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    Below are some examples of the most recent incoming immunology Laboratory Testing Requests that we have received from companies, governments and organizations looking for immunology laboratories and scientific research facilities to perform their immunology Testing, Scientific Research, Analysis, Assay, Product Development, Certifications, Inspections. Does your company need a laboratory for lab testing or science research projects? Save time and money searching! Use our Lab Assistant to find contract test laboratories or contract research facilities. Submit Lab Testing Requests

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Molecular Diagnostiic Testing

LONG-Strategic Clinical Medical Laboratory needed to perform molecular diag... (view details)

Medical Diagnostic Blood Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Assisted living community needs Clinical Laboratory for w... (view details)

LONG-TERM TESTING Long-term care facility needs CLIA medical laboratory to ... (view details)

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for PCR Assay testing for presence of Epste... (view details)

Cosmetics Clinical Research Laboratory needed for patch testing with hairsp... (view details)

Cosmetics clinical research laboratory needed for Human Repeat Insult Patch... (view details)

Pharmaceutical laboratory needed for Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) fo... (view details)

Preclinical Contract Research Organization CRO needed for an in vivo osteoi... (view details)

Clinical research laboratory needed for preclinical studies of the effect o... (view details)

Contract Research Organization needs clinical laboratory for serology testi... (view details)

Pharma needs preclinical Contract Research Organization CRO for biological,... (view details)

Genetic / Bioanalytical laboratory needed for Pregnancy Associated Plasma P... (view details)

Experienced bioanalytical laboratory needed for Luminex Assay testing for i... (view details)

BSLIII Virology laboratory needed for performing viral replication and subs... (view details)

Clinical laboratory needed for blood testing for H-Y antibodies. (view details)

Large pharma needs immunology clinical laboratory for - rhGAA IgG titers (view details)

FDA GLP Preclinical Laboratory needed for PCR viral testing of two regenera... (view details)

Clinical Research Organization associated with digestive health needs GLP c... (view details)

Pain management, Psychiatric care and Primary Care facility needs clinical... (view details)

Contract Research Organization needed for pharmaceutical clinical study on... (view details)

Regenerative Medicine Company needs FDA GMP or GMP compliant bioanalytical ... (view details)

Clinical research laboratory needed for Allergen testing in cosmetics for l... (view details)

Clinical laboratory needed for Allergen testing in cosmetics for limonene -... (view details)

LONG-TERM: Preclinical CRO Immunology/Histology Laboratory needed for Non-G... (view details)

LONG-TERM: Preclinical CRO Immunology/Histolgoy Laboratory needed for Non-G... (view details)

Bioanalytical Immunology Laboratory needed Basophil Activation testing for ... (view details)

United States or Europe FDA GLP Compliant Preclinical Immunology COntract R... (view details)

Mumbai Immunology laboratory needed for perfume finished products tested fo... (view details)

Clinical Research Organization needs USA Immunology Laboratory for Immunolo... (view details)

India Immunology Laboratory needed for immunohistochemistry( iNOS, TNF-alph... (view details)

USA Clinical Laboratory needed for immunology testing: Histamine and Seroto... (view details)

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for immunology testing, serum testing for R... (view details)

FDA GMP bioanalytical immunology laboratory needed for GMP immunogenecity t... (view details)

Pharmaceutical bioanalytical, immunology laboratory needed for histamine re... (view details)

Large Cosmetics Company needs USA bioanalytical, immunology laboratory for ... (view details)

Pharmaceutical Contract Research Organization needed for small molecule tes... (view details)

Immunology Contract Research Organization CRO needed for Non-GLP Research S... (view details)

UK immunology bioanalytical needed for protein mass spectroscopy (view details)


Ireland Consumer Products Safety/Immunology Laboratory needed for Repeat In... (view details)

California GLP Preclinical Immunology Contract Research Organization needed... (view details)

New York CLIA High Complexity Laboratory needed to run Elisa immunology tes... (view details)

USA FDA GLP preclinical immunology Contract Research Organization needed fo... (view details)

USA Clinical Immunology Laboratory needed for total Immunoglobulin M concen... (view details)

West Coast FDA GMPmicrobiology, Immunology, Virology Laboratory needed to t... (view details)

Immunology Laboratory needed for immunological clinical biomarker testing f... (view details)

USA Molecular Immunology Laboratory required for blood testing for levels o... (view details)

Asia Clinical Laboratory required for a general test for any antigen, its p... (view details)

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