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Contract Laboratory has received the following pools and hot tubs Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These pools and hot tubs Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their pools and hot tubs Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a pools and hot tubs Laboratory, please Submit a pools and hot tubs Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Agilent Cary Eclipse Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

Laboratory Supplier needed to provide a quote for purchase of an Agilent Cary Eclipse Fluorescence Spectrophotometer x 1 unit inclusive shipping to S... View More

ASTM Combustible Dust MIT and MEC Testing

$2000 BUDGET APPROVED Contract Laboratory needed for ASTM MIT and MEC Testing of Combustible Dust according to the following standards:
MIT - ASTM E2... View More

Blood and Plasma Antimicrobial Drug Concentration

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for HPLC quantification of various antimicrobial drug concentrations (voriconazole, gentamicin, meropenum, colistin, a... View More

Digital Splitter RF Testing

Laboratory needed for RF Testing ANSI / SCTE 153 2016, Paragraph 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5 (Bandwidth, Passband Response, Insertion Loss, Return Loss, ... View More

Preclinical Hair Growth Study

Preclinical Contract Research Organization for hair growth study testing for determining hair growth using androgenic alopecia animal model.
1. Phot... View More

UAE Food Laboratory Partnership

LONG-TERM TESTING PARTNERSHIP United Arab Emirates Hotel is looking for UAE food laboratory to partner with to perform their restaurant's food testing... View More

ASTM Fence Panel and Post Testing

USA Construction Laboratory needed for ASTM Fence Panel and Post Testing including to ASTM D149 (Dielectric testing)
Fence Panels, Posts, ASTM G154 c... View More

Carotenoids Content Analysis

URGENT LONG-TERM PARTNERSHIP Aquaculture Company needs Accredited ISO 17025 recognized and specialized laboratory with EXTENSIVE experience in the det... View More

5 different HPS 600W bulbs Comparison Study

Electrical Laboratory needed for comparison study of 5 different HPS 600W bulbs for the following:

-CCT (k)
-Efficacy ... View More

ASTM Wastewater Analysis

Environmental Chemistry Laboratory needed for ASTM wastewater analysis for Mercury and Arsenic in the wastewater using an Atomic Absorption Spectroph... View More

Dried Fruit PSL

USA Laboratory needed that can conduct Photostimulated Luminescence (PSL) testing on 2-4 different types of dried fruit. Laboratory must be experience... View More

Phototherapy Mask Spectral Transmittance

Medical Device Safety Performance Laboratory needed for EN Spectral transmittance in the ultraviolet for phototherapy masks using the European Standar... View More

ISO Opthalmic Implant Intraocular Lenses Testing

Medical Device Laboratory needed to perform hydrolytic, biocompatibility, and photostability test for hydrophobic intraocular lenses as per ISO 11979 ... View More

ASTM Automotive Insulation Product Testing

USA Automotive Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of a series of automotive insulation products to ASTM C177 (Double-Sided Guarded Hot Plate). There ... View More

Laboratory Instrument Calibration

Contract Laboratory Service Provider needed for accredited calibration of the following laboratory Instrument: HOTTINGER BALDWIN INSTRUMENTSMODEL: HB... View More

Plant Food Product Certificate of Analysis

Plant Growth Food Company needs Biochemistry Laboratoryfor complete Certificate of Analysis testing including amino acid analysis
Alanine Ala (A)
A... View More

Hotel's Quality Control Food Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Large hotel chain needs large Food Laboratory for food safety and quality control testing on food raw materials cooked food, swabs t... View More

IEC Partial Discharge Testing

Electrical Laboratory needed for IEC partial discharge testing of electronic component optocouplers to IEC 60747-5-5 Semiconductor devices - Discrete ... View More

ASHRAE Refrigeration Oils Testing

Large Corporation needs Third-Party Laboratory for ASHRAE Testing of refrigeration oils for sealed glass tube test as per latest ASHRAE-97 test proce... View More

UL Photovoltaic Testing

Third-Party Laboratory needed for UL testing of Photovoltaic panels to UL2703 Standard for Mounting Systems, Mounting Devices, Clamping/Retention Devi... View More

Pharmaceutical Excipient Analysis by Capillary Viscometer

URGENT / LONG-TERM TESTING - US FDA cGMP Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to analyse one of the excipient sample by Capillary vis... View More

Hot Sauce Testing

Food Laboratory needed for nutritional testing of four bottled hot sauce View More

Product Development Test Method Development

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Consumer Products Laboratory needed for Method Development for laundry stains/testing
3 stains X 3 reps = 9 stains + 3 stains (... View More

ASTM Coating Testing - ASTM D4086, ASTM E1477, ASTM E1347.

Materials Laboratory needed for fiberglass pool.coating testing to 3 ASTM Standards ( ASTM D4086, ASTM E1477, ASTM E1347) to determine a dry lightness... View More

ASTM Pool Net Specification Testing

Performance Laboratory needed for ASTM testing on pool nets to ASTM F 1346-91, Standard Performance Specification for Safety Covers and Labeling Re... View More

Complex Sample Matrix

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to analyse the content of chlorine dioxide in chlorine dioxide solutions for disinfectant purposes.

The prod... View More

Electronic Component XSP

Third-Party Laboratory needed for XSP ( x-ray photo-electron spectroscope) for testing for surface contamination for electronic components View More

Electron Microscopy Images of Coral

Consumer Products Company needs Analytical Laboratory for Electron microscopy photographs of several different coral sand samples. View More

The Effects of Moisture on 3D Printing

Polymer Laboratory needed for conducting study on how moisture can affect the 3D printing process and/or mechanical process of photo-active resins. Mo... View More

Large Manufacturer needs Materials Laboratory for forensic X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy XPS to determine the of particle contamination in a produ... View More

Food Laboratory needed for quality testing of saffron by spectrophotometry View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Metallurgical Laboratory needed to heat treat spooled silver-plated copper wire on nickel-plated copper-clad steel spools (3.5 in di... View More

Healthcare Manufacturer needs materials laboratory which is capable of luminescence testing on afabric coated in photo-luminescent liquid. Laboratory ... View More

Cosmetics Clinical Research Laboratory needed for Clinical Efficacy testing on an Eye Lash Product including:
1. 25-30 subjects
2. 30 day study with... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for the following analyses in cigarette filter material:

Citrate analysis
Determination of Diethylene glyco... View More

URGENT / LONG-TERM TESTING Materials Laboratory needed to measure the AR coating on windows and lenses at 1590 and 1877 nm in the 0.05 - 0.2% range b... View More

Independent, Third-Party Laboratory needed for LED lighting performance comparison study for a couple of LED lighting products in order to make a qual... View More

START-UP Food Manufacturing Factory needs food laboratory for nutritional testing of hot chili sauce and spice mix View More

Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry laboratory needed for USP Testing to USP 39 Volume 3 monograph for Mangafodipir TriSodium Test for Excess Manganes... View More

Construction laboratory needed for weld failure analysis and root cause analysis of seam failures of Air Supported Structure buildings that are produc... View More

ISO/IEC 17025 Automotive laboratory needed for resin testing to Mercedes Standard DBL 7384:2015: Supply Specification Coating of plastic parts in vehi... View More

