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    Most Recent power and energy Laboratory Testing Requests

    Below are 48 of some of the most recent power and energy Laboratory Testing Requests that we have received from companies, governments and organizations looking for power and energy laboratories and scientific research facilities to perform their power and energy Testing, Scientific Research, Analysis, Assay, Product Development, Certifications, Inspections. Does your company need a laboratory for lab testing or science research projects? Save time and money searching! Use our Lab Assistant to find contract test laboratories or contract research facilities. Submit Lab Testing Requests

New Pulsed Power Resistor Evaluation

Electrical Compliance Laboratory needed for evaluation of a new pulsed powe... (view details)

Transformer Endurance Testing

Large Electrical Company needs Contract Laboratory for endurance test on a ... (view details)

Laboratory with Explosive Atmosphere Capabilities

Third-Party Contract Laboratory needed with explosive atmosphere capabilit... (view details)

EPA.ANSI Earplug and Earmuff Testing

Contract Test Laboratory needed for EPA and ANSI testing of earmuffs and e... (view details)

Steel Shutters Fire Rating Testing

Contract testing laboratory needed for a 120min fire rating test on a steel... (view details)

LED Lighting LM 79 Testing Report

Power and Energy Company needs Laboratory for LED Lighting testing for the ... (view details)

Indonesia Instrument Transformer Testing

Instrument transformer testing facility in Indonesia (view details)

IEEE Capacitors Testing

We are looking for a one off test capacitors for following standards:
IEEE... (view details)

Energy Power Consumption Studies on New Energy Efficiency Devices

START-UP New Energy Efficiency Company needs Electrical Laboratory to run s... (view details)

$10,000 BUDGET APPROVED Electrical Comparison of Test Devices

$10,000 BUDGET APPROVED Energy Company needs Electrical Laboratory for comp... (view details)

DoD F-24 Fuel Cat 1k Testing

Oil Laboratory needed for fuel testing/ Cat 1k test on F-24 fuel for submis... (view details)

Flammability Testing of Cast Coils

OEM Transformer Manufacturer looking for laboratory to carry out IEC fire t... (view details)

SASO Lead Battery Testing

Electrical Laboratory needed for SASO Certification Testing of lead starter... (view details)

Aluminum Clamps Lightning Current Testing

Electrical Laboratory needed for BS EN testing of Aluminium profile Clamps... (view details)

Microbial Diversity and Density

Large Government Organization needs Continental USA (CONUS)Environmental Mi... (view details)

IEC Ground Enhancing Materials Testing

Solar Energy Company needs Electric Laboratory for IEC Testing to IEC62561... (view details)

IEC Lightning Protection Testing

Electrical Laboratory needed for IEC Testing of Grounding Enhancement Mate... (view details)

Smokeless Gunpowder Testing

Licensed ffl 06 Manufacturer of Ammunition for Firearms.needs BallisticsLab... (view details)

Energy Output

Energy Company needs Central Europe Laboratory for testing a black box te... (view details)

Residential Electric Meter Accuracy Testing

Organization needs Southeast USA Independent Electrical Laboratory for resi... (view details)

Aerospace Adhesive Lifetime Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for lifetime testing of a new adhesive coating ... (view details)

Biodiesel Water Content Testing

Laboratory needed to measure water content in biodiesel with Karl fischer t... (view details)

Water Cationic Surfactants

Utilities Agency needs US Environmental Chemistry Laboratory for water test... (view details)

Low Voltage Distribution Board

Third-Party Electrical Laboratory needed for full test report for Low Volta... (view details)

Spark Arrester Efficiency

Electrical Laboratory needed for testing spark arrester efficiency. (view details)

Glass Transmission Properties

Optical Laboratory needed to determine the transmission properties of glass... (view details)

UL Plug/Receptacle Testing

Electrical lab neded for R&D testing on a plug/receptacle at 1,000VAC 3ph, ... (view details)

IEC Power Cable Connector Certification Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for IEC testing of compression and mechanical ... (view details)

IEC Lightning Protection Certification Testing

Company involved in the lightning protection and grounding business would l... (view details)

IEC Overhead Line Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for IEC Testing of overhead lines according to... (view details)

UL / CSA Marine Onboard Battery Charger Evaluation

Electrical Laboratory needed for UL and CSA Testing of marine onboard batte... (view details)

EMERGENCY INVESTIGATION: Study of Steel Metal Towers

URGENT: Due to recent emergency storm conditions, company is seeking Labor... (view details)

IEC Lightning Protection System Components Evaluation

Electrical Laboratory needed for IEC Evaluation of Lightning protection sys... (view details)

IEEE Substation Grounding Qualification

Electrical Laboratory needed for total IEEE Testing to IEEE 837-2014 IEEE S... (view details)

Resin IEC testing

Industrial Laboratory needed to perform the following IEC tests on resins: ... (view details)

Chemical Environmental Toxicology

Alternative Energy Company needs Environmental Toxicology Laboratory for c... (view details)

MIL-STD-810-Solar Radiation Testing

Heavy Duty Vehicle Manufacturer needs Laboratory for MIL-STD-810-Solar Radi... (view details)

HALT and Thermal Chamber Testing

High Tech Firm needs Laboratory with a HALT and thermal chamber to conduct ... (view details)


Radiochemistry Laboratory needed for testing off 120 Dosimeters (view details)

UL Photovoltaic Testing

Third-Party Laboratory needed for UL testing of Photovoltaic panels to UL27... (view details)

Copper Cathode Safety Testing

Power company needs electrical laboratory for electrical safety testing of ... (view details)

IEC surge immunity testing

Large Electrical Company needs Electrical Laboratory for IEC surge immunity... (view details)

EPA Semi-Volatile Organics Testing

Third-Party Laboratory needed for EPA testing of several semi-volatile orga... (view details)

Rectifer Regulator Load

Performance Laboratory needed for testing ten 60 Amp rectifier regulators ... (view details)

Certification of On-Grid Solar Inverter

Electrical Laboratory needed for EN and IEC certification testing of on-gri... (view details)

Stress Relief Testing

Large Industrial Company needs Physical Laboratory for stress relief testin... (view details)

Protein Molecular Weight

Biofuel company needs Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for molecular weight ... (view details)

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