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Contract Laboratory has received the following Consumer Products Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These Consumer Products Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their Consumer Products Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a Consumer Products Laboratory, please Submit a Consumer Products Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

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ISO Fabric Antibacterial and Antiviral Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for Fabric Antibacterial and antiviral testing t... (view details)

Candle Consumer Product Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for the following candle testing :
- ... (view details)

Make-up Brushes Disinfection Cleanliness Study

USA Consumer Products Laboratory needed for evaluation of 3-6 different mak... (view details)

Hosiery Thermal Overall Grade (TOG) Testing

Consumer Products Softgoods Textiles Laboratory needed for Thermal Overall ... (view details)

OECD and ECHA Biodical Product Testing

European Union Laboratory needed for OECD and ECHA biocidal product testing... (view details)

Dietary Supplement Product Safety Toxicology Testing

FDA Toxicology Laboratory needed for product safety testing of 2 differen... (view details)

UVC Light Disinfection Product Certification and Testing

Microbiology Laboratory needed for certification of UVC light disinfection ... (view details)

Medical Device Hydrogel Stability Biocompatibility, Sterility and Analytical Testing

FDA Medical Device Laboratory needed with experience with polymers for per... (view details)

ISO Fabric Anti-Viral Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for ISO fabric anti-viral testing to ISO 18184... (view details)

ISO Textile Antiviral Activity Testing

USA Contract Laboratory needed for ISO Antiviral Activity Testing of Textil... (view details)

Oil and Gas Chemical Quality Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Chemical company for the oil and gas market needs ISO 170... (view details)

ISO and AATCC Antiviral Activity Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for textile ISO and AATCC antiviral activity tes... (view details)

Textile ISO Antiviral Testing

Textile Laboratory needed to perform ISO testing on textiles to ISO Test S... (view details)

Cleaning Product Pathogen Testing

Pharmaceutical Company needs Microbiology Laboratory for antiviral and anti... (view details)

ISO Textile Antiviral Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for ISO antiviral activity testing of textile pr... (view details)

Art Paint ASTM Toxicological Assessments

USA Consumer Products Laboratory needed for ASTM toxicological assessments ... (view details)

DNA Identification of Mushroom Species

LONG-TERM TESTING Genetics Laboratory needed for periodic (10-20 times a ye... (view details)

Cosmetics In-Vivo SPF and In-Vitro UVA-PF Testing

Europe Cosmetics Company needs Clinical Research Laboratory for performing ... (view details)

Natural Soap & Skin Care Products Certificate of Analysis Testing

Cosmetics Laboratory needed for certificate of analysis (COA) testing for ... (view details)

ISO Textile Antiviral Testing

URGENT LONG-TERM Large textile company selecting contract laboratory to do... (view details)

ISO Textile Antiviral Efficacy Testing

Dental Company needs USA Microbiology Laboratory ISO antiviral efficacy t... (view details)

Mop Evaluation Studies

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for conducting studies on a new mop t... (view details)

Frankincense testing

Dear Sir,
We have started to important tons of Frankincense from Puntland... (view details)

Diabetic Ulcer and Wound Care Product Weight Range Compression Study

USA Contract Laboratory needed for testing study to determine the weight ra... (view details)

Hand Lotion Antiviral Testing Against Enveloped Viruses

Microbiology Laboratory needed for anti-viral testing of consumer based an... (view details)

Leather Product Virucidal /Anti-Viral Resistance Testing

Microbiology Laboratory needed for virucidal / anti-viral resistance testi... (view details)

Textile Antiviral ActivityTesting

USA Contract Microbiology Laboratory needed for ISO Virology tests for text... (view details)

Dog Toy Safety Testing

Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for pet products testing of a do... (view details)

Oral Care Pharmaceutical Antibacterial and Antiviral Studies

Pharmaceutical Company needs Contract Research Organization for antimicrobi... (view details)

ISO Textile Fabric Antiviral Testing

Microbiology Laboratory needed for ISO Antiviral testing of textile fabrics... (view details)

ASTM Camping Mattress R-Value Testing

Certified Consumer Products Testing Facility needed for ASTM R-Value Testi... (view details)

Cleaning Products Labeling Claims Testing (Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic)

Cleaning company needs Contract Toxicology Laboratory for labeling claims t... (view details)

Food Water Activity and Pathogen Testing

Food Microbiology Laboratory needed for water activity and pathogen testin... (view details)

ANSI Hand Protection Products Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for ANSI Testing of hand protection products to ... (view details)

ISO Textiles Anti-Viral Activity Testing

Healthcare Manufacturer needs USA Microbiology Laboratory for ISO textile t... (view details)

Cleaning Product Consulting and Testing

Environmental Green Cleaning Company needs Environmental Microbiology Labor... (view details)

Nanofiber Textile and Media ISO Anti-Viral Activity Testing Against Coronavirus

URGENT Contract Microbiology Laboratory needed for ISO anti-viral activity ... (view details)

Probiotic Food Product Testing

Food Laboratory needed for full analysis of probiotic food products. Please... (view details)

Mosquito Repellent Bio Efficacy Study

Environmental Laboratory needed to evaluate the bio efficacy of mosquito re... (view details)

Textile ISO Antiviral Activity Testing

Research Scientist needs Microbiology Laboratory for ISO antivirus testing ... (view details)

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products ISO Testing

India ISO 17025 Contract Test Laboratory needed for all ISO certification t... (view details)

Skin Care Product Line Stability, Preservative Efficacy and Repeat Insult Patch Test

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Company developing line of skin care products needs Co... (view details)

Gum and Mint Candy Testing

Candy Company needs Food Laboratory for testing gum and mint products for w... (view details)

Cleaning Product Safety and Effectiveness

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for studies to determine a cleaning che... (view details)

ISO Dog Bed Cover Textile Odor Resistance Testing

Consumer Products Textiles Laboratory needed for ISO dog bed cover odor res... (view details)

Cosmetics Products Dermatological Testing

Europe Clinical Research Laboratory needed for dermatological testing on co... (view details)

Candy Consumer Research Tolerability and Sensitivity Study

10K BUDGET APPROVED: Candy company needs Food Consumer Panel Research Study... (view details)

Naphthol ASTM Color Testing

Contract Test Laboratory needed for ASTM color testing of Naphthol Spirits ... (view details)

ASTM Soft Baby Carrier Safety Testing

USA Consumer Products Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing certification for ... (view details)

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