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Contract Laboratory has received the following Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a Laboratory, please Submit a Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Apparel Quality Control Inspections

USA LABORATORY(Southwest Preferred)
USA Consumer Products Laboratory neede... (view details)

Evaluation of Apparel Ink Fading

Contract Laboratory needed for evaluation of ink on this sweatshirt fading... (view details)

Apparel Mold Testin

Large Apparel Company needs Microbiology Laboratory for mold testing in ap... (view details)

Infant Bibs Child Product Safety Certificate Testing

USA Consumer Products Laboratory needed for Consumer Products Safety Certif... (view details)

USA Contract Laboratory needed for AAMI Level 2 Non-Surgical isolation gow... (view details)

Consumer Products Consulting, Inspection and Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for consulting, inspection and testing ... (view details)

Slip-On Footwear Slip Testing In Wet and Dry Conditions

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for footwear slip testing compliant sli... (view details)

Clothing Compression Testing

Large woman's apparel company needs USA Consumer Products Laboratory compre... (view details)

Functional Wear ISO 18184 and ISO 20743 Testing

EU Contract Laboratory needed for ISO 18184 and ... (view details)

ISO, ASTM, SATRA Footwear Testing (Traction, Pull, Flex)

USA Consumer Products Laboratory needed for... (view details)

ASTM Footwear Slip Resistance Testing

USA Consumer Products Laboratory needed for ASTM footwear s... (view details)

3D Printed High Heels Consumer Products Testing

USA Consumer Products Laboratory needed for general and lif... (view details)

Footwear and Apparel Company needs Consu... (view details)

Cotton Glove Flammability, Lead and Phthalates Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for flammability, lead and phthalates t... (view details)

SASO Adult and Children's Apparel (Multiple Tests and Products)

Consumer Products Laboratory for the fol... (view details)

NFPA Emergency Service Work Apparel Testing

Textiles Laboratory needed for NFPA testing of 100% cotton Navy fabric used... (view details)

ASTM Isolation Gown Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for ASTM isolation gowns testing (view details)

ASTM Protective Clothing Liquid and Gas Permeation Testing

Korea Manufacturer needs Asia Laboratory for ASTM testing ... (view details)

Waterproof Testing of Bulk Garments

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for waterproofness testing of bulk goo... (view details)

Apparel Snag Resistance Testing

Apparel company has needs Consumer Products Softlines Laboratory for snag r... (view details)

Fabric Covers Dermatology Safety Studies

ISO 17025 Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for dermatology safety... (view details)

Pajama Production Run Quality Control QC Inspection (500 Samples)

Softlines Laboratory needed for QC inspection of pajama production run to d... (view details)

Reuseable Textile Mask Antiviral Efficiency Testing against H1N1 and H2N3

Functional apparel company needs Laboratory for reuseable textile mask anti... (view details)

Medical Clothing ASTM Testing (Multiple Products)


Contract Laboratory needed for ASTM... (view details)

Antiviral Efficacy Testing of Antiviral Finished Denim Garments

Large Apparel Company needs Laboratory for antiviral efficacy testing of An... (view details)

Multiple Baby Cloth Diaper Laundering Tests

USA Based Consumer Products (Softgoods) Laboratory needed for cloth diaper ... (view details)

Baby Bib Children's Product Certificate Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for consumer products certification tes... (view details)

Socks Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for socks testingfor fiber content, ant... (view details)

Sleepwear AATCC and ASTM Bamboo Knit Fabric Testing

Apparel Company needs Textile Laboratory for AATCC and ASTM testing of Ray... (view details)

Apparel WALMART Buyer Testing

Apparel Company needs Consumer Products Laboratory for WALMART buyer testi... (view details)

Baby Bids Consumer Product Safety Compliance Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for baby bibs compliance testing. Thank... (view details)

ASTM Fabric Testing for Acoustical Properties

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of a series of fabrics and hat... (view details)

Apparel Glue Toxicity Testing

Toxicology Laboratory needed for apparel glue testing used in molded foam ... (view details)

AATCC Laundering Colorfastness and Water Resistance Testing

Contract Textiles Laboratory needed for the following AATCC testing:
- AAT... (view details)

RFQ Polyester Fiber Knitwear ISO Antiviral Activity Testing

Large Corporation needs Contract Laboratory needed for 100% Polyester Fiber... (view details)

Apparel Textile Coating Anti-Viral Properties Testing

Apparel company needs India Laboratory for anti-viral properties testing of... (view details)

Children's Jewelry Consumer Products Safety GCC Testing

Consumer Products Textiles Laboratory needed for GCC of Children's Jewelry ... (view details)

ISO Garment Textile Antiviral Activity Testing

Contract Microbiology Laboratory needed for ISO antiviral activity testing ... (view details)

Woven Fabric Testing


ISO Fabric Antibacterial and Antiviral Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for Fabric Antibacterial and antiviral testing t... (view details)

AAMI Level 4 Non Sterile Medical Gown Testing

Activewear apparel company needs East Coast USA Contract Laboratory for AAM... (view details)

Hosiery Thermal Overall Grade (TOG) Testing

Consumer Products Softgoods Textiles Laboratory needed for Thermal Overall ... (view details)

AAMI Medical Gown Testing

Medical Gown Manufacturer needs Contract Laboratory for LVL3/LVL4 gowns tes... (view details)

Fabric Antiviral Testing

Asia clothing vendor needs contract laboratory for antiviral testing of fa... (view details)

Female Defense Tactical Equipment Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for female fit, form and function testing of wom... (view details)

Glove Performance Testing

Performance Laboratory needed for ANSI, ASTM and ISO testing for two glove ... (view details)

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