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    Most Recent Agriculture Laboratory Testing Requests

    Below are 48 of some of the most recent Agriculture Laboratory Testing Requests that we have received from companies, governments and organizations looking for Agriculture laboratories and scientific research facilities to perform their Agriculture Testing, Scientific Research, Analysis, Assay, Product Development, Certifications, Inspections. Does your company need a laboratory for lab testing or science research projects? Save time and money searching! Use our Lab Assistant to find contract test laboratories or contract research facilities. Submit Lab Testing Requests

Fertilzer TVA Dissolution Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed for TVA dissolution test on Controlled Releas... (view details)

Crude Peanut Oil Testing

ISO 17025 Accredited Contract Laboratory needed for the following tests on... (view details)

Accredited ISO Saffron Testing

Accredited Food Laboratory needed for ISO testing of Saffron according to ... (view details)

Sugar In Vivo Glycemic Index Study

Clinical Research Laboratory needed for in vivo glycemic index GI study t... (view details)

Honey Phenol and Pyrrolizidine Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for honey testing for the total phenol content t... (view details)

Avocado Finished Product Persin Testing

Food Laboratory for Persin testing via LC-MS or GC-MS in an avocado based p... (view details)

USDA and European Standards Honey Testing

Organic Food Company needs accredited Food Laboratory for USDA and European... (view details)

Honey Pollination Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Agriculture Laboratory needed for honey testing: Biologic... (view details)

Honey USDA Testing

USA or Canada Food / Agriculture Laboratory needed for full USDA testing of... (view details)

CBD Product Pesticide Analysis

Agriculture Laboratory needed for pesticide testing of a powder sample of C... (view details)

Honey Oxalyix Acid Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for honey testing for the amount of Oxalyic Acid... (view details)

UK Agriculture / Ecology Mobile Laboratory Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING UK Mobile laboratory needed for analysis and estimate eco... (view details)

Honey Test Method Validation

Government needs certified laboratory needed that can send honey samples in... (view details)

Saffron Quality Research Studies

Europe Agriculture Laboratory needed for saffron quality testing studies. ... (view details)

Spent Grain AAFCO Heavy Metal Testing

FDA Food Laboratory needed for AAFCO heavy metal testing on spent grain tha... (view details)

Magnesium Oxide Sample Rate of Hydration Comparison Study

Chemical Manufacturer needs Analytical Laboratory needed to conduct experim... (view details)

Complete Cocoa Beans Quality Testing

Food Manufacturer needs Agriculture / Food Laboratory for complete cocoa be... (view details)

Kenyan Standard Biochar Testing

Third-Party Laboratory needed for Biochar testing to Standard: KS2356 (Keny... (view details)

Honey Purity Testing

Food Laboratory needed for purity testing of honey. (view details)

ISO Saffron Extract Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed for ISO Crocins and Safranal assay determinat... (view details)

Animal Feed, Raw Material and Premix Analysis

Agriculture Laboratory needed for animal feed, raw material and premix test... (view details)

Iron-biochar Surface Morphology Adsorptive Property Analysis

Contract Laboratory needed for surface morphology analysis of an iron-bioc... (view details)

Honey Pesticide, Oxalic Acid and Contaminant Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed for honey testing for pesticides, oxalic acid... (view details)

Honey Floral Source

Farm needs Agriculture Laboratory to determine the floral source of honey s... (view details)

Food Oxalate Testing

Food Analytical Laboratory needed for oxalates testing in food (mushroom ex... (view details)

Agriculture Soil Testing for 110 Parameters

LONG-TERM TESTING Agriculture Laboratory needed for agri soil testing for a... (view details)

Coconut Sugar Glycemic Index Testing

Food Analytical Laboratory needed for glycemic index testing for coconut su... (view details)

EPA GLP Environmental Toxicology Studies

EPA GLP Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for in vivo toxicology s... (view details)

Soy Hull Fiber Phthalates Analysis

Contract Analytical Laboratory needed for phthalates analysis on soy hull f... (view details)

Honey Nectar Source Determination

Food Laboratory needed for the complete analysis of nectar sources of honey... (view details)

Biofertilizer Proficiency Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed for Proficiency Testing of biofertilizer. Di... (view details)

Enzyme Activity Analysis

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed to measure enzyme activity of .
Protein, T... (view details)

Honey Adulteration Testing

Company would like a Food Laboratory for Honey Testing (and possibly oth... (view details)

Contract Lab for Honey Testing

Contract Test Laboratory needed for honey testing for its quality, floral s... (view details)

Aluminum Phosphide Tablet Testing

ContractTest Laboratory needed for analytical testing Aluminium phosphide 5... (view details)

Food Lab Needed for Raw Honey Testing Before and After Oxalic Acid Vaporization

Food Laboratory needed for testing four samples of RAW Honey
To determine... (view details)

FDA New Dietary Supplement Material Evaluation of Grape Pomace

FDA Laboratory needed for New Dietary Supplement Material Evaluation of gr... (view details)

Colchicine Purity and Bioactivity Testing

BUDGET APPROVED Large Corporation needs to have 2 samples of colchicine tes... (view details)

Mannan or Mannose Testing

Laboratory needed to test 3-5 powdered samples of Mannan or Mannose as Mann... (view details)

Long Term Testing of fermented and dried cocoa beans

LONG-TERM TESTING Laboratory needed for testing Cacao fermented and dried... (view details)

Saffron Flower Quality Testing

Food Laboratory needed for quality testing of a few samples of Saffron flow... (view details)

Cocoa Bean Cadmium Analysis

Exporting company needs Food Laboratory needed for cadmium amount analysis... (view details)

Monthly Kratom Alkaloid, Heavy Metal and Salmonella Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Contract Test Laboratory needed for monthly testing of 10... (view details)

Canadian Standards Honey Grade and Quality Testing

Canada Agriculture / Food Laboratory needed for honey testing for grade, qu... (view details)

Certification Laboratory needed for Olive Oil Authenticity Testing

Large Food Company needs Agriculture Laboratory for olive oil authenticity ... (view details)

Agriculture Lab for ISO Saffron Grading

Agriculture Laboratory needed for ISO grading of saffron to ISO 3632 Spices... (view details)

Egg Farm needs Laboratory for Egg Spot Identification

Egg Farm needs Agriculture Laboratory for identification of black spots on ... (view details)

Milled Flax Lab Tests

Agriculture Laboratory needed for the following lab tests on milled flax: ... (view details)

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