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Featured Plants Laboratory Test Requests

Below are some featured Plants Laboratory Test Requests that we have received from companies, governments and organizations looking for Plants laboratories and scientific research facilities to perform their Plants lab testing and Plants scientific research projects.

Cannabis THC Vaporization Product Development Study

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT USA or Canada Research Laboratory needed for prototype testing of a new device that vaporizes plants. The first study will be on ... View More

Plant Product Anti-Bacterial Activity Testing

Microbiology Laboratory needed for Anti Bacterial activity testing and Anti fungal Activity testing for plant products View More

ISO Breast Implant Fatigue and Diffusion Testing

Medical Device Laboratory needed for ISO Medical Device Testing of Breast Implants to ISO 14607:2018, especially the fatigue test (Annex C.1), the si... View More

Grassland Biodiversity Study

20k BUDGET APPROVED Environmental Laboratory needed for grassland biodiversity study project to determine the content of leaf pigments (e.g. chlorophy... View More

Cactus DNA species identification

USA Genetics Laboraory needed for DNA species identification of a dehydrated and powdered plant, a cactus Echinopsis pachanoi. We need to determine th... View More

Plant Phytochemical Analysis

Researcher needs India Laboratory for NMR analysis to isolate an phytochemical from a plant . View More

Tomato Plant Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed for conducting a study of tomato plants for 2.4D and glyphosphate rersidue View More

Plant Species Analytical Testing

Farm needs Agriculture Laboratory needed for plant species testing for caffeine, polyphenols, alkalis, etc., as well as toxicity. I would like inform... View More

FDA Whole Pepper Compliance Testing

FDA Agriculture / Food Laboratory needed for whole pepper testing in compliance with FDA regulations
Please send prices and quotes
View More

Wasabi Plant Testing

USA Agriculture Laboratory needed for wasabi plant testing for the levels of 6-MSITC and isosaponarin present in an extraction of leaves from wasabi p... View More


Microbiology Laboratory needed for confirmatory testing of plant based compound activity against MRSA by LCMS . View More

Erucic acid- inherent plant toxins and Ergot sclerotia and ergo alkaloids

USA Life Sciences Company needs laboratory for AOAC and ASTM endotoxin (total) and scorched particle testing of Erucic acid- inherent plant toxins an... View More

ISO saffron stigmas testing

Southern England UK Laboratory needed for ISO saffron stigmas (Crocus sativus) testing following the procedures set out in ISO 3632.
Saffron, essent... View More

Sugar Divinylbenzene (DVB) & Ethylvinylbenzene (EVB)

I'm looking for a laboratory which can measure on syrup (of sugar) : divinylbenzene (DVB) & ethylvinylbenzene (EVB) with limits of quantification < 4... View More

Soil Conditioner Evaluation

Environmental Laboratory needed for agriculture evaluation testing of soil conditioner in soil & coir for fruit & vegetable yields, water retention, r... View More

Beehive Health Testing

Agriculture Laboratory needed for Beehive Health, Floral Source Testing, Flavor Testing, and Botanical Testing. View More

ASTM Biomechanical Testing of Orthopedic Implants

Medical Device Laboratory needed for Biomechanical testing for orthopedic implants i.e. interlocking nails, bone plates, bone screws and spine fixatio... View More

ISO Opthalmic Implant Intraocular Lenses Testing

Medical Device Laboratory needed to perform hydrolytic, biocompatibility, and photostability test for hydrophobic intraocular lenses as per ISO 11979 ... View More

Plant Extract Microbiology Analysis

Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbial testing for plant extracts with 92-97% ethyl alcohol View More

Pepper Plants Capsaicinoids Concerntation

INDIVIDUAL Food Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for capsaicinoids testing by Liquid Chromatography in pepper plants View More

ISO Dental Implants Dynamic Fatigue Testing

ISO 14801 Dentistry -- Implants -- Dynamic fatigue test for endosseous dental implants View More

DEVELOPMENTAL - Medical Device Orthopedic Implants

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Experienced Medical Device company working to develop new orthopedic implants needs Medical Product Safety Laboratory for conducti... View More

Plastic Film Failure Analysis

Materials Laboratory needed for failure analysis of plastic film used in agriculture industry that typically last 8+ weeks but is becoming brittle an... View More

ISO Medical Implant Biocompatibility Studies

Medical Device Manufacturer needs Product Safety Laboratory for ISO 10993 medical implants biocompatibility studies:
(sensitization, systemic toxi... View More