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Polymer laboratory needed for product development of hot glue product from photopolymer waste material View More

Toxicology laboratory needed for performing phototoxicity studies of nanoparticles to investigate whether gold nanoparticles may interfere with the N... View More

Laboratory needs technical service company for Temperature and Humidity Mapping Validation Studies of Stability Chambers and Refrigerator :

30/75 :... View More

Materials laboratory needed for testing 5 - 6 different hot melt glue sticks for their viscosity, open time, cure time and other technical details th... View More

Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Scoville heat units
(SHU) rating testing for liguid Chilli hot sauce. View More

URGENT Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry laboratory needed for USP testing of modified lanolin for contaminants. The USP method employs GC analysis... View More

Environmental analytical chemistry laboratory needed for simultaneous HPLC analysis of multiple mixtures of anionic, cationic, nonionic, and amphoteri... View More

Materials certification laboratory needed for thermal conductivity testing of lightweight concrete to ASTM C177 Steady-State Heat Flux Measurements an... View More

Laboratory needed for UL fire testing of solar panels to UL 1703 Standard for Flat-Plate Photovoltaic Modules and Panels. View More

Forensics Laboratory needed for ballistics testing for gunshot residue GSR test kit processing View More

Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry laboratory needed for USP testing to USP 30 Monograph for Dextromethorphan HBr; specific rotation <781S> of Dextro... View More

Oncology Preclinical Contract Research Organizations CRO needed for in vivo studies of primary or metastatic hepatic / liver cancer using VX2 rabbit a... View More

ISO certified food laboratory needed for saffron testing by spectrophotometry for levels of crocin, picrocrocin, and safranal to ISO 3632, Spices - Sa... View More

Cosmetic / Consumer Products Laboratory needed for photostability testing for UV degradation of skin care products packaged in a post-market jar.
View More

Analytical Laboratory needed for XRD and XRF microscopy and imaging: 6 XRD, 6 XRF and cut 12 thin sections with photographs of the thin section.

... View More

Analytical laboratory needed for EPA OPPTS biodegradation or photodecomposition of this compound in soil for compliance with EPA OPPTS 835.2410 Photod... View More

URGENT! LARGE TELEVISION COMPANY. Food Reverse engineering laboratory needed for food deformulation testing to determine ingredient content, and nutri... View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for testing phosphatidylcholine/deoxycholic acid solution using UV spectrophotometry. View More

Large hotel chain needs Food laboratory needed for ground beef testing to determine fat content and the raio between meat solids and fat.
View More

Accredited Photometry laboratory needed for testing functional and climatic tests on retroreflectors. View More

Cosmetics Toxicology laboratory needed for Phototoxicity studies and dermal testing of essential oils. View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Bioanalytical laboratory needed for molecular biology experiments that we design the protocols for including Liquid Handling - Singl... View More

FDA GLP Preclinical Laboratory needed for PCR viral testing of two regenerative drug products and raw materials using Pharmacopeia methods:
1. HIV (... View More

GLP Compliant Laboratory needed for ongoing testing of regenerative drug development (Cell Therapy Hellas)
Test for:
1. HIV (anti-HIV (I/II), negati... View More

Packaging laboratory needed for performance testing of paper soup containers with lids at the temperature of hot liquids / soups.
Sizing is 8,10,12... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Large wine import / export company needs accredited laboratory for several analysis of wine-products over course of year including: ... View More

Medical Device Company needs Biomechanical Laboratory for ASTM / ISO medical device testing of orthotic that supports body part of patient having musc... View More

Pharmaceutical company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for sterile water testing by fluorescence spectrophotometry for Aluminum content in ster... View More

Cosmetic Testing Needed : Need research to formulate an ingredients list. The ingredients would need to be mostly organic. The purpose would be to com... View More

Clinical Laboratory needed for amino acid analysis: Plasma Amino acids by IEC and Organic acids by Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrophotometry.Amino... View More

Pharmaceutical analytical chemistry laboratory needed for USP 30 Monograph testing of Dextromethorphan HBR; Specific rotation <781S> of Dextromethorph... View More

Materials laboratory needed for IEC and ASTM Testing of insulators (several tests) : ASTM C177: Standard test method for steady-state heat flux measur... View More

Electrical laboratory needed for the Determination of Dielectric Permittivity and Loss tangent of Photoresist materials. Frequency range is 1 GHz to 4... View More



Cosmetics Clinical Research Facility needed for UVB protectio study on human subjects: A sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher. Validation of th... View More

Materials laboratory needed for sunlight insulation efficacy testing of insulation fabric with PE woven material, without foam nor air bubble. Insulat... View More

Toxicology laboratory needed for toxicity testing of plastic casing of Pool cleaner. Please specify pricing and tests. View More

Materials Laboratory needed for hot acid (sulfuric) resistance testing in textile fibers View More

Geotechnical laboratory needed for AASHTO Testing to AASHTO T164 method D, Standard Method of Test for Quantitative Extraction of Asphalt Binder from ... View More


Metallurgical Laboratory needed for ore testing for platinum, palladium, irridium, osmium, rhodium, rhothenium, gold & nickel View More

Electrical Laboratory needed for IES Testing of LED Light fittings to Illuminating Engineering Society
of North America (IES), LM79 Approved Metho... View More

Food laboratory needed for enzyme activity testing of food grade enzymes with UV-spectrophotometer View More

Europe company needs microbiology laboratory for EN norm Efficacy testing of algaecide for application to water systems, such as swimming pools & spa... View More

United Kingdom analytical chemistry contract laboratory needed for GC/ MS anaylsis along with authothermal desorption

View More

Large Petroleum Company needs Oil Laboratory for Impurity Testing by Gas Chromatography - Mass SpectrophotometryGC-MS for 1 sulfur impurity in iso-oc... View More

Certification Laboratory needed for performance testing of waterproof pocket for swimwear and would like to test it for water inflation when submerse... View More

Food laboratory needed for nutritional analysis of Hot sauce for nutritional labeling-authority letter View More

Large pharma needs FDA certified pharmaceutical laboratory for USP test specified in the Lanolin monograph. It is the foreign related substance employ... View More

Oil Laboratory needed for lubricant testing: Quantitative Spectrophotometric Analysis QSA and RULER (Remaining Useful Life Evaluation Routine, View More

Food laboratory needed for flavor and nutritional additives testing in coffee (both hot and iced coffee). These may include flavor and nutritional a... View More

Materials laboratory needed for testing to test the effects of an additive to basic hot melt formulations View More

University Researcher needs food analytical chemistry laboratory for hot pepper testing: HPLC analysis on hot pepper samples. View More

India laboratory needed for solar photovoltaic module testing including mechanical testing, robustness test, metal oxide test, lead content test View More

FDA cGMP qualified laboratory needed to outsource specific rotation testing determined photoelectrically at 325 nm, for one of our Active Pharmaceut... View More

Large oil company needs electrical laboratory for electrical compliance inspections. At our facility we use hot sticks, release hooks, and other equip... View More

Food laboratory need for food artificial coloring testing for Ponceau 4R and FD&C yellow 6. Analysis by UPLC with PDA; in hot sauce and chili peppe... View More

Europe filter company needs test laboratory to perform turbidity reduction and contaminat retained mass on our sand filter. Our sand finter in very s... View More

Non-Destructive NDT Laboratory needed to provide a quote for the failure analysis of a failed CW pump bolts.

