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Contract Laboratory has received the following household appliances Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These household appliances Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their household appliances Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a household appliances Laboratory, please Submit a household appliances Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Bathroom Scale Testing

Performance Laboratory needed for BS fragmentation testing of 6 bathroom scales under the BS3193:2008 fragmentation tests.

Product information shee... View More

ANSI Kitchen Cabinet Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Manufacturer needs kitchen cabinets tested about every Six months under the kitchen cabinets manufacturers's association standard A... View More

AHAM Electric Room Air Cleaner Testing

Electrical Laboratory needed for AHAM testing of electric room air cleaners to AHAM AC-3 Method for Measuring the Performance of Portable Household E... View More

Home Appliance Electrical Compliance Testing

Government needs Electrical Laboratory for compliance testing of house appliances to international standards for export opportunity. View More

Food Packaging Microwave Safety Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for microwave safety testing for molded fiber food service container packaging. View More

Refrigerator Energy Conservation Standards

Large corporation needs Laboratory for certification of refrigerators fridges in accordance with US 10 CFR 430.32 Energy and Eater Conservation Stand... View More

FDA GMP Consumer Products Laboratory needed for lead residue testing in brass food bowls (that have been manufactured in India
View More

Large home appliance company needs Laboratory for sensory analysis testing View More

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for quality evaluation of various small home appliances with QC issues. View More

Chemistry consultant needed for technical support and formulation development of consumer goods products that fall into the automotive and household ... View More

LONG-TERM Laboratory needed for IS appliance testing of free-standing gas cooktops as per IS 4246:2002 Domestic Gas Stoves For Use With Liquefied Petr... View More

Large organization needs laboratory for household pest control product efficacy testing. View More

Electrical certification laboratory needed for Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC testing for the following
Coffee maker
fo... View More

Consumer Products laboratory needed for customized testing of home appliances with the usage of Fabric Softener Sheet (Dryer Sheet) in cloth dryer. ... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Large corporation needs electrical laboratory for multiple electrical tests on refrigerator system (domestic and commercial). View More

Consumer products microbiology laboratory needed for air purification and viral efficacy studies on personal plasma-ion based air purifier against H7N... View More

Experienced food laboratory needed for nutritional comparison study of food blended with two different blenders. Study to compare the nutritional valu... View More

Electrical laboratory needed for IEC testing of electronics to IEC 60730-1: Automatic Electrical Controls for Household and Similar Use View More

Independent Consumer Products Laboratory needed for competitor analysis/ comparison study of new consumer blender to determine if new blending proces... View More

Environmental Laboratory needed for OECD biodegradability testing to OECD 301D to support biodegradability claim on 7 different household cleaning pr... View More

Electrical laboratory needed for DOE Testing of beverage coolers tested for DOE 2017 requirements, NSF 7, Energy Star 4.0 and others View More

Electrical laboratory needed for quality testing and certification of electromagnetic and ultrasonic insect/mosquito repellant technology. View More

Electrical Home appliance manufacturer needs Microbiology Laboratory for antimicrobial efficacy testing of UV-light on sterilization.
1. Textiles in... View More

Exporter of rubber,plastic bathroom accessories needs physical laboratory for physical testing including prformance and biodegradability:
1 Tensile ... View More

Appliance company needs third-party laboratory for comparison studies: Comparative Counter top / Toaster Oven Testing
View More

Electrical certification laboratory needed for IEC certification Testing of washing machine 6.5 Kg. View More

SOuthwest USA laboratory needed for microwave radiation testing from appliances for compliance to FDA guidelines View More

MULTIPLE PRODUCTS India Detergent manufacturer needs consumer product testing of multipurpose Gel and Liquid washing and cleaners for use in the Auto... View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for aerosol disinfectant testing for viral and bacteria efficacy testing of the disinfectants in different environment... View More

Laboratory needed for IEC Comparison Rbot Testing to IEC62929 Cleaning Robots For Household Use comparative test according to the IEC 62929. We want t... View More

Large manufacturer needs consumer products laboratory for efficacy testing of household cleaner against soils like soils, lime scale and grease View More

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for Consumer Product Safety Testing for a household/hardware (doorstop) item. Will provide 2-3 samples. Will ship. View More

As ia Food Safety Laboratory needed for proficiency testing of food device that measures the level of contaminants, harmful substances, salts (nitrate... View More

FDA Medical Device Laboratory needed for Medical Device Testing of Intraloral Orthodontic appliances for long and short term use 1 clear acrylic disc ... View More

Asia Analytical Chemistry and Microbiology Laboratory needed for formulation and stability testing of industrial, household and personal care products... View More

USA physical laboratory needed for flammability testing to UL 94 Standard for Safety of Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and Ap... View More

USA Consumer Products Electrical Laboratory needed for AHAM Testing to HU-1-2006, Portable Household Humidifiers. Humidifier Testing - water output te... View More

USA or Canada Electronics Laboratory needed for IPX-6 Testing to IEC Std. 60529 Section 14.2.6Moisture Intrusion testing on electric toothbrush size a... View More

USA Microbiology Laboratory needed for micobiology disinfectant testing of household use pre-moistured tissue wipe. We'd like to submit sample for "DI... View More

Analytical chemistry R&D laboratory needed for product development testing to develop prototype of a basic household cleaner. View More

Japan radiochemistry laboratory needed for EPA900 testing gross alpha and gross beta testing of single sample of household water for private individua... View More

Canada Environmental Laboratory needed to test various environmental elements (soil, water) and household and personal care products for toxic chemica... View More

Manufacturer of household cleaning products needs OECD Laboratory for testing one of our products for dermal corrosion (OECD TG 431). View More

US laboratory for certification of lifting appliances for lifting beams. Typical of CDE equipment pull test and NDE test View More

Canada or West Coast USA Sensory Laboratory needed for testing to determine odor reduction in refridgerators from gases given off by decaying food pro... View More

Electical Certification Laboratory needed for CB certification of electrical switches like electric switches & sockets. of all the electric switches(... View More

Microbiology Laboratory required to test our products efficacy against H1N1 virus. We are a manufacturer and distributor of personal care and househol... View More

USA Physical Laboratory needed for light output testing of UVC wand that consists of a 2.2 Watt UVC lamp housed in a plastic hand-held body. This dev... View More

USA, Canada, Brazil or Mexico Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for efficacy testing for household products, and safety testing for household pro... View More

Texas Electrical Laboratory needed for new product testing. I am looking to test a device that is 'stand alone' and is currently being developed that ... View More

Manufacturer of household cleaning products needs environmental laboratory needed for green biodegradability testing View More

India Electrical Laboratory needed for product safety testing for appliance couplier household & general purpose View More

Large, Multinational Manufacturer needs GLP Microbiology Laboratory for Total Viable Counts Testing on Raw Materials for Cosmetic/Household product View More

Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed to test various food, household and personal products for the presence of boric acid and arsenic. Food pro... View More

Electrical Product Safety Laboratory needed ENEC European certification testing to EN 61058-1
Switches for appliances certification.

View More

Electrical testing of electrical household consumer products to EN60065 View More

R&D plus product testing for line of "green" household cleaners including: All purpose cleaner - degreaser
Bath, Shower & Tile cleaner,
Carpet st... View More