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Everyday, we receive new Laboratory Test Requests. These Construction and Building Laboratory Test Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking laboratories and lab suppliers for their projects.

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Florida Fire Flame Retardant Compliance Testing

Large Corporation needs Independent Laboratory for Florida fire flame retardant compliance testing of felt sound/echo reduction panels. View More

ASTM Fence Panel and Post Testing

USA Construction Laboratory needed for ASTM Fence Panel and Post Testing including to ASTM D149 (Dielectric testing)
Fence Panels, Posts, ASTM G154 c... View More

Granite Testing

Geology Laboratory needed for granite testing to allow for exports to European and Asian standards.

View More

Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) Adhesive Bond Strength

Large corporation needs Materials Laboratory for Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) testing of adhesive bond strength on Transportation Safety... View More

Facility Combustible Dust Analysis

Large Mechanical Contracting Company needs Industrial Hygiene Laboratory for combustible dust analysis at a company's facility View More

Bamboo Light Fixture Weathering Testing

Laboratory needed for weathering testing of bamboo material utilized in light fixtures for exposure to all outdoor elements i.e. wind, rain, sun, etc... View More

Carpet Dye Fastness Testing

Housing Development Office needs Textile Laboratory for carpet dye fastness testing. View More

ASTM Industrial Testing

Large Industrial Manufacturing Company needs Laboratory for ASTM Testing to the following standards:
ASTM C1304 - Odor emission
ASTM C1338 - Fungi ... View More

Surface Antibacterial Resistance Testing

USA Microbiology Laboratory needed for Antibacterial Resistance Testing of door handle surface in compliance with the US requirements.
View More

Bulk Powder Analysis

Large Construction Building Materials Company needs Laboratory for Chemical/Physical Properties of a Bulk Powder Sample analysis:

Upper/lower flamm... View More

BS Modular Wiring Testing

Electrical Laboratory needed for modular wiring products tested and certificated to BS8488 Prefabricated wiring systems intended for permanent connect... View More

ASTM Polyurethane Foam Panel Testing

Third-Party Polymer Laboratory needed for ASTM physical testing on 0.5 thick, high density, rigid for the following:

Compressive Strength - ... View More

DIN PVC Gutter Systems Testing

Large Construction Materials Manufacturer needs Industrial Laboratory for DIN testing of plastic polyvinyl chloride PVC gutter systems to DIN EN 607 E... View More

ASTM Thermal Insulation Testing

URGENT SASO Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of thermal insulation panel to ASTM E2430 Standard Specification for Expanded Polystyrene (E... View More

ISO Polyvinyl Chloride uPVC Piping Testing

Accredited Laboratory needed for ISO testing of uPVC pipes as per ISO 1452-2:2009 standard Plastics piping systems for water supply and for buried and... View More

Door Insulation Value

Construction Materials Laboratory needed for door testing to certify the insulation U value. View More

Concrete Block Fire Rating

Europe Construction Materials Laboratory needed for fire rating test of concrete blocks. View More

Granite Stone Testing

Geology Laboratory needed for granite stone testing for iron. The granite is from a granite driveway that has what appear to be iron stains coming up... View More

PLM Polarized Light Microscopy Methods

USA Materials Laboratory needed Polarized Light Microscopy Methods PLM analysis of materials for asbestos content by an NATA associated laboratory in ... View More

Cured Rubber Electrical Properties

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to determine the electrical properties of cured rubber to ASTM D 991, D 257 Standard Test Methods for DC ... View More

fiberglass / Glassfiber reinforced plastic FRP/GRP pipes

Laboratory needed for ASTM testing on fiberglass / Glassfiber reinforced plastic FRP/GRP pipes needed for oil and gas project
1. Full regression test... View More

ASTM Rubber Flooring Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of rubber flooring to the following ASTM Standards:
ASTM E1354
ASTM D2047
ASTM F... View More

ASTM Construction Materials Dry Wall Tape

Construction Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of dry wall tape for the following parameters
1. Peel test
2.Shear test
3.Tack test
4.Tensile t... View More

20 Minute Fire Rating Door Evaluation

Performance Laboratory needed for in field fire rating testing of two doors and frames tested for 20 minutes fire rated doors View More

ASTM Pipe Fittings Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for ASTM tubes and pipe fittings testing to ASTM F 1387 test certification for my instrumentation fittings (Tube & Pipe ... View More

PVC Flexible Vinyl Sheets

Materials Laboratory needed to determine the content and its percentages in flexible Polyvinyl chloride vinyl (pvc) View More

Door Frame Fire Rating

Third-Party Laboratory needed for fire rating of fire rated door frame and door.
View More

ANSI Garage Door U-Factor

Performance Laboratory needed for ANSI/DASMA garage door testing for U-Factor to ANSI/DASMa 105. The U-Factor is the overall heat transfer coefficient... View More

Protective Paint Corrosion

Tests according ISO 12944-1:2018-06 Paints and varnishes -- Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems -- Part 5: Protective... View More

