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100 Most Recent Lights and Lighting Laboratory Test Requests

Everyday, we receive new Laboratory Test Requests. These Lights and Lighting Laboratory Test Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking laboratories and lab suppliers for their projects.

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Electrical Sign Certification Testing

Electrical signage company needs Certification Laboratory for IEC certification of exit sign to the following testing requirements:

under the IEC ... View More

5 different HPS 600W bulbs Comparison Study

Electrical Laboratory needed for comparison study of 5 different HPS 600W bulbs for the following:

-CCT (k)
-Efficacy ... View More

Bamboo Light Fixture Weathering Testing

Laboratory needed for weathering testing of bamboo material utilized in light fixtures for exposure to all outdoor elements i.e. wind, rain, sun, etc... View More

Safety Lighting Temperature and Vibration Testing

Safety Lighting Manufacturer needs component tested for multiple temperature and vibration conditions View More

Flashlight Certification

Third-Party Laboratory needed for flashlight certifications on for lumens, etc. View More

LED Ingress Protection IP Certification

LED Lights Company needs Industrial Laboratory for IP44, IP65, and IP66 certification of 4 types of light products:
1. Downlights
2. Linear Lights ... View More

IEC Lighting Ballast Label Durability

Accredited Electrical Laboratory needed for IEC lighting ballast label durability test in accordance with ยง7.2 of IEC 61347-1 (2015 ed.) Standard Lamp... View More

Infrared Incandescent Bulb Performance Evaluation

Retailer need Electrical Laboratory for performance evaluation of infrared incandescent bulbs with a series of confirmatory specification tests done ... View More

LED Bulb Star Rating Testing

LONG-TERM Third-Party Laboratory needed for star rating of LED bulbs under IS 16102-1: Self - Ballasted LED Lamps for General Lighting Services, Part ... View More

UL Photovoltaic Testing

Third-Party Laboratory needed for UL testing of Photovoltaic panels to UL2703 Standard for Mounting Systems, Mounting Devices, Clamping/Retention Devi... View More

ANSI Flashlight Testing

Performance Laboratory needed for ANSI testing of a flashlight to ANSI/PLATO FL1, Flashlight Performance Guidelines. We need light output levels teste... View More

Lamp Fuel Burn Comparison Study

Laboratory needed to do benchmark/comparison testing of patio lamp fuels. We would like to test/video a number of patio lamps simultaneously, videoin... View More

BIS Compliance Vibration Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for vibration testing required as per IS 11037 Electronic type fan regulators including Clause no
Sweep frequ... View More

Automotive Lighting Systems

Industrial Laboratory needed for testing and evaluation of automotive lighting systems, lamps and mirrors. This testing includes assisting in the dev... View More

Lighting Manufacturer needs Consumer Products Laboratory for UL Certification Testing for chandelier. All components and wires and sockets are UL but ... View More

Lighting Manufacturer needs Laboratory for SAE candela measurements testing to SAE J845 Optical Warning Devices for Authorized Emergency, Maintenance... View More

Laboratory needed for measuring the light intensity of infrared glowsticks that are used by the military and police. View More

Polymers Laboratory needed for conducting an environmental simulation study on polycarbonate headlight lens of an led headlight for freezing rain and ... View More

Electrical Laboratory needed that is accredited to test in accordance to IEC 62287-1 Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems ... View More

Independent, Third-Party Laboratory needed for LED lighting performance comparison study for a couple of LED lighting products in order to make a qual... View More

Accredited laboratory recognized by certifying bodies needed for ANSI testing of metal halide quartz lamp to determine if it fullfills the demands fo... View More

Physical laboratory needed for basic drop/vibration ISTA testing of a lamp packaging in single parcel - 16. View More

Electrical laboratory needed for comparison study of two light products for distribution of light, light intensity, and energy output. View More

ISO laboratory for full electrical testing of LED , street lights and flood lights . View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Lighting manufacturer needs physical laboratory for SAE and NFPA certification testing of LED lighting products to SAE J595, SAE J8... View More

Large lighting company needs electrical laboratory for high voltage (10-12 kV) electrical fast transient testing. View More

Contract laboratory needed for accelerated product life testing on turnkey automation and lighting solutions used in hospitality industry. View More

Materials laboratory needed for ANSI Testing of LED Smart Film products to meet welding filter requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2015 table 6, American Nati... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Manufacturer needs Aerospace laboratory for FAA Testing of air field lighting transformers. View More

Electrical and lighting laboratory needed for ASTM-D 5470, ASTM E1461, MET 5.4-01-40000, IEC 61189-3-913:2016 thermal conductivity testing for both of... View More

Automotive laboratory needed for LED light intensity and color testing on a steering wheel. View More

Electrical laboratory needed for SAE compliance testing of optical warning devices used on authorized emergency, maintenance, and service vehicles to ... View More

Automotive laboratory needed for SAE testing of a device and components to SAE J575, Test Methods and Equipment for Lighting Devices for Use on Vehic... View More

Electrical laboratory needed for full scale testing of a LED light panel. View More

Materials Laboratory needed for optical testing of light diffuser sheet for Optical characteristics. View More

ANSI electrical laboratory needed for surge testing and certification of surge protective devices as per ANSI C 136.2 2014. View More

Lighting laboratory needed to test bulb insertion force for a T20 lighting socket.

