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Below are some examples of the most recently received Laboratory laboratory set upProduct Requests from companies looking for quotes on new, used and refurbished laboratory equipment, instruments or supplies such as HPLC, microscopes,spectrophotometers, lab disposables, test kits, and cell lines. To view more information on these or many others Log-In or Create Account

Recombiant FIber Protein Fragment

Laboratory needs Lab Supplier to purchase recombinant Adv36 fiber protein f... (view details)

Saliva Hormone Panel Test Kits Purchase RFQ

Sports Medicine Clinic needs Lab Supplier for purchasing test kits for sal... (view details)

Blood Bag RFQ

Supplier needed to supply below450 ml Single Blood Bag (Carton) Qu... (view details)

ELISA Kits Order RFQ

Laboratory Supplier needed for order of Elisa kits detecting some food pro... (view details)

Lab Equipment Stock Management Price Updates

University updating their stock management system needs UK Laboratory Supp... (view details)

Africa Laboratory Equipment Supplier

AFRICA Laboratory Supplier to supply large amounts of laboratory equipment ... (view details)

RFQ Long-Term Supply of Laboratory Chemical Reagents

Crude oil pipeline laboratories needs to develop a long-term relationship w... (view details)

RFQ Defibrinated Rabbit Blood

Laboratory Supplier needed for Defibrinated rabbit blood (view details)

RFQ Water Bacteria Test Kits

Laboratory Supplier needed to supply water bacteria test kits via US Mail (view details)

RFQ Voltmeter

Laboratory Supplier needed for H10/100HS voltmeter x 5 (view details)

RFQ PCR Thermal Cycler

Large Pharmaceutical Company needs Laboratory Supp... (view details)

RFQ Laboratory Equipment for Petroleum Refinery Laboratory

Laboratory Supplier needed for supplying laboratory equipment to Africa Pe... (view details)

Laboratory Drug Test Kit Packages

Hotel Chain needs Laboratory Supplier of drug test kit packages (view details)

RFQ for Oral Saliva Drug Screening Devices for THC

Occupational Health Company needs laboratory supplier of oral drug screen ... (view details)

Laboratory Start-Up Equipment Purchase

Africa Cosmetics Manufacturing Company needs Laboratory Supplier to supply ... (view details)

Potassium Iodide USP RFQ

Medical Center is looking for Pharmaceutical Chemical Supplier to supply   ... (view details)

Media Procurement

Laboratory Supplier needed for procurement of Media (view details)

Biopsy Kits Order

USA Orthodontics Office would like to receive quotes to order Biopsy Kits f... (view details)

LC-MS Confirmed Methadone and Oxycodone Urine Donor Samples

Clinical Laboratory Supplier for purchasing urine samples from donors hav... (view details)

Oral Drug Screen Devices for THC Testing

Occupational Health Company needs Laboratory Supplier to purchase oral drug... (view details)

Spectrophotometer Purchase

Laboratory needs to purchase UV Vis DR 3900 Spectrophotometer ORDR6000 UV-... (view details)

Proton NMR and Carbon NMR Purchase

Laboratory would like to purchase a proton NMR and a carbon NMR (view details)

Potable Water Sampling Bottles Purchase

Laboratory Supplier needed for purchase of sampling bottles for potable wa... (view details)

Medical Exam GLoces Purchase

Medical Supplier needed for purchase of medical exam gloves Thank you in ... (view details)

PCR Covid Test Kits Purchase

Southern USA Clinical Laboratory would like to purchase PCR Covid test kits... (view details)

Lead Screening Test Kits Order

Laboratory needs lab supplier to order more lead screening test kits (view details)

COVID Test Kits

Supplier needed for covid Testing kits for the North Carolina area. (view details)

Disposable Culture Tubes

Laboratory Supplier needed for order of 2 packs of tube (13x100 mm Disposa... (view details)

Laboratory Equipment Purchase

Large Laboratory Chain looking to expand their testing scope is looking fo... (view details)

RFQ Mining Chemical Multiple Year Contract (3- 6,0000Ltrs/year)

LONG-TERM (Multiple Year)
USA Laboratory Supplier needed for a one year c... (view details)

COVID-PCR Testing Supplies

Mobile Laboratory with CLIA Waiver needs supplier to purchase supplies for... (view details)


Pharmaceutical company needs laboratory supplier of NUDESCID model for Rese... (view details)

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer Purchase

Laboratory needs technical offer to purchase FTIR Fourier Transform Infrare... (view details)

RFQ Purchase of Filter and WIpes for Lead Sampling

USA Laboratory needs to place order for filter and wipe... (view details)

Purchase of IRB Banked Influenza Patient Nasal Swab Samples

Contract Laboratory needed to purchase banked Influenza patient samples tha... (view details)

Farm needs Laboratory Supplier of portable calcium analyzers for dairy cows... (view details)

RFQ Radioassay Machine Purchase

Nuclear Medical Facility Laboratory needs laboratory suppler to purchase fu... (view details)

RFQ Bulk Order of Medical and Laboratory Products

Middle East Healthcare Provision COmpany with a network of general hospital... (view details)

Dry Hushpuppy Product Development

USA Food Laboratory needed for for... (view details)

RFQ Laboratory Multimeters

Laboratory needs USA Laboratory Supplier for quote on purchasing the follow... (view details)

Purchase of Several Laboratory Instruments

Established USA Laboratory needed supplier for purchasing the following:
... (view details)

RFQ Brinkman Thermocouple

Laboratory Supplier needed to quote on the following laboratory equipment: ... (view details)

RFQ for Ohaus Analytical Balance

Medical Center needs supplier to provide quote for the purchase of OHAUS A... (view details)

COVID-19 Testing Kits Purchase

African Organization needs supplier to purchase covid-19 testi... (view details)

Complete Environmental Laboratory Set-Up Purchase (Equipment, Instruments, Etc)

New Environmental Testing Laboratory needs Laboratory Suppliers for all che... (view details)

Laboratory Equipment Purchase

Food Company would like to purchase the following for mushroom laboratory r... (view details)

Fungal PCR Kits

Laboratory needs to order Fungal PCR Kits (view details)

Biopsy Cups

Clinical Laboratory needs Lab Supplier of biopsy cups (view details)

RFQ Outsourcing Purchase of Silicon Germanium

Large North American company seeking suppliers to purchase 10 lots of silic... (view details)

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