We require doing the following test... View More

Technology Laboratory needed for new panel design tests including theArc Resistant testsWe also need a Arc resistant test for a MCC, but for this MCC ... View More

Asia nutritional laboratory needed for Petfood Analysis for 10 samples of fishfeed for: proximate analysis, Ca, P,
vitamin A, B6, E, D, K, biotin, fo... View More

Dietary Supplement manufacturer is accepting quotes and lead time proposals from laboratories for accelerated stability testing to review our product... View More

South Florida Food Laboratory needed for hot sauce testing for Nutrition, bacteria level,and heat level of our hotsauce View More

Cosmetics Clinical Research Laboratory needed for cosmetic retinoid substance testing for Anti-inflammatory activity
Photo toxicity Test
Anti blemis... View More

Canada food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for pH Testing in hot sauces. View More

Microbiology laboratory needed for pyrogen testing for a medical device and components. the active ingredient is photosensitive and testing under yel... View More

Physical Laboratory needed for NFPA fire rating testing of metallic cable trays ( hot dip galvanized) in conformity to NFPA 130. Fixed Guideway Tran... View More

Vancouver Canada Food Laboratory needed for Nutritional labeling testing of hot sauces. View More

USA Food laboratory needed for concentrated tea testing to measure total dissolved solids, caffeine content, phenolics content, and possibly spectrop... View More

Medical Device Laboratory needed for EUropean Pharmacopeia Testing of Surgical threads to European Pharmacopeia [8.0] Monograph 01:2008:0324, IDENTIF... View More

California packaging laboratory needed for beverage packaging testing of new beverage formulation (given in small dosages e.g. 30 ml i.e. shot). My... View More

Food laboratory needed for Food Nutritional Testing for Nutritional facts and labelling of hot sauces View More

I need to evaluate several different samples of Hot Melt Polyester Adhesive (in dry pellet form). I want to know the moisture content of each sample a... View More

Large food company needs food laboratory for HPLC testing for 3 hot sauces. View More

Large transportation company needs physical laboratory for Thermal cycle testing for water charge air coolers with below test requirements. Requiremen... View More

INDIVIDUAL Food Laboratory needed for hot sauce testing for safety, ph, probiotic and nutritional analysis View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Cosmetics Manufacturing Company needs microbiology laboratory to assist with and perform testing to start our environmental monitori... View More

Certification laboratory needed to provide a quote for the UL certification for our Boiler (i:e Hot Water Generator) (Oil cum Biogas fired) View More

Materials Laboratory needed for certification testing of PIR Rigid cold insulation,
PIR (Polyisocynurate) foam segments are high-quality insulating ... View More

Large chemical company needs polymer laboratory for Liquid Polymer testing-
1- polymer base- acrylamide/amine/ dadmac/vinyleamine
2- structure- homo... View More

MULTIPLE PRODUCTS India Detergent manufacturer needs consumer product testing of multipurpose Gel and Liquid washing and cleaners for use in the Auto... View More

India Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM C177, Standard Test Method for Steady-State Heat Flux Measurements and Thermal Transmission... View More

Agriculture Microbiology needed for Non GMO certificate testing for our product containing lactic acid bacteria, Yeast (Saccharomyces sp) and photosyn... View More

Central laboratory needed that can perform the following clinical tests:
*Reactive oxygen species (ROS) using ROS ELISA kit and Spectrophotometric as... View More

New York FDA GMP Food Laboratory needed for food packaging development and FDA organic food chemistry, microbiology nutrition, and shelf life testing ... View More

California Food Laboratory needed for alcohol testing of Consumable Beverage made of
8oz Hot Herbal Tea or Kombucha with 2-4 ml of tincture (alcohol... View More

Oil Laboratory needed for Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) testing: oil side thermal cycle test per the below on 3 or up to 6 units (1/2" NPT conne... View More

Pharmaceutical company needs pharmaceutical laboratory for lab scale studies. Laboratory needs to have the following capabilities:
(1) Hot stage micr... View More

ISO Eastern or Central Europe environmental laboratory needed for water testing: RO water to be tested for traces of radionuclides in 40 samples; Gros... View More

US Microbiology Laboratory needed for efficacy testing of photocatalytic device for the Elimination,nutralization of H1N1 Virus View More

Microbiology laboratory for comparison testing of new technology photo catalytic device against H1N1 virus. View More

Chicago Food Laboratory needed for hot sauce testing for alcohol content. View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for antifungal research Testing of in vitro fungicidal spectrum of amphotericin based molecules on a panel of yeasts an... View More

Physical Laboratory needed for Thermal Teting: ASTM Thermal Conductivity by guarded hot plate method ASTM C 177, Standard Test Method for Steady-State... View More

Large Hotel Chain needs Canada Laboratory for Liquor testing of gin and vodka for alcohol concentration to ensure no excess water. Hotel receiving com... View More

Tristate, New York or New Jersey analytical chemistry laboratory needed for antioxidant testing: DPPH spectrophotometric assay free radical antioxidan... View More

India environmental laboratory needed for soil testing for Nitrogen, Phoshphorus, Potash and Micronuteient, EC, ph
Spectrophotometer, Flamephotometer... View More

Asia analytical chemistry laboratory needed for formulation of hair product: pomade which has strong hold and medium shine. Other details of how the p... View More

Southern California Lab in compliance with FDA and European Regulations needed for topical OTC cosmetics testing such as anti-dandruff and anti-psoria... View More

Pharma needs GLP Contract Research Organization for Phototoxicity Clinical Trial Studies: phototoxicity for a clinical trial candidate. Candidate is ... View More

study will base on ... View More

Biochemistry laboratory needed for Chlorophyll Extraction to get photovoltaic active chlorophyll using spinach to extract active chlorophyll.

We wo... View More

Asia or Europe OECD, GLP Laboratory needed for REACH Registration Testing: Pysicochemical and Toxicological testing for REACH Registration (EU Regula... View More

Uniersity Researcher needs cinica laboratory for breast mil testing: Biological composition analysis of breast milk: creamocrit analysis of fat and so... View More

USA food laboratory needed for deformulation Testing of hot sauce View More

USA Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for Photostability Testing on pharmaceutical gum in packages. View More

New York City Food laboratory needed for reverse engineering on a hot sauce.
View More

Manufacturer of fiberglass and acrylic bathtubs and showers needs Canada certification laboratory for CSA certifications CSA B45.5, CSA B651." View More

Chemical Engineering University Researcher needs Canada food laboratory for lycopene testing for the lycopene concentration from different fruits, ve... View More

Cosmetics consumer products laboratory needed for ethnic hair care formulation testing of 2 in 1 tingling shampoo & conditioner, hot grow hair & scalp... View More

Canada Food Laboratory needed for nutritional testing for nutritional information for hot sauces product to get ready for sale
View More

Optical Laboratory needed for Optical Testing: European Standards Testing to DIN 5032 Part 7 Photometry; classification of illuminance meters and lum... View More

Food laboratory needed for tonic water testing: quantitative analysis of cinchona alkaloids (quinine, quinidine, cinchonine and cinchonidine) in a ton... View More