Fertilizer AOAC Determination of N, P, K

Agriculture Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for AOAC determination of Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus in NPK fertilizer with full method of... View More

Plant Food Product Certificate of Analysis

Plant Growth Food Company needs Biochemistry Laboratoryfor complete Certificate of Analysis testing including amino acid analysis
Alanine Ala (A)
A... View More

Bioactive Compounds Identification

Asia Botany Laboratory needed for extraction of the bioactive compounds in a dried plant material
View More

Tea's Effect on Blood Sugar Level Research Study

Contract Research Organization needed for conducting a research study with quantitative experiments to produce banana blossom tea in powdered form. Th... View More

AOAC Organic Fertilizer Testing

Agriculture Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for powdered, organic fertilizer to three AOAC Methods:
AOAC 993.13 or 978.02 for Total Nitrogen ... View More

Invasive Plant Progressive Stress Study

Laboratory needed for progressive stress testing in a greenhouse environment of a semi-mature instance of the invasive plant Kudzu in an attempt to in... View More

Antimicrobial Effectiveness

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Microbiology Laboratory needed for antimicrobial effectiveness study of an antimicrobial agent in preventing the growth of bacter... View More

RFQ Artificial Grass Heavy Metals

Third-Party Laboratory needed for heavy metals testin in 6 different types of artificial grass
View More

Fertilizer Germination Testing

Environmental Laboratory needed for germination testing of a new fertilizer supplement to support filing with CFIA. Germination test is needed to det... View More

Sargassum seaweed.

Laboratory needed for analysis of Sargassum seaweed.for the following elements:Iodine, Yttrium, and Cobalt. View More

Fertilizers Heavy Metals

Agriculture Laboratory needed for heavy metal testing in imported fertilizer View More

Cordyceps Analysis

Third-Party Laboratory needed for inspection of cordyceps fo cordecepin and adenosi e etc View More

Curcumin Content

Food Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for curcumin content in whole fresh organic turmeric View More

Tea Leaf Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Third-Party Agriculture Laboratory needed for full tea leaf testing View More

Plant Phytohormones Testing

Biochemistry Laboratory needed for phytohormones testing (plant hormones) including auxins, cytokinins, etylene, abscisic acid, and gibberellins.
View More

Food Nutrittional Facts

FDA accredited Food Laboratory needed for nutritional facts and contamination of vegan nutrition solid beverage powder, consisting of different plants... View More

Medical Implant Cleaning Validation and Steam Sterilization

US FDA Medical Device Laboratory needed for cleaning validation and steam sterilization studies for medical implant and instrument set. Set is in rig... View More

Annona Muricata Leaves Toxcity Study

Toxicology Laboratory needed for acute toxicity study and edible food testing of annona muricata leaves

View More

Essential Oil Testing

Organic Farm developing aromatic and medicinal herbs for essential oil and absolute production needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for testing to d... View More

Kratom Testing

Distributor needs Microbiology / Chemistry Laboratory for salmonella, metals and other dangerous substances testing in Kratom to ensure it's a safe an... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING US Automotive Laboratory needed for vendor supplier confirmation cleaning testing of parts used in pumps and turbines to ensure part... View More

University Researcher needs microbiology laboratory to screen liquid plant extract for antiviral activities View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for perchlorate level testing of 20 plant samples or extract from plants that contain a relatively high level ... View More

Virology Laboratory needed for testing to show the absence of toxins associated with pathogenic Bacillus spp. or associated with any emetic and/or di... View More

START-UP Small start-up business needs food / agriculture laboratory for comparison study of the nutritional content analysis of vegetables grown wit... View More

Microbiology laboratory needed for performing Ames testing on 60 plant extract samples.
View More

Organization needs sensory laboratory for sensory evaluation testing on aromatic plants including color, flavor, fragrance, touch, smell, odor, and ol... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Medical Device Laboratory needed for dynamic fatigue testing of endosseous dental implants to ISO 14801 View More

Clinical research laboratory needed for keratinocyte monolayer scratch tests to measure closure of scratch (ie, migration of keratinocytes). Ex vivo w... View More

Medical device laboratory needed for surface topography imaging of titanium (machined and 3D-printed) spinal implants and surgical instruments includi... View More

Medical Device laboratory needed for passive ligating clip medical implant testing to several ISO and IEC standards including:

