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Contract Laboratory has received the following minerals Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These minerals Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their minerals Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a minerals Laboratory, please Submit a minerals Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Platinum Group Metals testing

Mineral Company needs Metallurgical Laboratory for testing concentrates at 75 mesh that I want tested for platinum and palladium or any of the PGM (Pl... View More

Rock Metallurgical Analysis for Mineral Rights

Mining organization needs Africa Laboratory for metallurgical analysis of rock, for percent of cobalt, lithium,platinum. These were found on land that... View More

Barite Elemental Analysis

UK Laboratory needed for elemental analysis of natural barite mineral View More

FDA Health Beverage Labeling Claims Testing

FDA Food Laboratory needed for vitamins, minerals and nutritional value labeling claims testing of I two wild berry health drink products packaged in ... View More

Mineral Analysis

UK Geology Laboratory needed for mineral analysis of raw minerals testing for platinum, rhodium, Tourmaline etc View More

Mine Tailings Analysis

USA Mining Company needs to have mine tailings analysed to see what was left behind from the first wash of dirt. Then see if any other minerals are lo... View More

Geology Lab needed for Rock Testing

I have a sample of rock material that I would like to have tested to know exactly what it is made of and the percentages of the different minerals in ... View More

Synthetic Clay Lithium Concentration

Large Mineral Corporation needs Environmental Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for synthetic clay testing to determine the lithium concentration via I... View More

Placer Gold Bearing Ore Testing

Natural Resources Company needs Environmental Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for placer gold bearing ore testing to determine the gold percentages pe... View More

EPA / FDA GMP Barite Mineral Analyses

LONG-TERM TESTING FDA GMP Minerology Laboratory needed for EPA Standard chemical and heavy metal analysis for barite powder including the following
... View More

Solar Radiation (UVB, UVA, and Vis)

Large Natural Resource Company needs Laboratory that has the capabilities to test for solar radiation (UVB, UVA and Vis) View More

Mineral Ore Analysis

Environmental Laboratory needed for mineral analysis of some minerals ores View More

Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) Testing

Gravel Company needs Geology Laboratory for testing veins of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) from samples in gravel pit. View More

Silicone and Graphite Purity

Third-Party Laboratory needed for purity and composition testing of two silicone and graphite samples for a breakdown of each of these samples, chem... View More

Minerals and Ore Identification

INDIVIDUAL Geology Laboratory needed for identification testing of minerals and ore metal. View More

Rare Mineral Analysis

Solar Power Company needs environmental laboratory for mineralogical analysis for all rare minerals View More

Elemental Analysis

Mining Company needed for elemental analysis on mining sand for precious metals au, Ag, pt, Pd View More

Zirconium composition

Geology Laboratory needed for analysis of zirconium ore samples. View More

Gold,Silver,and Minerals

Mining company needs laboratory for verification testing of gold, silver, marmol minerals. View More

Geology Laboratory needed for SARA analysis and ash content on minerals View More

Geology Laboratory needed to carry out Saturate, Aromatic, Resin and Asphaltene SARA analysis and ash content on minerals. View More

Geology laboratory needed for elemental and heavy metals analysis of two ores from a new source including iron ore to >10 ppm, with % or ppm concent... View More

Large corporation needs geology laboratory for whole rock analysis including mineral analysis, X-ray fluorescence XRF, FeO digestion, density of woll... View More

Geoanalytical laboratory needed for Kimberlite Indicator Mineral (KIM) testing of diamonds. 50 samples. View More

START-UP Brewery needs TTB laboratory for hard cider alcoholic beverage analysis for submission of formula and labelling to the TTB. Testing to includ... View More

Environmental laboratory needed for river sediment testing for total carbonate minerals in a high organic carbon content river sediment, five samples.... View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for water testing for electrical conductivity, pH, total dissolved solids, total suspended solids, and trace mi... View More

Geochemistry laboratory needed for chemical analysis of lithium ore samples from a mine.
View More

Mining company needs geotechnical laboratory for metallurgical testing: mineral analysis of mining rock samples View More

Geology laboratory needed for ore genesis testing of soil, rocks, and sediments for gold mineralization. View More

Mineralogy laboratory needed for mineral analysis of a sample to determine the amount of mica present. View More

URGENT. Mining laboratory needed for large quantity mineralogy testing to determine the percentage of copper and all other minerals in ore. Certificat... View More

Geology Laboratory needed for metallurgical testing and mineral analysis to test rocks for minerals and precious metals such as platinum View More

Geochemistry laboratory needed for stone testing for metals and minerals. View More

Independent Consumer Products Laboratory needed for competitor analysis/ comparison study of new consumer blender to determine if new blending proces... View More

Mining company needs Geology Laboratory for mineral analysis of minerals present in stones to identify valuable gems mined in 50 feet deep View More