Mexico or USA Electrical Certification Laboratory needed for Photovoltaic certification of photovoltaic panels to IEC 61853 or ASTM E1036-02 some of m... View More

Materials Product Safety Laboratory needed forANSI Safety Testing to ANSI Z26.1 standard. 1996 Safety Glazing Material for use anywhere in motor vehic... View More

Textiles laboratory needed for ISO Testing: ISO 11092 1993 Textiles -- Physiological effects -- Measurement of thermal and water-vapour resistance und... View More

FDA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for accelerated stability testing for 2 years of our nutraceutical shot. It is pasteurized and has potassiu... View More

USA Materials laboratory needed for Photostability testing and photodegradation testing View More

FDA GMP and ISO AAALAC Biotechnology Laboratory for Research and Development required for photo-autotrophic organisms (yeast, cyanobacteria & algae, m... View More

Electronics Laboratory needed for SAE Testing to SAE J575, SAE J579, SAE J1330, vibration test, moisture test, dust test, corrotion test, warpage test... View More

Automotive Laboratory needed for brake hose tesing to GMW3056 - Hot Plate
36 Samples total (18 Procedure A and 18 Procedure B)
Impulse and B... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for gas chromatography - mass spectrophotometry analysis GCMS of Phosproradimites compound View More


Metallurgical Laboratory needed for Metallurgy Testing: DIN microstructure testing on Titanium Fasteners manufactured to DIN 912 Hexagon socket head c... View More

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of Hot tub Covers tested to meet Testing to ASTM F1346-91, Standard Performance Specification for... View More

Pharmaceutical Preclinical Laboratory needed for preclinical testing: tests three skin treatments to qualify for National Eczema Assn. Seal of Accepta... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for plant oil extract testing: gas chromatography/mass spectrometry analysis of oil extracts from plant extract... View More

EPA GLP, USA Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for EPA GLP Pesticide Testing: Antimicrobial pesticide for EPA testingEnvironmental fate - Hyd... View More

US Polymer Laboratory needed for molecular weight testing by X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (ESCA) Trying to assess approx molecular weight for roug... View More

US Microbiology Laboratory needed for USP Testing: microbiological challenge testing USP51 Testing of liquid dietary supplements (energy shot type) e... View More

Toronto materials laboratory needed for stone testing a new type of stone - chemical testing, durability testing, toxicology testing for any environm... View More


Toronto Preclinical Laboratory needed for preclinical study testing: Cell Culture
Human pulmonary carcinoid cancer cell lines (H727 and H720) will be... View More

Environmental analytical chemistry laboratory needed for rock testing: spectroscopy laser profilometry to calibrate the depth of laser-induced breakdo... View More

Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for pharmaceutical analytical chemistry method development: analytical method development of clarithromycin pellets ... View More

USA Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for photometric testing: Kinetics - Monitor UV absorbance of sunscreen formulation as a function of light exposur... View More

Florida pharmaceutical laboratory needed for ICH Testing: Photostability testing for a combination drug/medical device product for aging studies to IC... View More

USA laboratory needed for controlled atmosphere hot rolling of graphite and graphite fluorination synthetic chemistry. Also AFM indenter, tensile, ben... View More

India ISO Laboratory needed for CE Mark Testing: Exhaustive Extraction Test per ISO 11979-5:2006, Para 5.2 and Annex A (3 lots; 1 solvent)

Leachabl... View More

USA Food Laboratory needed for stability testing and shelf-life testing of two hot sauces that need to be tested for shelf-life stability. View More

USA FDA GMP Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for FDA GMP Compendia testing on Methotrexate Testing per the USP and EP monographs ... View More

Pakistan FDA, ISO, GMP, GLP EPA Forensics Laboratory needed for DIN and USP Testing: Trace Chemistry.
Forensic Photography
Latent Fin... View More

Asia food laboratory needed for irradiation testing for detection of food irradiation by PHOTO STIMULATED LUMINESCENCE (PSL) in mixes and spices and r... View More

India FDA GLP Laboratory needed for GLP Photostabilty Testing of sunscreen active substance View More

Food Laboratory needed for food testing of: 1.Biscuits (fruit buiscuits and chocolate biscuits) 2. Coffee 3.Hot Chocolate 4. Sweets (boiled, sugar co... View More

Restaurant owner needs food analytical laboratory to deformulate a hot sauce recipe of a competitor and know how to make the recipe. View More

FAA Transportation Laboratory needed for FAA Photometry testing on reflector. Looking for how much percentage of reflectivity on a scale of 1 to 100% ... View More

Contract Laboratory needed for rice analysis that is used to absorb cooking oil and solidifies the hot oil once mixed in.

I wish to reproduce this... View More

USA Physical Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing to ASTM-D-2183 Test Method for Flow Properties of Adhesives.ASTM-D-2863 Standard Test Method for Measu... View More

Pharmaceutical Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for preclinical efficacy study testing. Preclinical bladder cancer efficacy study of ... View More

USA Medical Device Preclinical Laboratory needed for ISO Medical Device Testing to ISO 11970, Ophthalmic implants -- Intraocular lenses -- Part 5: Bio... View More

Physical Laboratory needed for Hot Oil Flow Testing of P/N 365525: Flow rate of .95-1.05 GPM of MIL-L-7808 @ 230-250 PSIG and 250?-300?F Fixture will ... View More

Large Electronics company needed India materials laboratory for Photobiological safety testing of LED LIght Test Ultraviolet hazardUV Hazardaretinal t... View More

Southern USA Food Laboratory needed for food esing of 3 samples of three different hot sauces. View More

Asia Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for photostability study testing for fish oil products in south korea View More

Large pharma needs Europe analytical chemistry contract lab for mass spectrophotometry to test some products for us
View More

USA Manufacturing Testing laboratory needed for ANSI 4950 Evaluating welding pads, welding blankets and welding curtains for hot work for welding safe... View More

Electrical Laboratory needed for ANSI Testing to ANSI C 136.10 locking-type photocontrol, used to control street luminaires, to standard ANSI C 136.10... View More

Plastic curtains and screens manufacturer that needs Optical Laboratory for AWS testing to AWS standard F2.3 determine how much light is passing thro... View More

Hong Kong Analytical Chemistry Laboratory neede for ICH Photostability Study to ICH Q1B guideline. View More

India Materials Laboratory needed ASTM Testing to ASTM C1363/ASTM C518: Hot Box testing to calculate U-Value as per ASTM C1363/ASTM C518. This is to... View More

University Researcher needs Maryland environmental laboratory for air quality testing on indoor swimming pools. How fast and how much would it cost. View More

Europe ICH, cGMP Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for GMP photostability testing on our drug product (recombinant protein in PBS solution), in an ICH-c... View More

Canada Food Laboratory needed for nutritional testing of hot sauce for bottling and sales. Will need all nutritional values for government requirement... View More

Polymer Laboratory needed for polymer testing: thermal conductivity of polymer matrix composites and polymers? If so, 1. What kind of tests do you pe... View More

Europe ISO and FDA GMP radiochemistry laboratory needed for radioactivity testing 1. Gross alpha particle radioactivity
2. Gross beta particle and ph... View More