F2052 Test Method fo... View More

Medical device laboratory needed for biocompatibility testing of long term orthopedic implants to ISO 10993-1 (Biological Evaluation of Medical Devic... View More

Medical device laboratory needed for physical ASTM testing of a range of titanium surgical-grade products to the following ASTM Standards: ASTM F2052... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING European environmental laboratory needed for water testing of greenhouse water supply used in the production of tomatoes. Testing fo... View More

START-UP Food laboratory needed for product development of a candy product containing botanical extracts to prepare prototypes of a candy product bas... View More

Biomechanical / medical device laboratory needed for development of spinal implantable device manufactured with implantable grade PEEK and Titanium 3.... View More

Hemp company needs analytical chemistry laboratory for polydimethylsiloxane assay. View More

Agriculture genetics laboratory needed for DNA testing of organic cotton yarn View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for plant hormone testing by western blot, PCR, and HPLC for cytoknin and auzin in a broth View More

Agriculture laboratory needed for phytochemical testing in gynandra leaves including identification of phytochemicals present and their characterisati... View More

Nutraceutical / Dietary Supplement analytical chemistry laboratory needed for LONG-TERM TESTING - monthly quality control testing of dietary supplemen... View More

Applied Science Company needs agriculture microbiology laboratory for bioanalysis for organic acid profile of digestate from a microbial digestion pro... View More

Preclinical laboratory needed for bioactive elucidation and characterization of natural bioactive compounds with validation studies by in vitro, ex vi... View More

LONG TERM TESTING . Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for cannabis testing by HPLC-uv for Rhynchophylline and Speciophylline alkaloid content View More

Biomaterial laboratory needed for fatigue testing of dental implants in accordance to ISO 14801. View More

Microbiology laboratory needed for bulk plant material analysis for Thermoactinomyces vulgari and T. sacchari. View More

University scientific researcher needs Biochemistry laboratory for cell metabolic assay of plant samples by MTT assay. View More

Microbiology laboratory needed for Disinfection mitigation efficacy testing needed on one plant pathogen bacteria species (Erwinia amylovora) and one ... View More

Agriculture laboratory needed for microgreens testing for nutrient density for experimental study on changes to soil from germination rate, stem thi... View More

Medicinal chemistry laboratory needed for pomegranate extract testing for phenolic composition of pomegranate peel's methanol extract View More

Medical Device laboratory needed for Dental product testing of dental implants, abutments and surgical equipments. for drills- for radial run out, t... View More

ISO Accredited USA and European Biophysical Laboratory Needed for biomaterials testing of dental implant material: to ISO 14801- Dynamic fatigue test... View More

Biomedical company needs biomaterials laboratory for ISO Testing of resins cements to ISO 5833:2002 specifications, Implants for surgery -- Acrylic r... View More

Biochemistry laboratory needed for hibiscus rosa sinensis plant extract testing for alpha amylase and alpha glucosidase enzyme test View More

Orthopedics company needs medical device product safety laboratory for accelerated ageing testing of Orthopaedic implants in tyvek pouches including e... View More

Biomechanical Laboratory needed for Compression fatigue testing on dental implants under saline per ISO 14801, Dentistry -- Implants -- Dynamic fatigu... View More

Very Experienced, FDA certified Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for in vivo preclinical studies for 2 phase subset of FDA biocompati... View More

Large chemical company needs biotechnology laboratory for Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Testing for crop plants. Must be able to process single seed... View More

Packaging Laboratory needed for packaging certification testing as Child Resistant according to 16 CFR 1700.20, Testing procedure for special packagin... View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for dentification of different secondary metabolites present in carnation plant samples (preferably using HPLC GC-MS) ... View More

Medical Device laboratory for identification testing for the detection of cutting oil (mobilmet 766) on dental implants View More

University researcher in Plant Protection needs agriculture laboratory for water testing of water samples used for agricultural irrigation. Please pro... View More

Oak plantation needs environmental laboratory for soil and tissue testing to identify transplant stress, blight or Chlorosis View More

Healthcare practioner needs medicinal chemistry laboratory for herbal waters testing for chemical composition including for vitamins, minerals. Herbal... View More

Medical Technology Laboratory needed for biomechanical testing of dental implants to ISO14801 - compression to failure and fatigue testing of dental i... View More

Sensory and analytical chemistry laboratory needed for comparision testing vendor qualification of activated carbon to be used for odor absorption o... View More

Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for HPLC analysis of plant extracts, flavonoids, alkaloids, and phenolic acids needs to be analysed View More

EPA GLP laboratory needed for biopesticide testing: OPPTS 885.3500 cell culture test for a plant virus as biopesticide View More

PhD. University Researcher needs analytical chemistry laboratory for HPLC analysis of FLAVONOIDS, ALKALOID AND PHENOL GROUP from two plant extracts. ... View More

Toxicology laboratory needed for In-Vitro cell line toxicity study of herbal aqueous extracts on HeLa cell lines or any other cell line View More

Medical Devices manufacturers of surgical instruments and implants in India needs microbiology laboratory of disinfectant viral efficacy testing of Na... View More

Engineering company setting up solar power plants needs laboratory for testing newly designed earthing clamps for PV modules to UL2703 testing standar... View More

Africa Sensory Laboratory needed for determination of flavor profile of dried mushroom powder View More

Univeristy Doctorate Research Scientist needs toxicology laboratory for want cytotoxicity testing for cytotoxicity activity of skin cell lines from ... View More

University Biology Researcher needs needs agriculture laboratory for conducting capstone research study to evaluate the nutrient contents of carrot sa... View More

Medical device company needs GLP laboratory for quality control of Ophthalmic viscosurgical devices, according to ISO 15798:2013, Ophthalmic implants ... View More

India microbiology laboratory needed for virology studies: screening certain plant extract for anti viral property. View More

University Researcher needs Africa botany laboratory for Plant molecular biology studies on the microbiology and interactions plant-microorganisms. ... View More

Biophysical Laboratory needed for ISO Testing of medical implant. The material is Metal. It is to ensure that the design does not fail under standardi... View More

University researcher needs genetics laboratory for plant dna extract testing View More

Biomechanical Laboratory needed for mechanical testing of orthopedic implants for CE/ FDA certification View More

Contract Lab needed for Gossypol analysis in cottonseed View More

Materials Laboratory needed for certification testing of PIR Rigid cold insulation,
PIR (Polyisocynurate) foam segments are high-quality insulating ... View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for CFU quantification in mouse mammary tissue. 30 explants on August 21, 100 explants on September 10. View More

India biomedical laboratory needed for ISO dental implant testing: Cyclic load testing on dental implants
15Hz for 5 million cycles and Dynamic fatig... View More

India biophysical laboratory needed for dental implant testing: Dynamic fatigue testing ISO14801 on dental implants to ISO 14801, Cyclic load testing ... View More

Toxicology Laboratory needed for Toxicology Testing on Fertilizer used for aqua culture growth of plants for shrimp production Toxicology and MRL Test... View More

Medical Device Microbiology Laboratory needed for sterilization validation testing of Class 1 medical device used as implants. View More

United Kingdom medical device laboratory needed for Fatigue testing on breast medical implant device (breast)to ISO 14607 Annex E, Non-active surgical... View More

Biomechanical Laboratory needed for mechanical testing for our orthopedic implants to procure CE NOTIFIED CERTIFICATE View More

University Researcher needed to test for the presence of alkaloids, tannins in plants View More

LONG-TERM Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for gas chromatography testing of concentrate derived from legal industrial hemp plants that has been... View More

University Researcher needs Europe environmental laboratory for outdoor air quality testing to measure all (the toxic and non toxic) congeners of PCD... View More

Preclinical COntract Research Organization needed for preclinical studies and biocompatiability testing of medical device implant: implantable membran... View More

San Diego FDA analytical chemistry laboratory needed for FDA Compliance Testing of imported nutraceuticals. 1 imported (from Japan) Nutracuetical inte... View More

study will base on ... View More

Asia Biomedical Laboratory needed for Accelerated aging testing for medical implants to ASTM F1980,Standard Guide for Accelerated Aging of Sterile Bar... View More

Asia or Europe OECD, GLP Laboratory needed for REACH Registration Testing: Pysicochemical and Toxicological testing for REACH Registration (EU Regula... View More

Asia Medical Device Laboratory needed for cleaning validation testing on stainless steel implants. Before packaging, we will have an IPA ultrasonic cl... View More

Manufacturer needs botany laboratory for growth studies of new plasma grow light to see if the light will grow stronger, healthier plants View More

FDA cGMP Preclinical Contract Research Organization CRO needed for FDA cGMP testing: Analytical chemistry services:
LC-MS-NMR for structural elucida... View More