Healthcare practioner needs medicinal chemistry laboratory for herbal waters testing for chemical composition including for vitamins, minerals. Herbal... View More

University researcher needs environmental laboratory for soil analysis and water microbial analysis
1) soil physical particle size distribution test ... View More

Agriculture laboratory needed for nutritional testing of stockfeed supplements for vitamins and minerals:
Vitamin A
Vitamin D3
Vitamin D1
Vitamin... View More

University Biology Researcher needs needs agriculture laboratory for conducting capstone research study to evaluate the nutrient contents of carrot sa... View More

India geology laboratory needed for geochemical analysis for marine sediment trace elements, rare earth elements, major oxides for minerals View More

Mining company engaged in the exploration of mineral deposits, mining of tantalum, industrial minerals and fashioning of gemstones needs geology labo... View More

Full Pet Food analysis (AAFCO Cat food nutrient profile): Crude protein, fat, moisture, fiber, ash, minerals, vitamins, Amino acids. Please keep my c... View More

India Pharmaceutical Science Researcher needs Pharmacology Contract Research Organization for Pharmacology Study Experiments:


Food laboratory needed for assistance in doing food analysis, with emphasis on lead content, calcium and other minerals and fat. I am aspiring to sta... View More

Western Canada food laboratory needed for nutritional testing of 2 coffee roasts of a coffee tested for acidity level and nutritional make up i.e. mi... View More

Marketing company needs Analytical chemistry laboratory for quality and accuracy testing to confirm labels of vitamins, supplements, herbals, and min... View More

Environmental Laboratory needed for mineral analysis: Testing for rare earth minerals. View More

USA Laboratory needed to process mullet residual tissue composition (proteins, minerals:Ca, Fe, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper... View More

Asia laboratory needed for formal quotation for mineral analysis testing of minerals from black sand View More

FDA cGMP Consumer Products Laboratory needed for consumer products testing including sensory testing, comparison studies testing, consumer panel testi... View More

Europe Food Laboratory needed for food nutritional testing for compliance to European Union EU Regulations. Food Testing for
saturated f... View More

Canada Food Laboratory needed for nutritional testing for nutritional content, including calories, fat breakdown, carbs, protein, iron, all vitamins a... View More

Geology laboratory needed for mineral analysis of river bed samples to identify minerals like silver, gold, platinum, etc. View More

Canada Agriculture analytical chemistry laboratory needed for mustard seed testing: Quality and utility of mustard seeds Oil percentage
- Contents of... View More

Texas food laboratory needed for Himalayan Salt testing . Manufacturers claim salt contains 88 unspecified minerals and its miracle benefits for human... View More

Middle East Geological Laboratory needed for Geochemical testing for heavy minerals, isotopes, petrographic analysis.
View More

Ariculture laboratory needed for soil analysis for minerals View More

Puerto Rico geology laboratory needed for rock testing. Iron testing for the amount of iron and other minerals present in the sample. Can you do this ... View More

Reliable Asia laboratory meeded to do Vitamins, Amino acids, Antioxidants, Minerals/Heavy metals, Fatty acids, Nutritional labeling tests e.t..c for o... View More

Hydroponic vegetable grower needs North central midwest USA food laboratory for hydroponic lettuce testing for comparison testing to field grown lett... View More

Veterinary Medicine Laboratory needed for animal health examnation. looking to have calves that were born weighing 20-30 lbs non-viable autopsied. Nee... View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for chemical and physical testing of Chemical & Physical parameters of minerals like Calcite/Dolomite;Feldspar ... View More

Mining Company needs metallurgical laboratory for mineral annalysis for calcium carbonate and other minerals. We need help to assess our quarry lime s... View More

Central USA food laboratory needed for raw pet food testing for nutrients including amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids. View More

Australia company needs Asia Geotechnical laboratory for mineral analysis of Cu-Au and other minerals for mining purposes. View More

Washington DC Geology laboratory needed for mineral testing and identification of Africa minerals. View More

Metallurgical laboratory needed for mineral analysis and metallurgical testing: gold, diamond or other mineralsfor rocks and dirt View More

MONTHLY LAB TESTING: Southwest USA laboratory needed for USAP and AOAC dietary supplement testing, primarily microbiology testinng and heavy metals te... View More

Texas environmental laboratory needed for soil testing: mineral analysis for gold, oil, or water minerals. View More

India Food Laboratory needed for organic health beverage testing of organic health beverage made with juices of vegetables & fruits nutritional cont... View More

USA materials laboratory needed for mineral analysis: metal and mineral content of my ore. Copper %, Lead %, water % and per cent of other minerals t... View More

USA Geology laboratory needed for minteral analysis: Yield per ton analysis of minerals found in rock. View More

