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Contract Laboratory has received the following wastewater Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These wastewater Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their wastewater Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a wastewater Laboratory, please Submit a wastewater Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Water Legionella Testing

Europe Microbiology Laboratory needed for Legionella testing in water for cell growth, PC and immunological methods View More

ASTM Wastewater Analysis

Environmental Chemistry Laboratory needed for ASTM wastewater analysis for Mercury and Arsenic in the wastewater using an Atomic Absorption Spectroph... View More

Wastewater Treatment Bacteria Growth

Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed to grow bacteria in a controlled and sterile environment, which will then be used in wastewater treatment... View More

Wastewater Biosolid Radiological Testing

Radiochemistry Laboratory needed for radiological test run on a wastewater biosolid sample for the isoptopes
Plutonium-239, Thorium-232, Strontium-9... View More

Food Company needs Environmental Microbiology Laboratory for pathogen testing of of dairy cow wastewater following treatment with composting worms i... View More

Environmental Laboratory needed to identify residue which has accumulated inside a scrubber unit which is used to eliminate Hydrogen Sulfide gas in a... View More

Environmental analytical laboratory needed for wastewater testing for AOX, EOX, and POX to European and American regulations View More

Environmental analytical chemistry laboratory needed for wastewater testing: analysis of stearic acid and versatic acid from a wastewater sample View More

Environmental toxicology laboratory needed for testing for the presence of AOX, EOX, and POX in wastewater to meet EPA standards. View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Glassware Inhibitory residue test -on powdered hand wash laboratory glassware detergent. test needs to be p... View More

Europe laboratory needed for wastewater testing: five analyses requested:
1. BOD
2. TSS
3. Fecal Coliform
4. pH
5. Total chlorine
View More

Environmental Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for wastewater testing for Adsorbable Organic Halogens, AOX in waste wáter, View More

EPA Environmental laboratory needed for bench-scale testing of a client?s wastewater treatment procedure. Client runs a metals finishing operation wh... View More

North Carolina Certified Laboratory for wastewater testing for the analysis of Decahydronaphthalene Analysis under methodology, EPA 624, or other ap... View More

India environmental laboratory needed for sludge testing of sludge generated after treatment of Industrial wastewater (containing toxic metals etc) &... View More

USA or Canada toxicology GLP laboratory needed for biodegradation testing of a tannin based chemical used in water treatment applications (specifical... View More

EPA Environmental Laboratory needed EPA Trace Fluoride analysis of wastewater using EPA 300.0 and having problems with low spike recovery. Looks like... View More

Midwest USA certified laboratory needed for wastewater testing to perform volatile acid analyses.The referenced Standard Method is 5560 C. Distillatio... View More

Industrial laboratory needed for Water testing of wastewater of manufacturing businesses View More

Pacific Northwest environmental toxicology laboratory for Microtox bioassay: 5-10 tests per day for 30-60 days on domestic wastewater samples, ~10 mL ... View More

State of Ohio EPA toxicology Laboratory needed for EPA Acquatic toxicology studies. Perform a Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) for a wastewater treatment... View More

University researcher performing research on treatment of wastewater using nanaotechnology, needs environmental laboratory for wasterwater testing to... View More

Plastics Materials Laboratory needed for polyethylene testing of 12" O.D. corrugated polyethylene wastewater drainfield pipe for 15 years and we woul... View More

Europe ISO Accredited Environmental Laboratory needed for wastewater testing to ISO and DIN methods. The phenolic waste water
Parameters:Biochemical ... View More

Environmental laboratory needed for wastewater testing of slurry . Now we want to test this waste material in laboratory for purpose: 1) what is eleme... View More

Europe Toxicology Laboratory needed for Acute toxicology studies for Daphnia similis and chronic toxicology testing for Ceriodaphnis dubia in wastewat... View More

Ireland Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for HPLC methods anaylsis (already developed and available) for trace analysis of specif... View More

Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for CWhole Effluent Toxicity Testing chronic testing WET of wastewater treatment plant effluent
Chronic in... View More

Middle East microbiology laboratory needed for water and wastewater testing for analysis of mineral and organic micropolluant
microbiology nalsis View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for wastewater testing for testosterone. View More

India environmental laboratory needed for sub wastewater testing and effluent water testing View More

USA EPA Environmental Laboratory needed for wastewater testing or effluent testing for surfactants presence. Concentrations levels are not as critic... View More

Europe Microbiology Laboratory needed to test 60 wastewater samples for Nematode Ova View More