Stone Wool Insulation Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for NRC for stone wool insulation.

the product we want to test is  120kgs/m³ x 100mm thickness Board
1200(L) x ... View More

ASTM Roofing Elastomeric Coating

Elastomeric Coating to ASTM D6083 Standard Specification for Liquid Applied Acrylic Coating Used in Roofing View More

ASTM Insulation Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of insulation to ASTM E2430 Standard Specification For Expanded Polystyrene (?EPS?) Thermal Insulation Bo... View More

Composite Rebar Materials Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for full testing on composite rebars. Please provide prices View More

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) and Sound Transmission Coefficient (STC)

Engineering Company needs NABL accredited Laboratory for Acoustics Laboratory for Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) and Sound Transmission Coeffici... View More

Coatings Anti-Carbonation Certification

Third-Party Laboratory needed for anti-carbonation certification testing of exterior paint coating View More

AASHTO Concrete Thermal Expansion

AASHTO T 336 AASHTO T336 Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Hydraulic Cement Concretetest on JPCP View More

Polymer Coating Films ASTM Testing

Polymer Company needs Materials Laboratory for ASTM testing of polymer coating films to a) solar Reflectance as per ASTM E 903 and b) as per ASTM E 1... View More

ASME Fiberglass Product FRP

Large Manufacturer needs Physical Laboratory for ASME testing of Fiberglass Product FRP for the following:
Lap shear test
Compress test
Glass con... View More

ANSI Flooring Testing

Laboratory needed for ANSI Testing of flooring to ANSI B101.1 Dynamic Coefficient of Friction DCOF Slip Resistance View More

Glass Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for glass testing for the below mentioned details
1. Thickness ,
2. Light Stability
3. Boil Test,
4. Penetration Tes... View More

Noise Reduction Coefficient NRC acoustical testing

Construction Company needs Laboratory needed for Noise Reduction Coefficient NRC acoustical testing of acoustical roof decking that needs to meet a ce... View More

Sound Absorption Evaluation

URGENT / PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Materials Laboratory needed for sound absorption testing of acoustical diffuser-absorber panel, Panel is 48x24, compos... View More

Roof Waterproofing Sheet Impact Resistance

Large Corporation needs Construction Laboratory to perform resistance to impact testing by the European Standard EN-12691 Flexible sheets for waterpro... View More

CNAS/ NATA Accredited Testing Facility

CNAS/ NATA Accredited Construction Materials Testing Facility needed for BS Glass impact test based on BS EN356 Glass in building. Security glazing. T... View More

Color Fastness Testing of Carpet

Third-Party Laboratory needed for color fastness testing of carpet of
a) Carpet floor
b) Cover floor carpet

View More

Quote for Rock Solar Reflectance

Construction Materials Company needs Geology Laboratory for solar reflectance index testing for rocks used on terraces. View More

ASTM Natural Stone

Natural Stone Supplier needs Laboratory for ASTM testing of natural stones including marble to ASTM standards for US based customer.. View More

Athletic Sports Floor Testing

Performance Laboratory needed for ASTM and DIN testing of wood athletic flooring to DIN 18032 Part II for wood athletic subfloor system and ASTM F2772... View More

Failure Analysis of Adhesive

Materials Laboratory needed for failure analysis of construction materials adhesive that moisture has infiltrated compared to the same adhesive in id... View More

Integral Crystalline Water Proofing

Environmental Simulation Laboratory needed for complete concrete product testing by integral crystalline water proofing Tests like crystal growth thr... View More

Aviation Carpet Testing

Aerospace laboratory needed for aviation (textiles) carpet testing to BSS 7313 Boeing Edge Binding Strength. View More

Plastic Louvers Testing

Third-Party Laboratory needed for Plastic Louvers testing for UL category FTTA (Environmental-rated Accessories for Enclosures) approval to satisfy th... View More

Asbestos Testing

Environmental Chemistry Laboratory needed for Asbestos Testing View More

Acoustics proficiency tests for accreditation

ISO 17025 Materials Laboratory needed acoustics proficiency testing to the following ISO Standards:

(1) ISO 354 Measurement of sound absorption in ... View More

ANSI Polymer Membrane Testing

Construction Materials Laboratory needed for ANSI testing of flexible polymer membrane material for construction. to ANSI 118.10 certification require... View More

Paint Anti-Viral Efficacy

Large corporation needs NABL Microbiology Laboratory for anti viral efficacy of paint against certain viruses. View More

ASTM Thermal Insulation

Company needs Materials Laboratory to provide a quote for ASTM Thermal Insulation Testing to ASTM C1136 Standard Specification for Flexible, Low Perme... View More

ASTM and ASME Architectural Natural Stone Testing

Cpnstruction Materials Laboratory needed for Architectural Natural Stone testing to multiple ASTM and ASME Standards including:those referenced in the... View More

ASTM Building Materials Testing

Construction Laboratory needed for ASTM testing to ASTM E2178 Standard Test Method for Air Permeance of Building Materials

View More

Building Materials Standards Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for plastics testing.
1. NFP 92 503 Electrical burner test used for flexible materials thickness no more than 5mm
2. NF... View More

Cement Testing

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for chemical testing for clinker using EN method 196-2 Method of testing cement View More

Construction Inspection

Construction Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM E 329 - Standard Specification for Agencies Engaged in Construction Inspection, Testing, or Sp... View More

Concrete Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM C1077 - 17
Standard Practice for Agencies Testing Concrete and Concrete Aggregates for Use in C... View More

Prefinished Plywood Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for prefinished plywood testing of abrasion & Scratch resistance, resistance to chemicals, cold,heat, hardness, etc.