Oil Laboratory needed for GPA 2286 extended analyses: field sampling and laboratory analyses of natural gas samples taken at tailgates of selected gas... View More


Medical Deice, Biomedical laboratory needed for ISO testing of implantable medical devices: biocompatibility testing to ISO 10993-1, Biological evalua... View More

FDA GMP Preclinical Laboratory needed for FDA Preclinical testing. Dental implants to be implanted in non-human primates in the mouth. View More

EPA GLP, USA Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for EPA GLP Pesticide Testing: Antimicrobial pesticide for EPA testingEnvironmental fate - Hyd... View More

India Medical Device laboratory needed for medical device certification testing: certify Medical grade silicone products for implants and other uses(b... View More

ISO Materials Laboratory needed for ISO Materials Testing of medical device (hydroxyapatite)to ISO 13779-3 Implants for surgery -- Hydroxyapatite -- ... View More

China medical device laboratory needed for testing dental implants according to SFDA standards,China SFDA Approval and Registration for Medical Device... View More

Natural Products manufacturer needs medicinal chemistry laboratory needed for analyzing several plants (endemic to certain regions in South America) f... View More

Florida Biophysical laboratory needed for Hydrothermal degradation testing of aquatic plants. Want to know the nutrient and mineral content that can b... View More

Filter Manufacturer needs Physical Laboratory for filter testing of filters for cars. Our customers have car plants production lines, situated both i... View More

Eastern USA GLP genetics laboratory needed for genetically modified GMO maize growth testing of maize plants grown to maturity under high and low temp... View More

Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for OECD Testing: Degradation OECD 301C 2 Fate and Behaviour in the Environment (IFF, 2005) Monitoring Stud... View More

India Preclinical Contract Research Organization CRO needed for preclinical study screening of anti-malarial activity of medicinal plants View More

Turkey Medical Device Laboratory needed for ISO and ASTM Testing to ISO 21534, Non-active surgical implants - Joint replacement implants and ISO 21535... View More

Europe, US, Canada biomechaical Laboratory needed for ISO testing: mechanical testing in mammary implants filled with silicone gel According to ISO 14... View More

India microbiology laboratory needed for antiviral testing. 05 compounds from plants i would like to do those compound antiviral active or not View More

Biophysical Laboratory needed for dental implant testing to determine if Titanium tools can scratch Titanium dental implants. View More

USA Medical Device Preclinical Laboratory needed for ISO Medical Device Testing to ISO 11970, Ophthalmic implants -- Intraocular lenses -- Part 5: Bio... View More

USA Environmental Laboratory needed for ASTM soil tesing of Contaminated soils on plants and Earthworms View More

Central US Biomaterials Laboratory needed for bone testing of ceramic implants that are in bone and embedded in plastic View More

Canada agriculture laboratory needed for Plant tissue testing for gluten presence or Barley plants at various growth stages for the presence of gluten... View More

FDA GMP Microbiology Laboratory needed for FDA GMP Sterilization Validation Testing of 1 tray containing titanium implants and ss instruments. View More

USA Environmental Laboratory needed for environmental toxicology Testing of uncured printing ink for ecological information concerning marine pollutan... View More

Insurance company needs third party independent, accredited laboratory to test tests normally performed at that laboratory every 4 months. Water Testi... View More

USA FDA GMP Biomechanical Laboratory needed for ASTM Biomechanical testing for metallic implants View More

FDA GMP and GLP Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for USP testing of ingredient: European Mistletoe (Viscum album). We are actively searching for... View More

Toxicology Laboratory needed to test a product known as Strauss Heartdrops, one of the ingredients is European Mistletoe (Viscum album). We are active... View More

USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for fertilizer testing for organic fertilizers that we wish to test yield against untreated plants and Mira... View More

Arkansas, Tennessee, Lousiana, Missouri, Texas Agriculture Laboratory needed to observe rice plants to be free from bakanae disease - need to quaranti... View More

Florida FDA GLP Preclincal Contract Research Organization needed for pediatric research study on Cardiovascular implants in growing pigs for pediatric... View More

Asia Microbiology Laboratory needed for testing fungus attacking on Root of plants(ginger). We have to test which fungus is that & remedial action on ... View More

Asia ISO Packaging Laboratory needed for ASTM Packaging Stability Testing with
1.Metallurgical analysis
a. cross section and SEM to check icrostruc... View More

