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    Below are 48 of some of the most recent agriculture Laboratory Testing Requests that we have received from companies, governments and organizations looking for agriculture laboratories and scientific research facilities to perform their agriculture Testing, Scientific Research, Analysis, Assay, Product Development, Certifications, Inspections. Does your company need a laboratory for lab testing or science research projects? Save time and money searching! Use our Lab Assistant to find contract test laboratories or contract research facilities. Submit Lab Testing Requests

Food Ingredient Authenticity Testing

Large food company needs Canada Food Laboratory for authenticity testing on... (view details)

Contract Lab for Honey Testing

Contract Test Laboratory needed for honey testing for its quality, floral s... (view details)

Dahlia Disease Testing

University Researcher needs Environmental Laboratory for Dahlia disease tes... (view details)

Aluminum Phosphide Tablet Testing

ContractTest Laboratory needed for analytical testing Aluminium phosphide 5... (view details)

Food Lab Needed for Raw Honey Testing Before and After Oxalic Acid Vaporization

Food Laboratory needed for testing four samples of RAW Honey
To determine... (view details)

ASTM Biodegradability of Floral Foam

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM biodegradability of floral foam made w... (view details)

CBD Potency Testing

Contract Testing Laboratory needed for potency testing of cbd in products .... (view details)

FDA New Dietary Supplement Material Evaluation of Grape Pomace

FDA Laboratory needed for New Dietary Supplement Material Evaluation of gr... (view details)

Cannabindole distalate testing

Oregon Contract Research and Development R&D Laboratory needed for Cannabin... (view details)

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Mosquito Repellant Efficacy Studies

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Contract Laboratory needed for mosquito repellant effic... (view details)

Colchicine Purity and Bioactivity Testing

BUDGET APPROVED Large Corporation needs to have 2 samples of colchicine tes... (view details)

Mannan or Mannose Testing

Laboratory needed to test 3-5 powdered samples of Mannan or Mannose as Mann... (view details)

Saponins Testing

I'm in the need of a lab that can test 3 samples for Saponins by any method... (view details)

Long Term Testing of fermented and dried cocoa beans

LONG-TERM TESTING Laboratory needed for testing Cacao fermented and dried... (view details)

Cocoa Bean Quality Studies

Laboratory needed to perform two studies to support the quality of cocoa be... (view details)

Saffron Flower Quality Testing

Food Laboratory needed for quality testing of a few samples of Saffron flow... (view details)

Cocoa Bean Cadmium Analysis

Exporting company needs Food Laboratory needed for cadmium amount analysis... (view details)

Apiary Pollen and Bees for Pesticides

Apiary needs pollen and bees tested for pesticide from major commercial row... (view details)

Monthly Kratom Alkaloid, Heavy Metal and Salmonella Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Contract Test Laboratory needed for monthly testing of 10... (view details)

Beeswax Quality and Adulterants Lab Testing

Contract Test Laboratory needed for Beeswax quality and testing of possible... (view details)

Canadian Standards Honey Grade and Quality Testing

Canada Agriculture / Food Laboratory needed for honey testing for grade, qu... (view details)

Bee Honey Analysis for Nutrient Values and Purity

LONG-TERM TESTING USA Food Laboratory needed for Bee Honey analysis for nut... (view details)

Eastern Europe Genetics Lab Needed for Food GMO Testing

Eastern Europe Genetics Laboratory needed for Food genetically modified org... (view details)

Product Development Lab Needed for Plant Growing Device

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Environmental Laboratory needed for development studie... (view details)

Organic Honey Grading Testing

Food Laboratory needed for Organic Honey Grading Testing for pollen count,... (view details)

Food Lab for Honey Caustic Soda Testing

Food Laboratory needed for honey testing for caustic soda. (view details)

Children's Mosquito Patch Laboratory Efficacy Studies

Environmental Laboratory needed for efficacy testing of mosquito repellent... (view details)

Alcoholic Beverage Conifrmation Testing

Alcoholic beverages company needs Food Laboratory for confirmation testing ... (view details)

Certification Laboratory needed for Olive Oil Authenticity Testing

Large Food Company needs Agriculture Laboratory for olive oil authenticity ... (view details)


NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Food Laboratory needed for nutritional testing and ... (view details)

Agriculture Lab for ISO Saffron Grading

Agriculture Laboratory needed for ISO grading of saffron to ISO 3632 Spices... (view details)

Analytical Test Lab Needed for Honey Caustic Soda Analysis

Food Analytical Test Laboratory needed for caustic soda testing in honey (view details)

Contract Insect Research Study

Laboratory needed for creating a Study on a Closed System Transfer Device ... (view details)

ISO Saffron Quality Laboratory Testing

USA Food Laboratory needed for ISO quality testing on Saffron brought in f... (view details)

Ecoroof / green roof media testing

Environmental Laboratory needed for ecoroof/green roof media testing for p... (view details)

Food Lab needed for Cacao Bean Evaluation

Food Laboratory needed for organoleptic evaluation and cut test of cacao be... (view details)

Food Laboratory for Honey Quality Testing

Africa Food Laboratory needed for honey quality and properties testing (view details)

Egg Farm needs Laboratory for Egg Spot Identification

Egg Farm needs Agriculture Laboratory for identification of black spots on ... (view details)

Antibacterial Preparations In-Virto Sensitivites and MICs

Microbiology Laboratory needed for In vitro sensitivities and MICs for 4 ba... (view details)

Milled Flax Lab Tests

Agriculture Laboratory needed for the following lab tests on milled flax: ... (view details)

Mosquito Repellant Efficacy Study

EPA Environmental Laboratory needed for standard mosquito
Repellant and l... (view details)

Cannabigerolic Acid (CBGA)

Contract Laboratory needed for enzyme fixation on solid silica support usin... (view details)

CBD Oil Release Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Contract Test laboratories needed to do finished product ... (view details)

Light Bulb Mosquito Repellency Efficacy Testing

Electrical Company needs Laboratory for mosquito repellent testing for Ligh... (view details)

New Biopesticide Certificate of Analysis

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT US or Canada Contract Laboratory needed for new biopest... (view details)

Equestrian Safety and Efficacy Studies

USA Laboratory needed for safety and efficacy study of a line of 5 equestri... (view details)

CBD Distillate Purification/Remediation

LONG-TERM TESTING Contract Laboratory needed for CBD Oil purification/remov... (view details)

Groundnut Seed Testing

Large Corporation needs India Agriculture Laboratory for groundnut seeds te... (view details)

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