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New Laboratory Hygiene, Personal Care, and Toiletries Requests

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100 Most Recent Hygiene, Personal Care, and Toiletries Laboratory Test Requests

Everyday, we receive new Laboratory Test Requests. These Hygiene, Personal Care, and Toiletries Laboratory Test Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking laboratories and lab suppliers for their projects.

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OTC Therapeutic Mouthwash Formulation

Contract Analytical Laboratory needed for formulation of a OTC therapeutic mouthwash. View More

CPSC Baby Toothbrush Testing

CPSC Consumer Products Laboratory needed for (within the last year) CPC and supporting testing documentation for a baby toothbrush View More

Hair Inhibitor Serum Deformulation

Cosmetics Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for product deformulation / composition testing on an serum (oil based product) used asa hair inhib... View More

Condom Biological, Toxicity, Microbiology and Packaging Studies

Product Safety laboratory needed for ASTM and ISO testing of a liquid applying the following tests: ASTM D7661-10, Standard Test Method for Determini... View More

Ozone Forbidden Substances

Cosmetics Analytical Test Laboratory needed for certification of shaving cream and deodorant to certify there are no ozone forbidden substances under ... View More

Oral Care Product In-Vitro Product Efficacy

Oral care company needs USA Laboratory for in vitro efficacy testing of toothpastes, toothbrushes, flosses for the following:
- Anti-inflammatory ef... View More

ASTM Condom Compatibility Testing

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM Condom Testing to ASTM D7661-10 Standard Test Method for Determining Compatibility of Personal Lubricants wi... View More

Mouthwash Microbiological Challenge Testing

Personalcare Products Company needs Microbiology Laboratory for antibacterial microbiological challenge testing for a new ingredient for mouthwash. Th... View More

Sanitary Napkins Certificate of Analysis

India Laboratory needed for verification of certiificate of analysis testing on imported sanitary napkins products. View More

FDA GMP Personal Lubricant Laboratory Analyses

USA FDA GLP Medical Devices Laboratory needed for ASTM and USP personal lubricant testing for the following:

Osmolality USP<785>
Specifi... View More

Organic Sanitary Pads Labeling Claims, Dermal Toxicology, Product Safety Testing

Clinical Research Laboratory needed for multiple studies on organic cotton sanitary pads to support labeling claims or free from harmful chemicals, ab... View More

ASTM Healthcare Hand Wash Antimicrobial Efficacy Testing

Microbiology Laboratory needed for ASTM antimicrobial efficacy testing of 2 different antimicrobial handwashes :

a) Standard Test Method for Evalua... View More

ISO Medical Device Biocompatibility Studies

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ISO Biocompatibility and Toxicology Studies for an Intimate gel lubricant to ISO 10993 Biological evaluation of m... View More

ASTM Emesis Bags Comparison Study

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of 4-5 different brands of emesis bags for thickness according to ASTM D8136 Standard Test Method fo... View More

Skincare Products Stability Studies

Cosmetics Laboratory needed for real time and accelerated stability study testing of skincare products.
View More

Bamboo Toothbrush Product Safety Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for consumer product safety testing of bamboo toothbrushes with a handle made of bamboo and bristles made of nylon... View More

Dental Product Safety Studies

Medical Device Laboratory needed for product safety tstudies of dental product used to absorb saliva.

View More

Medical Device Certificate of Friction

Laboratory needed for Certificate of Friction COF testing of a polymer medical adhesive product. Testing to be performed in a reciprocal movement (bac... View More

Norovirus Testing

Large Consumer Products Manufacturer needs Microbiology Laboratory for norovirus testing View More

Toothpaste Testing

URGENT Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for toothpaste testing to confirm the ingredients. View More

Surgical Gown Comparison Study

Large Organization needs Medical Device Laboratory for comparison study on 3 or 6 Surgical gowns suppliers testing against BS EN 13795 , including Wet... View More

CCR Packaging Testing of Healthcare Caps and Jug Containers

Packaging Laboratory needed to perform testing to 16 CFR part 1700, Poison Prevention Packaging. Perform Test Protocol according to Canada Consumer ... View More

Toxicity of Menstrual Device

Medical Device Toxicology Laboratory needed for toxicity study testing for menstrual device. View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for virus penetration testing on latex condoms. View More

Clinical Research Laboratory needed for comparison study of 2 hair growth products for hair growth speed.

We want to test their hair growth product... View More

Skincare company needs dermatology clinical research laboratory for development of a protective cream for prolonged work in gloves that helps avoid ex... View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for testing to determine the percentages of each ingredient in a essential oil blend made with 4 ingredients. View More

START-UP Company with range of therapeutic products needs pricing for hypoallergenic testing to make the claims of hypoallergenic on it's products. . View More

Cosmetics clinical research laboratory needed for Human Repeat Insult Patch Test (HRIPT) for a cosmetic body cream. View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Microbiology laboratory needed for monthly antimicrobial efficacy testing of western red cedar leaf oil (essential oil). View More

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of condoms to ASTM D7661-10, Standard Test Method For Determining Compatibility of Personal Lubrican... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for American Dental Association ADA approved fluoride analysis for fluoride content in a toot... View More

Product Safety laboratory needed for toxicology and compliance testing of mosquito repellent to show conformance to FDA standards and safety to market... View More