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electronic Laboratory Testing Requests

Below are some examples of the most recent incoming electronic Laboratory Testing Requests that we have received from companies, governments and organizations looking for electronic laboratories and scientific research facilities to perform their electronic Testing, Scientific Research, Analysis, Assay, Product Development, Certifications, Inspections. Does your company need a laboratory for lab testing or science research projects? Save time and money searching! Use our Lab Assistant to find contract test laboratories or contract research facilities. Submit Lab Testing Requests

Electrical Compliance Testing

Electrical-Environmental Testing Facilit... (view details)

Downhole Electronics Target Lifetime Testing

Contract Electrical Laboratory needed for downhole electronics which has a ... (view details)

Road Vehicle ISO Aluminum Parts Environmental and ELectrical Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for ISO Testing of aluminum parts to ISO 16750 R... (view details)

Electronic Skin Scanner Product FDA Submission Required Testing

FDA GMP Medical Device Laboratory needed for all required tests for FDA sub... (view details)

Optoelectronics IEC Electrical Tests

Electrical Laboratory needed for the following IEC Electric... (view details)

RFQ Medical Research Laboratory Equipment and Instruments

Medical Research Laboratory needs Laboratory Supplier to provide a quote fo... (view details)

EPA Electronic Mosquito Repellent Compliance and Amazon.com Testing

EPA Environmental Laboratory needed for complian... (view details)

Digital Profile Cylinder New Product Development

Electrical Laboratory needed for... (view details)

Evaluation of New Design for Piping Liquid Flowmeter

USA Physical Contr... (view details)

Electronic Product EMC and VLD Testing for CE Certification

Certified Electrical Laboratory needed for EMC and VLD t... (view details)

Electrical Aluminum Plate MIL-STD Sand and Dust Testing

Electronics Company needs USA Electrical Laboratory needed ... (view details)

Snowmobile and Jetski Waterproof Electrical Product Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for testing new waterproof ... (view details)

Electronic Firework Noisemaker Impulse Sound Level Testing

USA Performance Laboratory needed for Impulse sound level testing of an ele... (view details)

UVC Cabinets Antiviral Efficacy Testing (Covid 19 or Influenza)

Europe or USA Laboratory needed for antiviral e... (view details)

Home-Use Hair-Dryer Electronic Component Safety and Performance Testing

Haircare Company sourcing a new hand held hair-dryer product for home use ... (view details)

Electronic Fan Regulatory New Circuit Design Evaluation Testing

Electrical Laboratory needed for evaluation of new circuit design for elect... (view details)

Camera Product IP69K Ingress Protection Testing

Electronics Laboratory needed for IP69K Ingress Protection testing of came... (view details)

Volkswagen Test Standand VW80000 Sonar Radiation Testing (600 Hours)

Contract Laboratory needed for Volkswagen sonar radiation testing accordin... (view details)

Embedded Technology IVB Stability and Photostability Studies

Large Electronics Corporation needs Laboratory for IVB stability and photo... (view details)

Ford Electrical and Electronic Vibration Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for vibration testing according to Ford Electri... (view details)

UL Power Transformers Testing

Large Electronics Company needs Electrical Laboratory for the UL maximum ... (view details)

DC Contactor Cycle Testing

Electronics Laboratory needed to test DC Contactor under the following cond... (view details)

Data Server Testing

USA Electrical Laboratory needed for data server testing to determine their... (view details)

Electronic Recycling Glass Specification Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for glass specification testing. The glass is ... (view details)

Electronic Fan Regulator Testing

Asia Electrical Laboratory needed for electronic fan regulator testing
(view details)

FDA Bioburden / Disinfection Efficacy Study

Medical Device Company needs FDA GMP Microbiology Laboratory for bioburden ... (view details)

Sound Products Evaluation

LONG-TERM TESTING Large sound electronics company needs sound products opti... (view details)

Road Vehicle Component Cleanliness

Large Electronics Company needs USA Automotive Laboratory for VDA 19.1 201... (view details)

DLP Projector Lumens

Electronics Laboratory needed for Lumen testing on DLP projector to US Stan... (view details)

GMW Automotive Adhesive Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for automotive adhesive testing to GMW14573 La... (view details)

FDD Declaration of Conformity for New Consumer Wireless Device

Electrical Laboratory needed for pre-scan and testing for FCC Declaration ... (view details)

ISO Humidification output test and resistance

Electronics Company needs Laboratory for ISO Humidification output test and... (view details)

] Electronic Action Toy Testing

CSPC Consumer Products Laboratory needed for CSPC and FCC Certification Tes... (view details)

Electronics REACH Compliance

Large company needs quotation forREACH analysis to confirm electronic resis... (view details)

Volkswagon Automotive Electrical Load Testing

Automotive Laboratory needed for automotive electronics following VW80000 ... (view details)

IEC Partial Discharge Testing

Electrical Laboratory needed for IEC partial discharge testing of electroni... (view details)

HALT / HASS Testing

Technology Company needs Electrical Laboratory for Highly Accelerated Stre... (view details)

SAE Certification

Electrical Laboratory needed for SAE Certification testing to certify telem... (view details)

Acute Toxicity 6-Pack

Electronics Company needs Toxicology Laboratory for complete acute toxicity... (view details)

Monomer Analysis in Polymer

Large electronics company needs Polymer Laboratory for analysis of polymer ... (view details)

Electronic Component XSP

Third-Party Laboratory needed for XSP ( x-ray photo-electron spectroscope) ... (view details)

BIS Compliance Vibration Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for vibration testing required as per IS 11037... (view details)

Optical Testing

Large Innovative Electronics Company needs Materials Laboratory for wavefro... (view details)

Electronics Manufacturer needs electrical certification laboratory for EMC ... (view details)

Laboratory needed for leak detector performance testing to SAE J1627, Perfo... (view details)

Electronics laboratory needed for compliance testing of telecom equipment t... (view details)

Electrical laboratory needed for thermal cycling test for electronic boards... (view details)

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