USA Physical Metallurgical Laboratory needed for Plating thickness Testing (Hot Tin) on a closed steel case approximate size, 2-23/32 x 1-11/32 x 27/3... View More

Plastics Laboratory needed for Mylar film testing for ultra-violet and visible light transmission using a spectrophotometer, or similar device. View More

California analytical chemistry laboratory needed for composition testing of photoresist spin-coat resin mixture, with component identity and concentr... View More

India Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbiology testing of shells used for the food industry. The shells are washed in a chlorinated bath durin... View More

ISO 17025 Preclinical Laboratory needed for Biocompatibility Testing of Hydrophilic Intraocular Lens
1) Hydrolytic Stability
2) Photostability
3) N... View More

USA Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing pool and hot tub cover. weight and safety testing to ASTM 1356 View More

Saudia Arabia Physical Laboratory needed for ASTM salt spray testing for hot dip galvazed product/ electro galvanized product. View More

Canada or USA Toxicology Laboratory needed for Quantifying the presence of Cyanogenic Glycosides or Hydrogen Cyanide in sprouted flaxseed powder using... View More

Air treatment Equipment Manufacturer needs Microbiology laboratory for viral efficiency testing of air sterilizers efficiency of our air sterilizer fo... View More

Large pharma needs USA bioanalytical laboratory to validate that MLV RCR testing of cell line is replication-defective for retrovirus (pBabe/hTert ve... View More

Multinational Corp needs Germany, UK, Canada or USA materials laboratory for API and ASTM Testing for pipeline material for the Diversion Gas Pipeline... View More

Canada environmental laboratory needed for water testing. Four samples: untreated cold water, untreated hot water, treated cold water, treated hot wa... View More

Materials laboratory needed for biodegradability testing or compostability testing of hot melt adhesive in solid form. Could we get a $ quote on that ... View More

Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Hot Pepper Mash Testing
Heat index as Scoville Units, Moisture,Water content, Grinding (Fineness), Sa... View More

Analytical chemistry Laboratory needed to measure absorption spectra for several (10) non-biological solutions in the range of 300-600 nm. Require UV/... View More

China agriculture laboratory needed for basic histology and bioanalytical testing. Basic histology with photographs sent to US pathologist, PCR testi... View More

Large Medical Device Manufacturer needed for purity testing of Methotrexate drug injection, 1g/40ml.
View More

India ISO Pharmaceutical laboratory needed for EP Testing, USP Testing:
2. Amphoterecin B
3. Gentamycin
5. Tryple E
6. Alpha ... View More

Food Laboratory needed for stability testing, shelf life testing of hot pepper sauce View More

USA Textiles Laboratory need for washer and dryer testing of depilling and garment enhancer laundry product Visual and microscopic photos needed. At l... View More

Food Laboratory needed for nutritional testing and shelf life testing of hot sauces. View More

US Materials Laboratory needed for ANSI/ISO 5-3-1995 & ANSI/NAPM IT2.18-1995 (Photography -- Density Measurements --Part 3: Spectral Conditions)ANSI/I... View More

UKAS Europe transportation or civil engineering laboratory needed for BAM Lighting and safety elements for roads Photometric characteristics of road s... View More

USA Physical Laboratory needed for AMD Standard 001 "Ambulance Body Structure Static Load Test".
Required platen size required for test subject will ... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM E903 Solar Transmittance of Materials using a Spectrophotometer Measurement of spectral transmittance of laminate... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for analysis for Hot Thermic Fluid.
View More

Materials Laboratory needed for standard test method for evaluating heat transfer through materials for protective clothing upon contact with a hot li... View More

USA Physical Laboratory needed for LP=12012 thermal testing: Heat Testing (Hot Plate)Testing to LP-12012 (Exterior Silencer Heat Test)
10 samples req... View More

USA, Canada, Europe Product Safety Laboratory needed for UVA / UVB protection factors testing, waterproof effect testing, photostability testing View More

Plastics and Polymers Laboratory needed for physical testing of polyester bands of width 5 to 10 cm and resistance in traction from 50 to 100 kN accor... View More

ISO Mechanical Laboratory needed for engineering performance testing (Hot air impulse testing) for hose View More

Europe EN Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to test photocatalyst coating applied on hard surface sample, ceramic tile for example as per EN13697... View More

ISO Physical Laboratory needed for Photo-safe testing per ISO 18902-Foam tapes & adhesive types. View More

Dubai Microbiology Laboratory needed for Microbiological Testing every two months or for one year's contract on 9 swimming pools for the following par... View More

EPA Environmental Laboratory needed for certification testing for photocatalytic paint certificate. View More

Phoenix, AZ or USA Analytical Food Laboratory needed for Protein testing by HPLC and Mass Spectophotometry on food, specifically a beverage. View More

USA FDA EPA ISO Microbiology Laboratory needed for "Before" and "after" viral testing for waterborne viral content (#/cc) for a new photocatalyst-base... View More

Polymer Materials Laboratory needed for Gel Permeability Chromatography, Molecular Weight testing of polypropylene composites need to check the molecu... View More

Asia Geochemical Laboratory needed for testing the following:
1.Thermal properties
a)thermal conductivity
b)Specific Heat
2) Geological
a)X-Ray R... View More

ISO Geotechnical Laboratory needed for ISO shotcrete test according to ISO 9001 and/or ISO 17025 View More

India Automotive Materials Laboratory needed to test complete automotive exhaust system, catalytic converter etc for hot vibration, hot fatigue, and t... View More

USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for th following testing:
1) Elemental Analysis (Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Sulfur, Chlorine)

2) X-Ray P... View More

China - Hong Kong/Guangzhou/Shenzhenskin Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for testing whitening cosmetic creams by applying to the skin of t... View More

Manufacturer of plastic curtains and screens that are used as safety welding screens in industrial environments needs Optical Laboratory to perform te... View More

South Africa Environmental Laboratory needed for hygiene testing at a hotel chain. View More

Saudi Arabia ISO Analytical Chemistry Laboratory nee ASTM Testing: anti oxidents content in thermoplastic pipe used to convey hot and cold water. Numb... View More

Asia Pharma needs ICH Laboratory for Photostability testing (as per ICH requirements).
Number of samples = one View More

FDA/AOAC Analytical Chemistry Food Laboratory needed for Spectro-photometric UV testing on food samples. View More

USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for waste sludge to be tested as a benefical reuse as an absorbent in chemical or oil spills main materials... View More

California Bay Area Optical Laboratory needed for testing reflectivity measurements on flat, solid samples using a spectrophotometer (such as Cary 500... View More

India GMP FDA Laboratory needed to perform EMC/EMI and Safety testing on an infant phototherapy unit, infant warmer unit, and intense pulse light. I ... View More

Venlo, Netherlands EU Microbiology Laboratory needed for testing for legionella of water supply system, including small hot water boiler View More

San Francisco, California Mechanical Laboratory needed for functional testing of key design elements of orthotic foot beds.
Gait analysis,in shoe pre... View More

Australia, Asian-Melanesian Islands (Papua-New-Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. Mechanical Test Laboratory needed for tests on Pipes joint... View More

ASTM, AASHTO Materials Laboratory needed for evaluation of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement, Recovery of Aged Asphalt Binder from RAP, Determination of amou... View More