Washington State Geology Laboratory needed for minerals analysis. View More

Europe / UK geochemical laboratory needed for Multi-element chemical analysis testing for samples of Minerals (heavy mineral sand mainly contains: Il... View More

Midwest USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for API Testing, ASTM Testing Hydrocarbon analysis: hydrocarbon, fats, oil and grease, biosolids M... View More

Africa Food Laboratory needed for nutritional testing of mushrooms. Simultaneous reverse-phase-HPLC analysis of water soluble and fat soluble vitamins... View More

Canada Food Laboratory needed for food toxicity testing and nutritional testing of juice to test for: Vitamins (A, C, folate, thiamine); Minerals (mag... View More

Africa metallurgy laboratory needed forprocess development for phosphate and sulfides minerals in Tunisia and in Africa. View More

Southern California Metallurgical Laboratory needed for Precious Metals and Minerals Testing Please analyze and test ore sample for Platinum and other... View More

Tunisia and Africa Geological Laboratory needed for process development for phosphate and sulfides minerals in Tunisia and in Africa. View More

Africa Metallurgical Laboratory needed for process development testing for phosphate and sulfides minerals in Tunisia and in Africa.
" View More

Clinical laboratory needed for blood testing for our group of patients, vitamin analysis /minerals analysis /amino acid anslysis /etc View More

FDA GMP microbiology laboratory needed for USP Microbiology Testing and GMP Testing and possible chemical analysis for new manufacturig facility for v... View More

USA Food Chemistry Laboratory needed for food chemistry testing of meat and eggs. Macronutrients, lipid details, vitamins, minerals and contaminants ... View More

China, India Mining Laboratory needed for preferential precipitation testing of cassiterite ultrafine particles (less than 20 micron) in the process o... View More

Oil Laboratory needed for chemical testing for unwanted chemicals in oil production process with pore volume injected at core scale for heavy oil prod... View More

Canada Nanotechnology Laboratory needed to manufacture liquid minerals ( nano particle size)

View More

Pennsylvania or NJ analytical chemistry laboratory needed for calcium testing. Test Clam shells for percentage of Calcium and other minerals. View More

London food nutritional laboratory needed for nutritional testing of coconut nectar. We wish to know details such as which amino acids or vitamins or ... View More

Mexico Geology Laboratory needed for geological report testing: mixed minerals such as gold, silver, cooper & iron Ores Geological report View More

USA Food Laboratory needed for protein powder / meal replacement testing for: (1) does it have the calories, minerals etc that it says it has and (2)... View More

FDA GMP Food Laboratory needed for Food Nutritional Testing: B Vitamin's, minerals such as: calcium, potassium, zinc to be ascertained from brewed co... View More

Food Laboratory needed for nutritional testing of rosehip oil seeds from a species in Moldova. calorie information, protein and amino acids, carbohydr... View More

Italy food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for vitamin testing for Omega 3, omega 6, minerals , vitamins View More

Materials Laboratory needed for minerals analysis View More

FDA GMP preclinical laboratory needed for efficacy study of transdermal patch which has been infused with natural vitamins and minerals. We need to te... View More

Asia geochemical laboratory needed for minerals testing for Limestone, Please let me know how many type are there ? and the price .
View More

Geology laboratory needed for mineral identification of the minerals contained in rock samples View More

Canada environmental analytical chemistry laboratory needed for mineral analysis, analytical mineral results for canadian hydrophilic clay
Aluminum 5... View More

Canada agriculture laboratory needed for nutrient testing in hay. Report TDN, ADF, NDF, DE, CP, and minerals View More

Metallurgical laboratory needed for Soil analyses for minerals associated with gold Trace minerals analyses of shallow soil samples for the presence o... View More


USA geology laboratory needed for material analysis for rae minerals. View More

Geology Laboratory needed for mineral analysis of minerals and precious stones View More

USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing the minerals for a mineral-based powder used for body wraps. View More

India Minerals Testing Laboratory needed for testing maganese/iron ore/ boxite at mine site. View More

USA/India Geological Laboratory needed for total heavy metal testing for soil developed from serpentine rocks.
1 -total analysis- all heavy metals
2... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing minerals using RAMAN Spectroscopy View More

Canada FDA GMP Analytical Chemistry Food Laboratory needed for testing a batch of Above Sea Coral Calcium Carbonate for assay of its chemical composit... View More

Minnesota ASTM Physical Laboratory needed for the following: Screen the air-dried bulk samples through a 6.3-mm (0.25-in.) screen in accordance with A... View More

FDA Laboratory needed to test vitamin/minerals in custom formulations to maintain cGMP compliance. View More

India Geological Laboratory needed to test samples of rock cross sections of areas which seem potential in metals and minerals. We can send over 40 s... View More

India Nutritional Laboratory needed to test Aloe Veera Juice & its existing ingredients percentile (its %age exist- which are & how much).
 ... View More

Geological Laboratory required for rock test analysis to determine its minerals constituents and to confirm or otherwise. View More

Robotics Engineering Company needs Contract Laboratory for 2 and 4 stage TGA / Fusion lab testing. (minerals) View More

US FDA, ISO laboratory to test salt consumption by horses to determine the natural ingredients / minerals / elements contained in that rock salt.

