratory for stability testing of alcoholic beverages in aluminum cans for the integrity of the water-based polymer lining of t... View More

Food laboratory needed for alcohol testing in 2 alcoholic beverages View More

LONG-TERM TESTING UKAS Food laboratory needed for beverage testing of 7 SKU's annually for Nutritional Data to comply to Labelling Regs, on Mixer 'sof... View More

Bahrain analytical chemistry laboratory needed for benzoic acid analysis in fizzy drinks using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry or HPLC View More

Third-Party Consumer Products Laboratory needed for consumer labeling claims testing on nail technology that detects date rape drugs in a variety of ... View More

Accredited laboratory needed for electrical paperboard testing for compliance for type B3.1A of IEC 60641-3, Standard | Pressboard and presspaper for... View More

Laboratory needed for Spirits testing Determination of addition of alcohols or sugars from cane, corn or sorghum liquor from grape, apple or pear by ... View More

Food Nutritional Laboratory needed for beverage testing of 2 beverages with one of the beverages having 4 different flavors

biogenic amines
Ca... View More

University Researcher needs food laboratory for lactose testing in foods/beverages View More

Manufacturer of powder nutritional shakes needs food laboratory to measure the Osmolarity and Osmolality of 4 different powder beverages. View More

USA Food laboratory needed for shelf life testing on two or three beverages and caffeine content testing of another. Also would like prices for shel... View More

Beverage Manufacturer needs California food laboratory for stability storage of bottles of beverages in a Xenon light chamber, to complete an accelera... View More

Laboratories needed which are able to test application samples for Beverages, Dairy & Food View More

Continental US analytical chemistry laboratory needed for AOAC testing to AOAC 990.31 Sulfites in Foods and Beverages . Testing on thick, sugary samp... View More

LONG TERM: Food laboratory needed for routine safety testing, and one-time nutritional testing of fermented, unpasteurized non-alcoholic beverages, pr... View More

Canada analytical chemistry laboratory neeed for citric acid testing in soft drinks. View More

USA laboratory needed for Stability Studies and Expiration Dating Testing of new pre-mixed alcoholic cocktail beverages. View More

USA food chemistry lab needed for nutritional testing and ingredient testing in ready-to-drink beverages and dry powder based beverages for compositio... View More

USA Food laboratory needed for beverage testing of Two beverages for surface tension measurements-will consider any referenced method. View More

India Food Laboratory needed for caffeine testing and benzoic acid level testing in carbonated drinks
View More

Europe Laboratory needed for collagen protein drink testing for:
Molecular weight distrubution of collagen peptides in the drink product
Method: Mea... View More

Middle East food laboratory needed for food testing including stability testing, analytical testing, microbiology testing, sensory testing, and packag... View More

Eastern USA or ISrael Packaging Laboratory needed for ASTM packaging testing: Beverages leakage test according to ASTM D3078 View More

Food laboratory and food microbiology laboratory needed for food nutritional testing and microbiology testing. Plant-based food and natural beverage t... View More

Food Packaging Laboratory needed for food packaging testing. Test energy drinks and cans to determine the reason why the cans leak. View More

USA A2LA Laboratory needed for GC analytical chemsitry testing of two polyurethane-nylon fabric laminates materials tested using GC to measure the fo... View More

East Coast FDA GMP Food Laboratory needed for nutritional analysis of 25 raw organic blended vegetable drinks View More

Food Laboratory needed for ffood packaging testing to test material distribution and resistance tests on pet bottles used for soft drinks View More

Asia food laboratory needed for shelf life testing and microbiology testing for analysis of shelf life of juices drinks & its microbiological changes View More

India Food Laboratory needed for beverage testing for chemical and nutrient analysis of beverages View More

Polymer Laboratory needed for polymer testing of PET Chips imported from China (FOB Tianjin or Shanghai) 400MT per month of PET (CR-8828 - carbonated ... View More

Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for beverage testing for niacin of two beverages filled in two different locations. I need an accurage Nia... View More

Hong Kong Food Laboratory needed for testing a Few different brands of Coco soft drinks View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed to analyze the Alicyclobacillus present in juice beverages. View More

ISO Canada Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for CO2 pressure testing on beverages, PSI or Bar pressure required on 2 20C...o... View More

Georgia or Tennessee preferred Analytical Food Laboratory needed for ICP-MS testing for Lead and Arsenic on nutritional supplements, food products and... View More

ISO Laboratory needed to test caffeine in different energy drinks. View More

Asia ISO 9001 or ISO17025 Physical Laboratory needed for ISO 5011 Filter Testing
Air Filter
ISO 5011 Life, Eff and Restriction

Fuel Filter
S... View More

India FDA GMP and ISO analytical chemistry laboratory for nutritional testing of beverages like milk and fruit juices after adding natural supplements... View More

Texas Nutritional Laboratory required for calorie test of 5 liquid samples (alcohol beverages). View More

Toxicology Laboratory needed for toxicity testing of scrap Chinese Elm Stock to make cutting boards (for food and beverages use). Prior to doing this... View More

University needs US FDA GMP, California Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for nutritional testing to measure calories of beverages. View More

UK Small soft drink manufacturer needs a UKAS food analytical chemistry and microbiology laboratory for stability testing beverage using sitka spruce ... View More

Canada or USA Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to test the carbonization in between 2 energy drinks one made in USA and one in Canada, we n... View More

Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for osmolality testing on beverages View More

Food analytical chemistry lab needed for testing the osmolarity (mOsmol/L) of different beverages View More

Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed to test alcolholic beverages for thujone content in ppm. View More

Food Analytical Chemsitry laboratory needed to analyze GLYCEROL ESTER OF WOOD ROSIN IN BEVERAGES. We have developed a GC method for this analysis.

View More

Food Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for HAACP Certification for beverages; non-carbonated flavored drinks, spring water. View More

Toxicology laboratory needed to test drinks that have been dosed to see if any kind of toxicity especially sedatives are present. These drinks are rem... View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for clinical testing of a nutraceutical formulation for anti-aging of the skin. It will be sold for internal use only,... View More

FDA GMP food analytical laboratory needed for nutritional testing for caffeine in soft energy drinks View More

ISO food microbiology laboratory needed for testing beverages(Soft drink industries) View More

FDA, ASTM, GMP, GLP Food laboratory needed for vitamin and mineral testing of fruit juice beverages for vitamin and mineral differences due to differe... View More

Analytical food laboratory in Australia needed for GC analysis Ethanol determination in Beverages View More

California Food laboratory needed for analytical testing of Osmolarity of several sports drinks. View More

Testing to AOAC procedures 983.12 and 982.10 for determining ethanol %ABV on carbonated spirit beverages. Must be performed by AOAC /TTB methods 98... View More