USA ASTM Metallurgical Laboratory needed for quenched and tempered steel specimens with different tempering temperatures, wish to have:
(a) photos o... View More

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed to confirm efficacy of fairness Cream with reflectance Spectrophotometer. View More

USA EPA Environmental Laboratory needed to test chemical for B.P.gulf clean up for dispersivness, effectiveness, phototoxcitity View More

San Diego, CA Environmental Laboratory needed to collect up to 575 soil samples from up to 77 vernal pools for dry season fairy shrimp surveys. These... View More

Australia, New Guinea Mechanical Laboratory needed for testing Pipe Field Joint Coating for: Film Thickness (DFT) [SSPC PA 2 using Type II Instrument]... View More

FDA GLP Contract Research Organization needed for clincial human dermal safety studies : Dermal irritation, Dermal sensitization, Dermal phototoxicit... View More

Canada, USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for slide photos to be made up of oil droplets in oil sample. View More

Mexico FDA Laboratory required for photostability testing in accordance to ICH:
stressing pharmaceuticals with UV light according to ICH; analysis of... View More

Eastern USA SAE Laboratory required for Photometric and FMVSS SAE.P2 and PC testing according to DOT requirements, 2 sample each. View More

Canada, Europe,or USA Physical Laboratory required for hot temperature tests 1000°C for sensors on exhaust line with water immersion, thermal shocks..... View More

Physical Laboratory required for testing plastic film for DSC, Seal curves, Hot tack, Composition analysis, FTIR, Clarity, Haze, Tensile,COF View More

Physical Laboratory needed for IEC Testing: Glow/hot wire & flamability testing for end products to IEC 60695-2-11 View More


Packaging laboratory needed for full hot tack and heat seal force testing vs. temperature curves with controlled pressure and dwell time on medical de... View More

USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for ASTM GC Testing for Determination of hydrogen sulfide using GC with pulsed flame photometric detector a... View More

Laboratory to conduct tests on samples for checking the availability of nucleases (DNase and Rnase). If yes, what is the sample size we need to submit... View More

Non European Union OECD, FDA GLP preclinical laboratory to conduct photo-sensitization in mice, i.e., photo-LLNA View More

US GLP laboratory to make a comparison of zinc content in hair of several species, eg. horse, bear, human, etc. via atomic absorption spectrophotometr... View More

Arizona EPA FIFRA laboratory fort aqueous photolysis study conducted under natural sunlight View More

FDA GMP analytical chemistry laboratory needed for photostability exposure study. Subject API to light conditions as defined by ICH Option 1. View More

North America ISO 17025 Electrical Laboratory needed for Photometric Testing to EN 12966 Section 7 View More

ISO Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for nitrosamines analysis in cosmetics by ISO method
"Cosmeics-- Analytical methods -Nitrosamines: Detecti... View More

Large Electronics Manufacturer needs East Coast USA Materials Laboratory for Hardness Testing of used and unused manganese alloy metal needs to be mea... View More

Hawaii Microbiology Laboratory needed for rodac plate testing on finished hospital/hotel laundry. View More

Product Safety Laboratory required to handle chemotherapy drug devices (IV bags, solution bottles, connectors, and tube sets that could possibly have ... View More

Materials Laboratory required to test for different Paper cups with insulated capabilities and provide a Comparison from one Cup to another in terms o... View More

India, China, USA GLP Product Safety Laboratory needed for the following tests on material to be applied for cosmetics:

Test No. 1) - 3) are firs... View More

USA Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for toxicology testing for residual antibiotics in a solution for the followong antibiotics: amikacin, gentamycin,... View More

Materials Laboratory needed to test Surface Emittance No CEN Norm Flame Spread NF EN 13501-1 Smoke Developed NF EN 13501-1 Water Vapor Transmission NF... View More

Europe ASTM Mechanical Laboratory needed for hot tensile test (acc.SR EN 10002-5:2005) 900oC 2 test bars
low cycle fatigue at 900oC (acc ASTM E 60... View More

SEM and AFM Analytical Chemistry Laboratory required for testing porous silicon based sensors for organic vapours using photoluminescence quenching te... View More

USA or Europe GLP Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for
- Dose content uniformity
- Particle sizing
- Spray pattern
- % of drug in actuation shot we... View More

San Francisco, CA Clinical Laboratory required - A rectal biopsy will be taken by a local gastroenterologist. We need to be able to send the fresh sa... View More

India Microbiology Laboratory required for quantification of cellulase enzyme spectophotometrically in fungi View More

Europe ICH, cGMP Bioanalytical Laboratory needed to do photostability testing on our drug product (recombinant protein in PBS solution), in an ICH-co... View More

USA/ Canada Packaging Laboratory needed for ASTM testing Heat seal strength
Hot tack strength
cold seal strength
Coefficient of Friction (COF) o pa... View More

USA CLIA Serology lab needed for analysis of FGF-23(phosphotonin)in serum. View More

FDA GLP Toxicology Laboratory needed for in vivo phototoxicity study testing View More

Government needs West Coast USA Histology laboratory for histological testing of juvenile Chinook salmon samples for locations of incisions created to... View More

USA GLP Analytical Chemistry Labroatory needed to test physical properties: Flash point, LEL, vapor pressure, boiling point, stability (pH, photolaabi... View More

UK Environmental Laboratory needed for water analysis
(GC,AAS,UV spectrophoto meter View More

Clinical analysis laboratory needed for biospecimens analysis. Specifically, the request to obtain laboratory services as part of the quality assuran... View More

US Serology Laboratory needed for analysis of biospecimens. Specifically, the request to obtain laboratory services as part of the quality assurance ... View More

Indonesia or Singapore Materials Laboratory needed for Tensile, surface structure photomicrography, element analysis, etc. View More

Materials Laboratory needed for physical testing two plastic materials for transmittance and/or absorbance with a spectophotometer. The tube material ... View More

Turkey Textiles Company needs Europe Laboratory for photocatalytic reaction testing after removing volatile organic components and odor by photocataly... View More

India Chemical Manufacturer needs India Toxicology Laboratory for ISO 10993 cytotoxicity, skin irritation, and skin sensitisation testing of hot melt ... View More

India Hotel needs environmental laboratory for Ambient Air Quality Testing including: Stack Emmission, Internal Air Quality. View More

USA FDA GMP Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for ICH Stability Studies for forced degradation treatment of samples for photo stability experimen... View More


India Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Gas Chromatography with Flame Photometric Detector (FPD) and Sulfur Chemiluminesence Detector (SCD), ... View More

North America ASTM Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM biodegradability testing, oxo-biodegradable additive, prodegradant for polyolefins (film, shee... View More

India Microbiology Laboratory required for photograph of multi disc used for antibiotic resistant bacteria searching and its price. View More

CaliforniaFDA GMP Preclinical Contract Research Organization needeed for Single-Dose Acute Toxicology Studies of
Metabolite analysis of "hot" radiol... View More

Oil and Gas Enterprise needs Geology Laboratory for analysis 1- Conventional core analysis 2- Sidewall core analysis 3- water analysis 4- Crude oil an... View More

USA Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM biodegradability testing, oxo-biodegradable additive, prodegradant for polyolefins (film, sheet)

We conta... View More

Michigan Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry of filter material, including at a minimum Fe, Ca, Na.