View More

Geology Metallurgial Laboratory needed for GC/MS testing zeolite sample for Silicon Dioxide, select trace minerals,and heavy metal content. Also test ... View More

California Food Laboratory needed for NUTRITION FACTS LABEL testing --vitamins and minerals in a food supplement drink. View More

USA Microbiology eeded for identification testing of oxidation bacteria's (bacterias ferrooxidantes and tiooxidantes) by the method of PCR of 16s rDNA... View More

India FDA GLP and ISO 17025 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for USP Stability testing for multivitamins/minerals in drops( shelf life) + testi... View More

Exploration Company needs California Geology Laboratory for Geochemical Accelerator Mass Spectrometry and Pyrolysis GC/MS Testing.We have a number of ... View More

UCAS Food Analytical Chemistry Nutritional Laboratory needed for heavy metals testing for vitamins and minerals. View More

Europe GLP Nutritional Laboratory required for Testing of fermented dry sausage & dry pepper for: vitamins & minerals(B group, C, A, iron, selenium View More

Saudi Arabia ASTM ISO Geological Laboratory needed for testing rock soil sediments and drill sample for minerals determination in ppm and % View More

South Africal Geological Laboratory required for testing marine sediments minerals - heavy minerals, phosphates, glauconite content. View More

UK or US Research Mineralogy laboratory needed to differentiate between types of iron minerals present following high temperature transformations View More

West Malaysia Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for food safety testing, food nutrition,food minerals and heavy metal testing,protein conten... View More

West Coast USA, FDA GMP Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for NMR, GC, Moss Spec, HPLC testing for:
Glucose, Frucose, Mannose, Xylose, n-ac... View More

Canada Geological Laboratory needed for testing rocks and minerals for:
ICPEs for major elements
ICPMS for trace and REEs
View More

Nevada Geological Laboratory needed for testing quantity and quality of humates, fulvigan, leonardite and any other minerals found in sample - please ... View More

USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing polysaccharide count, vitamins, minerals of ALoe Vera Powder. View More

Middle East Geochemical Laboratory for determination of elements in rocks , minerals View More

Canning company in South Africaneeds Food Analytical Chemistry Lab for nutritional information testing. This includes vitamins, minerals etc. Kindly e... View More

Geological laboratory needed for the following:
1. Small stone sample approx 2"x3"x1/2" thick. For x-ray testing. 2. Powder derived rom pulverizing t... View More

Analytical chemistry lab needed for tesing for minerals in our products are chelated with various amino acids and are thus more bioavailable.percentag... View More

Contract Research Organization needed for Trace Mineral & Vitamin Transport Studies. Measure absorption of trace minerals & vitamins preferably in an ... View More

Geological laboratory needed to analyze minerals View More

US FDA GMP analytical chemistry laboratory needed for USP Testing of Spirulina. Parameters to be analysed: Proximate analysis (Protein, Carbohydrate, ... View More

Materials laboratory needed for testing rock for minerals content View More

Materials laboratory needed for ISO and ASTM Minerals analysis testing. Analyze synthetic mineral carbonate View More

UKAS/MCERTS Environmental laboratory needed for soil, water, aggregate testing: Soil: CLEA/ICRCL type suites, organic (TPH, PAH, etc), GC/MS scan;
Wa... View More

Food laboratory needed for analysis of protein, Energy, Vitamins, Amino acid, Total sugar, Total fats, Total Minerals, Calories & Allergens View More

FDA GMP Food laboratory needed for testing for nutritional label (ie., vitamins and minerals content) View More

USA West Coast GMP analytical chemistry laboratory needed for testing raw materials and finished mineral supplements for content levels of various min... View More

FDA Nutritional analysis that includes protein content, detailed amino acids, vitamins, minerals, fat (breakdown), fiber and water of dog food. This ... View More

Full testing of 12 Herbal Nutritional Supplements products for: Stability Testing, Shelf Life, Full Microhemistry and Analytical Chemistry Make-ups, P... View More

Acid soluble Arsenic Testing by the cosmetic, toiletry and fragrance association (CTFA) method F1-1, parts IA and II. This colorimetric silver diethy... View More

USP Testing of several USP items and also a project for testing minerals in a multivitamin & mineral oral product
USP standard drug APIs and finishe... View More