View More

Physical laboratory needed for ANSI vibration testing of luminaries to ANSI standard ANSI C136.31:2010. View More

Environmental simulation laboratory needed for the testing of lamps including vibration tests shower tests and dust tests etc. View More

Automotive laboratory needed for VW Testing toVTL 956 (VW Test Requirements for reflectors View More

Third-Party Laboratory needed for Vibration test in accordance with standard ANSI C136.31 Standards for Roadway and Area Lighting Equipment, Luminair... View More

Lighting manufacturer needs testing of LED light fixture to certifiy that it meets cleanroom ISO-5 and also biosafety levels 1 and 2. View More

Long Term Testing: Lighting performance testing needed for LED T8 tubes to assure conformance with standards published by the manufacturer for their p... View More

Lighting test laboratory in Germany & Mexico needed for airline cabin LED lighting testing for DO 160G compliance View More

Automotive testing for back up lighting: SAE J593 View More

Certification laboratory needed for certification of a handheld hunting light to ANSI FL-1 flashlight testing standard View More




Independent laboratory needed for LED comparison study of 4 manufacturer's underwater LED light components to evaluate

Quality of construction ? ... View More

Electrical laboratory needed for Corrosion Resistance / Tensile Strength Testing (NIJ 0307.01) on 13 Samples x Metallic Handcuffs (technical specs pro... View More

Electrical Laboratory needed for Performance Testing / LED Testing on 05 Samples x Flashlights 0 (technical specs provided upon request).
View More

Lighting company needs optical laboratory needed for spectral transmittance measurement services. on quartz glass tubing 26mm I.D x 32mm O.D. (3mm wa... View More

Electrical Home appliance manufacturer needs Microbiology Laboratory for antimicrobial efficacy testing of UV-light on sterilization.
1. Textiles in... View More

Electrical Laboratory needed for Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL) and Tube Fluorescent Lights (TFL) Testing for Hg - Mercury weight measurements View More

Electrical Laboratory needed for IES Testing of LED Light fittings to Illuminating Engineering Society
of North America (IES), LM79 Approved Metho... View More

Electronics Laboratory needed for light testing to pass FCC part 15 , Radiofrequency Devices and CA Prop 65 before selling those products. View More

Laboratory needed that is capable of testing a 6 ft fluorescent tube from UV through the visible spectrum. The spectral analysis is preferred to be be... View More

Electrical certification laboratory needed for LED Testing for Certificate for CGT FLAT (LED Light Flat tube)
Length: 1 meter
1) Lumen Test (4PI)
... View More

Medical Device Microbiology laboratory needed for sterilization testing of operating room surgical light plastic handles at parameters:
? Tem... View More

Laboratory needed for National Electrical Manufacturers Association NEMA testing two LED modules to the 2005 NEMA TS 4, section 5, Display properties... View More

LED rechargeable night light designer is using a China manufacturer and needs Asia laboratory for certification testing. View More

Navigation company needs laboratory to ensure marine lighting navigation product is Intrinsically Safe..... View More

Metaullurgical Laboratory needed for trace mineral testing (elemental analysis) of sea salt View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for UVC Lighting system testing on Clostridium difficile and MRSA Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus View More

Contract Lab needed for handheld LED flashlight testing for lux and candela output. The test will include between 1 - 3 lights. The Flashlights will ... View More

Electrical compliance laboratory needed to test LED christmas lights to obtain certificate of conformity if christmas light pass safety test View More

USA Electrical Laboratory needed for UL certification testing of LED light assembly and complete electronic assembly imported from India. View More

Certification Laboratory needed for flashlight certification testing to ANSI FL-1, Flashlight Basic Performance Standard. Certification for our flas... View More

Laboratory needed for a lighting comparison study: light transmission testing to compare rifle scope light with 4 other products on the market. View More

ELectrical laboratory needed for IEC Compliance testing to IEC 62561-2 Document. The standard calls for marking tests, Ageing tests, Corrosion Tests, ... View More

Electrical Laboratory needed for light testing: testing of product to 810F standards of HAND HELD FLASH LIGHT / SEARCH LIGHT / TORCH LIGHT tested to M... View More

Electronics Laboratory needed for ANSI Testing. 5 samples tested to:
ANSI C12.1-2008 part Electric Meters Code for Electricity Metering a... View More

USA optical laboratory needed for need to light testing the light power and frequency of light output from a small molded light pipe View More