Infr... View More

USA ISO, ASTM, EPA, OECD, green seal standard gs 34- Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for testing toxicity, carcinogens and repro toxins, corrosivity a... View More

North Carolina Nondestructive Testing Laboratory needed for digital microscope to take 3D photos of the defects (debris) on the surface of the cranksh... View More

PA GMP/GLP Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for AFM,FFEM, Rheometry, 5 C photostabiliy. View More

USA ISO Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for photostability testing as per ISO 11979-5 View More

Southern-California tribology laboratories needed for insulating oil full analysis.

address: 19625 Gilman Springs Road Gilman Hot Springs, CA 9258... View More

FDA non-GLP Minneapolis Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Spectophotometric, HPLC, and LCMSMS of Methylene Blue concentrations in Plasma View More

Toronto, Ontario food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for ingredient testing of hot sauces. View More

FDA GMP Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for photostability testing of drug product View More

FDA GLP UK, Europe, Canada or USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Formulation & Packaging Stability Testing of a wax/pheromone hot melt dis... View More

USA, Non-GLP toxicology lab needed for phototoxicity testing in bacteria View More

FDA GLP peclinical product safety labroatory needed for testing: photosensitivity, phototox, sensitivity, irritation in mini pigs View More

FDA GLP Preclinical lab needed to evaluate the analgesic efficacy of test compounds (oral, i.v and potentially ICV) in the rat using tail flick, hotpl... View More

ASTM certified USA lab needed to test my product. Is 13'x7'x4", is a HDPE composite, and comes in 2 versions-one mechamnically assembled, one hot plat... View More

Lab needed to test the photoluminesent mineral in Glow In The Dark Lubrication for toxicity and radioactivity.

View More

USA (West Coast) lab with USP certification needed for growth promotion test of aerobes, anaerobes and fungi. Validation/bacteriostasis & fungistasis ... View More

Analytical Chemistry lab needed for testing the amount of teflon coating that is released from a paint roller after it goes through a hot wash or bath... View More

Recycled Plastics Manufacturer needs USA Materials Lab for ASTM product quality testing. Hot/cold water is used to wash the recycled PET bottles to ma... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for Photo-DSC Analysis View More

FDA Physical lab needed for ASTM testing for flexible packaging particularly hot tack, static charge decay, any chemical testing for inks, ATR, WVTR View More

Analytical Chemistry Lab needed for testing Jatropha oil - Fatty acid analysis through Gas chromatogram and Mass spectrophotpmeter View More

EPA Environmental Lab needed for testing VOC by weight: - US EPA 24-24A, 40 CFR, Part 60, Appendix A OR
- Method 18,48 Fed. Register 48, no. 202 OR
... View More

Preclinical laboratory needed for ICH Photostability Study on a protein drug candidate after which the lab returns the light-exposed samples to us fo... View More

Analytical Chemsitry Lab needed 2-3 times per month for lithium analysis in rotor samples that are nontoxic, nonflammable and inert. Specifically, th... View More

Preclinical laboratory needed for conducting study of two compounds ready to go into pre-clinical testing for filing IND. One is intended to be a tr... View More

Metallurgical lab needed for lithium analysis in nontoxic, nonflammable and inert rotor samples. Specifically, they are made mostly of amorphous silic... View More

Mechanical laboratory needed for Charge Air Thermal Cycle/Shock testing.
The test piece will typically have 3" barb connections on the hot air side, ... View More

Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for ICH Photostability Testing for a blue dye used during ophthalmic surgery View More

Electrical laboratory needed to test 5500watt hot tub heaters that have failed causing fires and we would like to have them examined in a lab includin... View More

Analytical Chemistry laboratory in California needed to for atomic absorption testing for:
1.Limit of iron
2.Limit of lead
3.Limit of calcium
4.Li... View More

GMP Food Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed in USA for particle size distribution and photography of the particle shape View More

Forensics laboratory needed for Gunshot Residue Determination with Atomic Absorption Percin Elmer model View More

Mechanical Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed to test electronic device (Aircraft Warning Light Systems)
FAA Certification in accordance with AC1... View More

FDA GMP Bioanalytical laboratory needed to test human plasma methotrexate concentrations View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for testing reactions of buffered sodium chlorite solutions with various oxidants. UV spectrophotometer requir... View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for soil degradation, water-sediment studies, photolyses, leaching studies, adsorption-desorption studies View More

FDA cGMP analytical chemistry laboratory needed for USP testing on a pharmaceutical raw material for drug product manufacturing. The raw material req... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for Analysis of the following samples:



3) GAR FILM PS... View More

FDA GLP pharmacueticals laboratory needed for testing suitable method for egg-derived vaccine consists of inoculating 0.2 ml of
undiluted monovalent ... View More

Environmental toxicology laboratory needed for Toxicity Testing Using Luminescent Bacteria (Photobacterium phosphorem) ASTM D5660-96 or ISO 11348 View More

Microbiology virology laboratory needed in Asia for virucidal efficacy testing of a photo-catalyst coating View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for clinical testing of a nutraceutical formulation for anti-aging of the skin. It will be sold for internal use only,... View More

FDA GLP Toxicology laboratory required to perform 9 month dog toxicity study, immunotoxicity, phototoxicity and 2 year rat carcinogenicity study View More

FDA Virology laboratory needed for viral testing in pigs for the following viruses:

1. Eastern encephalitis
2. Encephalomyocarditis virus
3. Hant... View More

Clinical Laboratory needed for product safety testing od electronics products. Three different tests are needed:
1. Live blood analyses of a person b... View More

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for ASTM GC/MS gas chromatography / mass spectophotometry and identification of biomarker.
GCMS/MS View More

Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Photostability Testing according to ICH guideline View More

FDA GLP Toxicology Laboratory needed for chronic toxicity testing, immunotoxicity testing, phototoxicity testing, long term carcinogenicity on rats View More

Materials laboratory needed for ASTM testing to quantify the thermal and water vapor resistance of clothing and plastic materials. This refers to what... View More

FDA GMP / GLP microbiology laboratory needed for USP bioburden profiling & trending / sterility testing for radiopharmaceutical I131. Seeking a contr... View More

Environmental Testing Laboratory required for the following analyses: 1. Giardia Lambia EPA 1623 2. Criptosporidium parvum EPA 1623 3. Microsystis aer... View More

Optical laboratory needed for reflectivity measurement - spectrophotometer 350-1600nm

index of refraction, scratch dig, dimensions, angles, and p-v... View More

Preclinical, Non-GMP Laboratory needed for tumor murin model testing to determine whether an inhibitor might or might not have anti-metastatic activit... View More

Manufacturer needs Materials Laboratory for testing Rubber Hot water bottle for Halogen organic chemicals; Phthalate, Phosphor-organic chemicals, Heav... View More

Physical laboratory needed for UV radiation testing of the Phototherapy unit use 6 nos CFL lamps. Would like to carryout UV testing of the light outpu... View More

Materials laboratory needed for flammability testing of fabric to british standards that is to be used on Hotel Headboards and around the wood frame b... View More

FDA GLP Toxicology Laboratory needed for ocular phototoxicology testing, photo toxicology testing
Acute dermal photoirritation testing, and
Photogen... View More

