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Contract Laboratory has received the following Rocks and Stones Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These Rocks and Stones Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their Rocks and Stones Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a Rocks and Stones Laboratory, please Submit a Rocks and Stones Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Kerogen Analysis

Geology Laboratory needed for kerogen (a solid organic matter in sedimentary rocks) analysis using FTIR, TOC and NMR for the chemical and structural c... View More

Galena Rock Lead Content

Geology Laboratory needed for lead content percentage testing in galena rocks. Please provide cost for one time test. View More

CPSC Doll and Stuffed Animal

CPSC Consumer Products Laboratory needed for consumer products safety testing of dolls (not intended for children under 6) and stuffed animals for
l... View More

Quote for Rock Solar Reflectance

Construction Materials Company needs Geology Laboratory for solar reflectance index testing for rocks used on terraces. View More

ASTM Natural Stone

Natural Stone Supplier needs Laboratory for ASTM testing of natural stones including marble to ASTM standards for US based customer.. View More

Rock CT Scanning

Geology Laboratory needed for micro CT scanning of carbonate rocks and cement stratigraphy in sandstone View More

Nuclear Chemistry Laboratory needed for uranium analysis on rocks View More

Company needs geology laboratory for roundness testing of small rocks (pebbles) in test batches of product. View More

Geochemistry Laboratory needed for mineralogical analysis for quarry rocks. View More

Classification and Mineralogical Analysis on quarry rocks sample. View More

PhD student needs geology laboratory for various volcanic rock analyses including chemical, SEM and isotopes analysis. The following specific tests a... View More

Geology laboratory needed for ore genesis testing of soil, rocks, and sediments for gold mineralization. View More

Geology Laboratory needed for metallurgical testing and mineral analysis to test rocks for minerals and precious metals such as platinum View More

Mining company needs Geology Laboratory for mineral analysis of minerals present in stones to identify valuable gems mined in 50 feet deep View More

Geology laboratory needed for rocks testing: Sio2 53.2% Al 203 18.4% Fe 203 8.74% Tio2 0.41% CaO 1.26% Mgo 13.3% LOI 4.62% View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Gemstone company needs geology laboratory needed for metallurgical and mineral analysis for gemstones, silica, gold, platinum, rar... View More

Geology laboratory needed for Geochemistry Analysis on stones including crushing and x rayfor the chemical compound for mineral identification View More


Government needs Australia geology laboratory for halogen analysis in rocks. Please provide quote including per sample costs? View More

Mining company engaged in the exploration of mineral deposits, mining of tantalum, industrial minerals and fashioning of gemstones needs geology labo... View More

Supply chain management company needsgeology laboratory for Metal,Gold ore,quartz rocks and gold testing View More

Geology laboratory needed for bulk density testing done on irregular shaped rocks from blast holes. View More

Geology laboratory needed for gold testing in rocks from old mine. Approximately 20 samples. View More

INDIVIDUAL: USA Geology Laboratory needed for metallurgical testing of rocks and gravel for gold and silver . 4 Samples

View More

New York City Geology Laboratory needed for Precious metal content in sample rocks. Percent of precious metal if any View More

Mineral company needs Geology Laboratory for Test gold testing in rocks View More

Geology Laboratory needed for precious metal verification testing of rocks for platinum View More

Africa Geology Laboratory needed for gemstone analysis of artisanal gemstones View More

Geology laboratory needed for mineral analysis of rocks
View More

Sedimentary and petroleum geology university researcher needs south africa geology laboratory for Cathodoluminescence petrology testing of carbonate r... View More

California metallurgical laboratory needed for mineral analysis of iron stone sample of basic iron ore , to know the % of iron . I have some iron ston... View More

Asia or Europe geology laboratory needed for Petrographic Examination/Analysis; Staining; Rock Dating, Fossil Identification, X-ray Diffraction; and R... View More

Metallurgical laboratory needed for mineral analysis and metallurgical testing: gold, diamond or other mineralsfor rocks and dirt View More

Geological Laboratory needed for mineral analysis of rocks for mining claims. View More

Professional Service Firm needs Pennsylvania or New York Geology Laboratory for Rock Testing: three rocks that need to be tested for make up. My Clie... View More

Geology Laboratory needed for stone geophysical testing: analysis on our natural stones including: analysis are: freezing, compressive strength, flexu... View More

Montana or Alberta geology laboratory for mineral testing of rocks for age and content View More

Africa geology laboratory needed to conduct chercher abrasivity index tests (CAI). I would also like to have UCS, tensile strength Modulus of elastici... View More

Mexico metallurgical laboratory needed for analysing rocks form a mine View More

US consumer safety laboratory needed for toxicology testing: Toxic Elements Testing of Fashion jewelry product line made by a contract manufacturer in... View More

India Radiochemistry Laboratory needed for regular radioactive emission testing of irradiated stones View More

Europe Geology laboratory needed for Geochemical analysis of rocks for gold determination (in bpm)" View More

NJ Geology laboratory needed to test two rocks areas on the one rock to be tested and the two extremely tiny blue areas on the other rock to be tested View More

Middle East Geochemical laboratory needed for ISO Testing, chemical analysis using microprobe analysis
36 samples of granitic rocks rich in iron View More

UAE Geological Laboratory needed for testing major and trace elements as listed in the table below in rock samples that are mainly carbonatized and se... View More

Geology Laboratory needed for mineral analysis of minerals and precious stones View More

Geotechnical Laboratory needed for testing rocks which are used as building materials in molding,for roads..with grade of 6mm,12mm,20mm 40 mm View More

USA/India Geological Laboratory needed for total heavy metal testing for soil developed from serpentine rocks.
1 -total analysis- all heavy metals
2... View More

Geological Laboratory needed for testing some soil samples for gold, diamond and other rare earths and precious stones. View More

Canada/USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to test for trace elements (40 elements) in Fe-ore bearing volcanic rocks using ICP-MS. View More

Materials Laboratory needed for elemental analysis: Trace elements and rare earth elements analysis of rocks and sediments View More

UK Geological Laboratory required to test a sample of hard rocks for gold content. View More

Canada Geological Laboratory needed for testing rocks and minerals for:
ICPEs for major elements
ICPMS for trace and REEs
View More

India Physical Testing Laboratory needed for
Materials Screeds Testing: Compressive strength, Residual Humidity,
Waterproofing: Elasticity, Adhesi... View More

Middle East Geochemical Laboratory for determination of elements in rocks , minerals View More

FDA GMP Preclincal laboratory needed for testing compounds (small molecule prostones) inhibit protein kinase C on a cellular level. Inhibition could b... View More

Geochemistry laboratory needed for Chemical analysis of different rocks View More

Geotechnical laboratory needed for rockstrength testing including Uniaxial compressive strength
shearbox View More

Laboratory needed for radionuclide testing on natural stones being shipped to china for customs purposes View More