Large agriculture chemical company needs environmental laboratory for wastewater testing: total oxygen demand on treated wastewater, 7-10 samples per ... View More

NE USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for ASTM performance testing of oil water separator to ASTM D615. We are not looking to certify the OWS... View More

South Africa Microbiology Laboratory needed for testing for production of fluorescently labeled oligonucleotide probes for fluorescence in situ hybrid... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing heat value of biogas generated from anaerobic wastewater pre-treatment plant View More

Ireland Metallurgical Laboratory needed for testing to determine what could have caused metal corrosion in a wastewater treatment plant View More

Toxicology Laboratory needed for Respirometry Test using Wastewater Activated Sludge to determine the toxicity of a particular sample. Toxicity is det... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for sludge analysis of dewatered sludge from an industrial (activated sludge treatment) wastewater treatment pl... View More

Colorado Environmental Laboratory needed for municipal sludge testing and wastewater testing to detect presence of compounds that could be responsibl... View More

USA Consumer Product Environmental Laboratory needed for EPA testing to EPA method 624

Specifically interested in Toluene in wastewater (LOQ of 20... View More

Eastern USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory required to test 1 Wastewater sample and 3 sludge samples needing the following analysis: Fats, Lysine, Al... View More

Doha, Qatar, Middle East Microbiology Laboraotry required for Bacteriophage/ coliphage in treated wastewater View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory required for portable wastewater treatment packages to be used in work camps. We're currently looking for a lab that c... View More

USA analytical chemistry laboratory needed for speciation on vanadium in two wastewater stream in a refinery. These two streams are desater brine (hi... View More

India Environmental Laboratory needed for Soil Testing and Wastewater Testing for ORGANO TIN COMPOUNDS IN ENVIRONMENTAL SAMPLE( SOIL,WASTE WATER) BY U... View More

US EPA Environmental Toxicology Laboratory needed for wastewater testing with algae and invertebrates View More

USA Environmental Laboratory needed for wastewater, Sludge/biosolids geometric mean fecal coliform analysis, vector attraction reduction 30 and 40 day... View More

USA, California Geochemical Laboratory needed for geochemical characterization of sediment core samples including clay mineralogy The information wil... View More

Ireland UKAS Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for Wastewater sampling and Testing for pH and conductivity, BOD and COD, TSS and TVS
Ammonia, Ni... View More

USGS, EPA Environmental Laboratory needed for water and wastewater testing for Endocrin Disrupters--Estradiol, Ibuprofen and Projesterone View More

Environmental microbiology needed to conduct wastewater biomass analysis to determine what type of filamentous bacteria our wastewater treatment syste... View More

North america, analytical chemistry lab needed for testing. cationic surfactants in raw (high strength) wastewater. View More

Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for addressing the quality of groundwater upgradient and downgradient of the Facility, and upgradient and downg... View More

Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed to analyze the Total Fatty Acids in wastewater effluent samples. View More

EPA environmental laboratory needed for wastewater testing: BOD
Total suspended solids
Total phosphorus
Total nitrogen
Fecal coliforms
Settleab... View More

Environmental laboratory needed for Wastewater testing: Fecal coliform, TSS, BOD, pH, residual chlorine. View More

Microbiology laboratory needed for coliform testing in the effluents of our wastewater facilities and would like to have the colonies that frow on the... View More

ISO Radiological laboratory needed for ISO 17025 beta particle and photon activity testing
(40 CFR §141.16) 4 mrem/y 0.4 mrem/y
gross alpha particl... View More

US EPA environmental laboratory needed for Mercury testing in sediment, seawater, fish tissue, wastewater. View More

Environmental laboratory needed for wastewater testing: wastewater BOD, Solids testing View More

Biochemical and environmental laboratory needed for wastewater testing for Oxygen Demand and microbial testing on wastewater effluent View More

Wastewater Plant needs analytical laboratory needed for testing of anaerobic digester gas for basic methane/btu/co2/nitrogen/h2s analysis. Also silox... View More

Complete mineral, chemical, and physical environmental analysis of five different process streams for detailed wastewater characterization. Lab test s... View More

Wastewater treatability for Pharmaceutical Facilities: pH, BOD,Titration, Stream Stripping (for ammonia), Batch Dose Experiment, Respirometry,
Analy... View More

Volatile fatty Acids on wastewater sample. View More

USA Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed for wastewater testing. Analysis of highly treated (tertiary treated) wastewater effluent for the pre... View More