... View More

Light Reflectance Values

Engineering Firm needs Materials Laboratory for ASTM Light Reflectance Value Testing to ASTM E1347 - 06(2015)
Standard Test Method for Color and Co... View More

Polymer Composite Sheet Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Materials Laboratory needed for acoustics properties and sound absorption evaluation of polymer composite sheets of size (250 mm X ... View More

Car Canopy Frame Testing

Physical Laboratory needed for joint testing for a car canopy space frame that is made using new joining method. Testing to be similiar to the type of... View More

Construction Laboratory needed for testing and certification of flameproof building materials made from resin and recycled cardboard and/or paper incl... View More

Lighting Manufacturer needs Consumer Products Laboratory for UL Certification Testing for chandelier. All components and wires and sockets are UL but ... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for infrared transmittance testing on on laminated glass. View More

Large Construction Materials Company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for phenol purity testing. View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Construction Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of insulating sheets and tubes to ASTM C534 Standard Specification for Pre... View More

Construction Laboratory needed for asbestos testing of fiber insulation shearing. View More

Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for child safety testing of several push and turn containers View More

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM C423 Sound absorption and Fire ASTM testing View More

Construction Laboratory needed for ANSI dry grout physical testing to two ANSI Standards 118.3 Latex Fortified Cement Based Grout: and 118.4 Modifi... View More

Consumer Safety Laboratory needed for safety cap testing of tree post T post / Rebar
View More

ISO 17025 Laboratory needed for sports floor testing to DIN 18032 SPORTS HALLS - HALLS AND ROOMS FOR SPORTS AND MULTI-PURPOSE USE - PART 1: PLANNING ... View More

Laboratory needed for UL compliance testing of regulators to UL 252.Standard for Compressed Gas Regulator Accessories Inlet pressures up to 110bar View More

Geology Laboratory needed to carry out Saturate, Aromatic, Resin and Asphaltene SARA analysis and ash content on minerals. View More

Engineering company needs Materials Laboratory for testing liquid product to ASTM and ANSI Test Standards: who tests ANSI 118.10, For Load Bearing, Bo... View More

Materials laboratory needed for ANSI and ASTM testing of liquid membranes to ANSI 118.10, For Load Bearing, Bonded, Waterproof Membranes for Thin-Set ... View More

Construction laboratory needed for weld failure analysis and root cause analysis of seam failures of Air Supported Structure buildings that are produc... View More

INDIVIDUAL Materials laboratory needed for quality and composition testing of pure rock-wool insulation View More

Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of gypsum as per ASTM C471M - Standard Test Methods for Chemical Analysis of Gypsum and Gypsum Products View More

NATA accredited construction materials laboratory needed to perform a Flame Index Test to ASTM E84, Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Charact... View More

Laboratory needed for FMVSS and ASTM burn resistance testing of safety sheet vinyl flooring in accordance with FMVSS 302 and/or ASTM D5132-04 . The F... View More

Laboratory needed for complete failure analysis of bolts that failed ASTM F3125/F3125M-15a, Standard Specification for High Strength Structural Bolts,... View More

Construction materials laboratory needed for ASTM testing of Calacatta Marble as per ASTM C 503,Standard Specification for Marble Dimension Stone. View More

Construction laboratory needed for environmental simulation / accelerated weathering testing of Exterior Grade High Pressure Laminates HPL as per EN-... View More

Metals laboratory needed for destructive testing of stainless steel tie down fixture, two component estimated break of the weakest link 30,000 Lbs. of... View More

Construction laboratory needed for ASTM testing of floor covering system using radiant heat energy source to 2 ASTM standards

ASTM E 648, Standard... View More

Construction laboratory needed to examine the bonding performance of an adhesive and PVC flooring product combination. View More

Construction materials laboratory needed for physical testing of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Reinforcing Bar including 160 samples tested for durab... View More

Hardscape company needs geology laboratory needed for testing rock used for housing yards and roads to confirm absence of harmful materials. View More

Construction materials company for agriculture needs polymer laboratory to test content analysis of PVC View More

URGENT Physical laboratory needed for ASTM composite testing to test method of ASTM E 756: Vibration Dampening Testing

The testing sample will be ... View More

University researcher needs acoustics laboratory for sound absorptivity testing and thermal conductivity testing of a composite material. View More

Building company needs construction materials laboratory for waterproof / resistance testing on windows. View More