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    Below are some examples of the most recent incoming oil and petroleum Laboratory Testing Requests that we have received from companies, governments and organizations looking for oil and petroleum laboratories and scientific research facilities to perform their oil and petroleum Testing, Scientific Research, Analysis, Assay, Product Development, Certifications, Inspections. Does your company need a laboratory for lab testing or science research projects? Save time and money searching! Use our Lab Assistant to find contract test laboratories or contract research facilities. Submit Lab Testing Requests

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N-methyl pyrrolidone NMP Base Oil Testing

Oil Laboratory needed for base oil testing for N-methyl pyrrolidone conten... (view details)

Pressure volume temperature (PVT) and Surface Sample analysis

Oil Laboratory needed for Pressure volume temperature (PVT) analysis PVT a... (view details)

Natural Gas Helium Testing

Energy Company needs Contract Test Laboratory for Trace (>0.01%) Helium tes... (view details)

Tar Viscosity Testing

Contract Analytical Laboratory needed for viscosity testing of a tar sample... (view details)

Tar Viscosity Testing

Advanced materials company needs Laboratory for viscosity testing of tar t... (view details)

EPA Six Pack Toxicology Testing

Large oil company needs Toxicology Laboratory for six pack toxicity testing... (view details)

ASTM Automotive Oil Treatment Testing

Oil Laboratory needed for ASTM oil treatment testing based on ASTM D6201 St... (view details)

ASTM Testing of Pipeline Coating

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of pipeline coating to the fol... (view details)

Indian Standards AP3 grease gel testing

Oil Laboratory needed for testing an AP3 grease gel to Indian Standards. . (view details)

Pipeline Polyurethane Insulation Aging Studies

Materials Laboratory needed for aging studies on polyurethane insulation us... (view details)

Gasoline ASTM Boiling Range Testing

Large Automotive Company needs Third-Party Laboratory for ASTM Testing to ... (view details)

ISO 17025 Lab Needed with Kinematic Viscosity in Scope of Accreditation

ISO 17025 Accredited Oil Laboratory needed that has Kinematic Viscosity acc... (view details)

Tungsten Ore Certified Assay

Third-Party Laboratory needed for certified assay done on tungsten ore. Can... (view details)

Liquid Lubricant Microbiology Bacterial Contamination Investigation Testing

USA Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbial bacterial contamination in... (view details)

Asphalt Roofing Restoration Product Development

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT New Technology Laboratory needed for assistance in deve... (view details)

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Studies on a New Eco-Material (hydrocarbon)

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Contract Research Laboratory needed for studies for th... (view details)

Oil Testing After Filtration

Oil Laboratory needed for oil testing after filtration. We would also incl... (view details)

Vapor Pressure Osmometry for Molecular Weight of Polymers

Large Oil Company needs Materials Laboratory for Vapor pressure osmometry f... (view details)

India NABL Lab needed for Grease Testing

India NABL approved oil laboratory needed for Grease as per Specification (view details)

ASTM Distilled Coal Tar Distillation Range Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of samples of Distilled coal t... (view details)

Beeswax Quality and Adulterants Lab Testing

Contract Test Laboratory needed for Beeswax quality and testing of possible... (view details)

Large Oil Company needs XRF Analysis

Large Oil Company needs Canada Laboratory for XRF analysis, carbon, hydrog... (view details)

Paper Wax Extraction and Lab Testing

Analytical Laboratory needed to conduct wax extraction from a waxed sheet o... (view details)

Characterization of Refractive Index of Oil and Rubber

Contract Laboratory needed to characterize the refractive index of oil samp... (view details)

DoD F-24 Fuel Cat 1k Testing

Oil Laboratory needed for fuel testing/ Cat 1k test on F-24 fuel for submis... (view details)

ASTM Natural Wax Dropping Point

Contract Test Laboratory needed for ASTM Analysis of dropping point of a sa... (view details)

Oil Laboratory needed for petrol analysis of ULG 95 (special) -Petrol:
1. ... (view details)

Essential Oil Analysis

India Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for analysis of 10 different t... (view details)

Bitumen Extract Testing

Oil Laboratory needed for bitumen extract testing of 25 bitumen samples for... (view details)

ASTM Fuel Additive Testing

Large Petroleum Company needs Oil Laboratory for ASTM fuel additive boiling... (view details)

Field Metallography and Replication

US Engineering Company needs Russia Federation Metallurgical Laboratory for... (view details)

ASTM Oil and Gas Testing

Oil Laboratory needed in both Utah and Colorado to perform ASTM chemical te... (view details)

ASTM Oil Sorbent Performance Testing

Oil Laboratory needed to perform ASTM testing for a number of products and ... (view details)

ASTM Lube Oil Testing

Oil Laboratory needed for ASTM Lube oil testing to ASTM 7419 , Standard Tes... (view details)

ASTM Softening Point Temperature

Large Oil Company needs Oil Laboratory with the ability to measure softenin... (view details)

Hydrocarbon Residue Cleaning Testing

Oil Laboratory needed for hydrocarbon residue testing after cleaning two me... (view details)

Glycerol Distillate Purity Testing

Oil Laboratory needed for purity testing of glycerol distillate by GC/MS or... (view details)

Compressive Testing

Off-shore oil drilling company needs UAE Physical Laboratory for compressiv... (view details)

ASTM Biodegradability Testing

Large Chemical Company needs Contract Analytical Laboratory for ASTM Biodeg... (view details)

ASTM Lube Basestock Testing

ISO 17025 Oil Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of lube basestocks to ASTM... (view details)

Petroleum and Fuel Vapor Pressure Testing

Small chemical company looking for USA Oil Company for vapor pressure testi... (view details)

Lubricant Po; Testomg

North Americal Oil Laboratory for lubricant testing to the following standa... (view details)

Sulfuric Acid Mercury Level

Refinery needs USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for mercury level testi... (view details)

Petroleum Hydrocarbon Testing

Oil Laboratory needed for testing sludge contaminated with crude oil for th... (view details)

Naphthalene Physical Properties

Large Chemical Company needs Oil Laboratory to provide a quote for the cost... (view details)

Lubrication Oil Analysis

Railway Company needs Large Oil Laboratory for pil analysis for lubrication... (view details)

Machinery Oil Analysis

Oil Laboratory needed for Discous Oil Analysis of Machinery Fundamentals lu... (view details)

H2S Scavenger Performance Testing

Independent Industrial Laboratory needed for performance testing of H2S Sc... (view details)

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