Physical laboratory needed for testing Thermal Insulation in Beverage Containers. Competitive product analysis on various, commercially available, di... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for elemental analysis testing on sediment from transmission to be analyzed and interpreted for morphology, elemental ... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for USP dissolution / flame photometry testing of Lithium Carbonate ER tablets, USP (450mg) by current USP, 7 h... View More


Pharmaceuticals Laboratory needed for accelerated and long term Photostability Testing for new protein formulation of a Fibroblast Growth Factor(Prote... View More

FDA GMP, GLP preclinical laboratory needed for toxicology testing in vivo pharmacokinetics on metabolism studies, immunotoxicity, phototoxicity, carci... View More

ISO Radiological laboratory needed for ISO 17025 beta particle and photon activity testing
(40 CFR §141.16) 4 mrem/y 0.4 mrem/y
gross alpha particl... View More

Materials laboratory needed for corrosion testing on Steel hot water cylinder View More

Pharmaceuticals Contract Research Organization needed fortesting human recombinant interferon alpha2b used in treatment of HBV, HCV infections and so... View More

Metallurgial laboratory needed for Cold compressive Strength Tumbler Testing.
Please do sugest manufacturer-
Apparent density Analyzer
(Should ana... View More

Physical laboratory needed for IEC and UL Testing (IEC 61215, Flat-Plate Photovoltaic Modules and Panels and UL 1703) of solar panels View More

GLP toxicology laboratory needed for in vitro genotoxicity testing a. Salmonella typhimurium reverse mutation assay. b. Escherichia coli reverse mutat... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for VOC Photochemical reaction testing to verify if a compound has a significant participation in atmospheric p... View More

Physical optical laboratory needed for photometric testing (flux, intensity, colorimetry) of LEDs. View More

AAALAC and FDA GLP preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for pain studies, hot plate and formalin models View More

FDA GLP Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for HPLC testing: sugar profile, HPLC glycyrrhizic acid content, HPLC/MS profile, Hot water insolubles,... View More

FDA GMP Laboratory needed for Drug Photostability Testing. Expose samples to light providing an overall illumination of 1.2 million lux hours and an i... View More

Analytical Chemistry laboratories needed for FT-IR & UV visible spectrophotometry testing on polymers. View More

FDA GMP Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for photostability testing of sunscreens (final product) View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for photostability testing (stress test)of a solid cytostatic agent
View More

FDA GLP Toxicology laboratory needed for photoxicity testing for an orally administered pharmaceutical for a gastrointestinal disorder.
View More

FDA GMP Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for CVM VICH photostability testing to be performed in a GMP laboratory. The photostability testing ne... View More

Physical laboratory needed for constructing and testing a prototype reactor involving an exothermic reaction in hot(100c+) 18M H2SO4 plus analysis of ... View More

Toxicology laboratory needed to perform second intention wound healing study to determine whether the toxic materials present inhibit the rate of woun... View More

FDA GMP and ISO Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for particle size testing using (Hiac royoco counter sizer, Malvern Master sizer, optical micro... View More

West Coast USA, FDA GMP laboratory needed for mass spectrophotpmetry MS testing for gluten in food products. View More

FDA GMP laboratory needed for testing HTLV I and II (Human T-Cell Lymphotrophic Virus)
and Anti-HBc Anti-Hepatitis B core antibody)
in human bloo... View More

Large company looking for mechanical and analytical laboratory for sizeable account. Testing includes Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Auger Spectroscop... View More

USA Materials lab needed for testing to AWS D1.5 and HAZ CVN. Looking for machining of test specimens rather than the actual testing.

Looking for ... View More

TOxicology laboratory needed for testing cosmetics including : Skin Safety Testing:
HRIPT (Human Repeat Insult Patch Test)
Phototoxicity testing
Ph... View More

CRO needed to conduct ICH Photostability Study on topical gels. We are looking for a CRO that expose topical samples for a known light source and then... View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for spectrophotmetry testing to provide CD spectra of a dye in 12 different solutions View More

GLP Analytical laboratory needed for HPLC analysis of glycyrrhizic acid in licorice.
Hot water insolubles and ash in licorice.
Housemann method for ... View More

Phototoxicity Study testing (in vivo). Mouse or rat based photoirritation assay. View More

Nutritional testing for Vitamins B1,B2, B6, niacinamide,panthothenic acid, para-aminobenzoic acid, inositol,folic acid, choline and biotin on a veg p... View More

Photometric testing of Light emitting diode (LED) samples for brightness View More

ICH Pharmaceuticals Stability Study testing on tablets 2 differents strengths. Normal ICH stability design for up to 5 years of stability, including p... View More

ASTM procedure for Magnesium Analysis using filter flamephotometer emission technique with LPG Gas
View More

Amphotericin B in plasma View More

determine melting characteristics of crystals in a semisolid matrix by hot stage microscopy View More

Photostability of ocular solution drug product and API
Our drug product is a solution for a topical ocular delivery. The analytical method will be d... View More

Clinical laboratory needed for Patch test (in vivo)on Human volunteers
Photo-patch test
toxicology -toxicity and photo-allergy potential in Human
... View More

Zone of Inhibition
Inoculate Mueller Hinton agar plate with 100 micro-L S. aureus or E. coli, or C. albicans at 10(4) CFU/cm(2), spread to cover and ... View More

Pcp test for a copper ionization system for swimming pools. Must meet Canadian pmra good lab practice View More

method to detect lithium in serum by flamephotometer View More

Pharmaceutical release testing of amphotericin b in solution by HPLC. View More

3rd party laboratory that may perform detailed chemical analysis for a gas processor on an regular and irregular basis.
The chemical processing are ... View More

USP testing of Lithium Carbonate. Dissolution analysis with Flame photometer View More

Enzyme Assays-Spectrophotometric methods, substrate specificity, HPLC or MS. Other available assays View More

FDA & Calif. Prop. 65 lead & cadmium extraction - ceramicware astm method c738-94,
aoac method 973-94 cadium & lead in earthenware atomic absorption... View More

Photodegradation & oxidative stress testing. Testing Requirements
1. Subject solutions to fluorescent and UV radiation according to ICH guidelines (... View More

Japanese customs testing of soap based product for formaldehyde using the Acetylacetone spectrophotometric method of analysis View More

"Toxicity Test Using Luminescent Bacteria Photobacterium phosphoreum" View More

"Competitive (4)-20 gram samples of EVA hotmelt adhesive tested for 24, 48, 72 and 96 hours noting thermal stability in oven @ 350F noting change in c... View More

"Need flashpoint testing using Cleveland open cup method on hotmelt adhesive (solid)containing a flammable aromatic liquid." View More

contract lab which may perform a QC test for my company. The following needs would be for occasional routine QC testing. Testing must be performed acc... View More

ASTM B-117 Salt Spray testing. 24 hrs 1 set 48 hrs 2nd set 96 hrs 3rd set follow up photo's of each set for any signs of corrision for seven metals, 3... View More

North America, Europe FDA GMP Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to determine the concentration of Sodium Chondroitin Sulphate in a OTC capsules U... View More

FDA GMP Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for Photostability study of API as per ICH options. Stressed studies under light as per ICH options 1 a... View More