Nigeria Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for In vitro toxicology testing especially in Plants used for alternative medicine View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory capable of doing fuel analysis and NCV testing for HFO is required by Electricity generating plants, diesel power plan... View More

Oakville, Ontario, Canada Analytical Chemistry Laboratory required for measuring the absorption of Zn by plants as a biological environmental water fi... View More

Canada FDA, ISO laboratory to conduct bio-compatibility testing (FDA and ISO 10993 testing) for EO sterilized silicone and acrylic permanent implants ... View More

USA Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for preclinical study with Electrodes and brain drug delivery systems /implants with feedback co... View More

Environmental Genetics Laboratory needed to clone Wasabi plants for delivering in sterile containers. Would prefer if you already had access to steril... View More

US or Canada Laboratory needed for Static and dynamic testing requirements for Ortho implants and some instrumentation View More

USA FDA GMP Analytical Chemistry needed for IND, phase I and II analytical support CRO with experience in analytical testing of drug-eluting ocular im... View More

ISO and FDA GMP medical devices laboratory needed for ASTM, MRI compatibility testing for class III medical implantable device (Active) View More

Europe GLP Microbiology and Pharmaceutical Toxicology Laboratories required for 4 tests for each of the two chemicals:
In vitro gene mutation study i... View More

India Environmental Laboratory needed for Bioefficacy Data for Herbicides. We would like to get the following data for the Imazethapyr:
Translocatio... View More

Radiochemistry Laboratory needed for ISO 13356:2008 radioactivity testing of ZrO2 powder following ISO 13356:2008 Implants for surgery-Ceramic materia... View More

USA FDA OSHA, DOT, Florida State Environmental Laboratory needed to analyze, diagnose and treat pests, diseases and nutritional deficiencies of plants... View More

FDA lab in Texas (Austin) needed for MIC and Inhibition zone testing against clinical isolates found for orthopedic implants View More

Medical device lab in California needed to test chronic large animal medical device implants/explants (sheep, pig) View More

ASTM D6400, D6868 & D5338 USA Lab to evaluate the biodegradability/compostability of various biodegradable polymer-coated & aqueous coated paperboards... View More

Physical laboratory needed to test knee implants to ASTM F 1223. We are a Brazilian company that produces knee implants. We are needing to quote these... View More

FDA Food Toxicology laboratory in USA needed for EU REACH toxicity data on Four Inorganic Phosphate products as under:

1)Induction of gene mutati... View More

Food Analytical chemistry laboratory needed in Florida for plant nutrition analysis, ie: Nitrogen,Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous etc. Need to make su... View More

Environmental laboratory needed for Residue Chemistry Data tests.
Nature of the Residue: Plants
Std - 860.1300
Crop field trials
std - 860.15... View More

Microbiology laboratory needed for testingTissue Culture raised by plants for their Fungal - Bacterial, Viral pathogenicity View More

Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for ASTM oxidation profile testing per ASTM F2102-6 Standard Guide for Evaluating the Extent of Oxidation in Ul... View More

Genetics laboratory needed for DNA tesint plants DNA mapping/fingerprinting View More

Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for testing isolated organic substances from plants , such as organic iodine from seaweed, pilocarpine from Jab... View More

Bioanalytical laboratory needed for testing
portable pesticide residue on plants analyzer View More

GMP Materials laboratory needed for testing isolated organic substances from plants, such as organic iodine from seaweed, pilocarpine from Jaborandi a... View More

FDA GMP Pharmaceuticals Laboratory needed for testing API host cell protein contamination analysis of a recombinanat trypsin from plants. View More

GLP toxicology laboratory needed for in vitro genotoxicity testing a. Salmonella typhimurium reverse mutation assay. b. Escherichia coli reverse mutat... View More

A2LA medical device physical laboratory needed for testing the surface finish of polished cobalt chrome spinal implants surface finish to 4 rms View More

DNA Fingerprinting by AFLP true to type match for tissue culture plants by AFLP technique. We have few Date palm samples to be analysed. Please send ... View More

Laboratory needed to conduct a nutritional comparative analysis of all of the botanical plants of the lamiaceae mentha family. It should reveal each... View More

Analyze glyphosate and AMPA in floc, soil, plants, periphyton, and fish. View More

large chemical company looking for a contact lab which can do Southern blot, Northern blot, qPCR, sequencing, etc. for plants.
View More

"Chemical and biochemical characterization of collagen-based medical implants (protein/amino acid identification and/or quantification, differential s... View More