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Below are some examples of the most recently received Laboratory laboratories for saleBusiness Business Requests from companies with business opportunities and needs such as laboratories for sale, lab space for rent, partnerships, distributorships, licensing, etc. To view more information on these or many others Log-In or Create Account

We are inquiring the information to rent a BSL-2 lab space in los angles, C... (view details)

Company Wishes to Purchase UKAS Accredited, ISO 17025 Laboratory

Company wants to rent or buy (preferably to rent) a United Kingdom based U... (view details)

CLIA San Diego CLIA Laboratory Wanted to Purchase

International Biotech Company would like to purchase a CLIA Laboratory in... (view details)

Southeast USA Fully Built Out Laboratory for Rent

Company has fully built out 14,000 sq ft. laboratory for re... (view details)

Company Wants to Purchase USA CLIA Laboratory

BUDGET APPROVED (Up to $5 Million)
Our company is looking... (view details)

Michigan Commercial Property for Laboratory Rental

Michigan commercial property originally designed to ha... (view details)

Short-Term Laboratory Rental Needed

Natural Cosmetics Company needs short term rental of a Midwest USA Laborato... (view details)

NYC Area Laboratory needed for Photo Shoot / Video Shoot

New York Area Laboratory needed for photoshoot/video shoot for a few hours.... (view details)

United Kingdom Laboratory for Sale

United Kingdom Complete Laboratory for Sale. Contact for further details. (view details)

USA Analytical Laboratory to Purchase

Company looking for USA Analytical Laboratory for sale (view details)

Advisory Services on Ballistic Test Laboratory

Laboratory Consultant needed for helping Asia Company establish a ballistic... (view details)

Laboratory Space Rental Wanted

Looking for a small laboratoy space for our small but growing cosmetics com... (view details)

Lab Rental Space Needed for Formulation of Cosmetics

Cosmetics Company would like to rent small laboratory space to formulate so... (view details)

Laboratory Space in Dallas , Fort Worth or Austin Needed

Biotech Company looking to rent laboratory space in the Dallas Fort Worth ... (view details)

Laboratory Space Rental for Biotech Start-Up

Biotechnology startup and looking for laboratory space.with the following ... (view details)

Purchase of Analytical Testing Laboratory in California or Texas

Company interested in buying an analytical testing laboratory for FCC testi... (view details)

Chemistry Laboratory Space Rental Wanted

Overseas pharmaceutical generics manufacturing with multiple facility would... (view details)

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Looking to Acquire USA Laboratory

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient API Manufacturing Company looking to acqui... (view details)

Artificial Intelligence AI Internship

Doctoral Researcher in Artificial Intelligence is seeking a Computer Labora... (view details)

Company Seeking CLIA and CAP Certified Genetics Lab to Purchase

Company looking to purchase CLIA and CAP certified genetics laboratory for... (view details)

Acquisition: Laboratory Information System company

We are interested in acquiring Laboratory Information System (LIMS) company... (view details)

Dallas Chemical Laboratory Space Needed

Company would like to rent Dallas chemical laboratory space for chemical s... (view details)

Alpharetta Georgia Laboratory Space Rental Wanted

Company needs to rent laboratory space in Alpharetta Georgia or surrounding... (view details)

Laboratory Rental or Purchase Needed

URGENT We need to buy or rent a 2000 sq ft laboratory so that my company c... (view details)

Purchase of CLIA Clinical Laboratories

Clinical Laboratory wants to purchase several CLIA Clinical Laboratories t... (view details)

START-UP Looking to Purchase Atlanta Laboratory

START-UP Start-up company is looking to acquire or purchase a laboratory i... (view details)

Washington DC Lab Space Rental Wanted

Biomedical Company wants to rent 500 sq st of laboratory space in Washingto... (view details)

Contract Synthesis Laboratory for Rent

Operational synthesis laboratory for rent.
Self contained 3000sq ft labora... (view details)

Judicial Drug Screening Laboratory

LEGAL /LONG-TERM TESTING Drug Screening Company looking for USA Clinical La... (view details)

Laboratory Rental Wanted

Company needs to rent a 10000 sq ft space with capabilities of HVAC, fume h... (view details)

Genetics Laboratory Partnership

Seeking long term working relationship with USA Next Generation Sequencing ... (view details)

Buy My Analytical Laboratory

Analytical Laboratory for Sale with the following:

ICP-OES... (view details)

Laboratory Space Rental

Coatings company looking to rent USA Laboratory Space where their engineers... (view details)

Chennai, India Laboratory Wanted

Company wishes to purchase established analytical chemistry laboratory for ... (view details)

Houston Laboratory Space Needed

Non US Company Expanding into USA looking to rent or purchase scientific la... (view details)

Laboratory Space Needed

USA Laboratory Space of at least 3000 sq ft needed by biotech for human cel... (view details)

FDA GMP laboratory space needed for our cell therapy drug development purpo... (view details)

General Molecular / Microbiology Laboratory

Seeking to buy/rent general molecular and microbiology lab with ducting for... (view details)

Pharmaceutical Chemotherapy Usability Lab Space

Medical Device Company needs Laboratory Space tohire to conduct usability s... (view details)

Purchase of CLIA and COLA Clinical Laboratory

Corporation is is looking to purchase CLIA and COLA certified clinical labo... (view details)

Chicago Laboratory Rental Needed

Pharmaceutical Company is looking for a 2000-3000 sq.ft rental space to put... (view details)

Complete Engineering Laboratory Set-Up

Laboratory Supplier needed that can provide the entire set of laboratory eq... (view details)

Texas Clinical Laboratory for Sale

Company looking for clinical laboratory for sale or merger in or around Da... (view details)

Environmental Laboratory Rental

Looking to rent an equipped laboratory space to perform soil testing.
Spa... (view details)

Laboratory Rental

Looking to rent an equipped laboratory space to perform soil testing.
Spa... (view details)

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