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Contract Laboratory has received the following incoming Laboratory Test Requests which need to be fulfilled! These Laboratory Test Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Independent, Third-Party Railway Laboratories to perform their Railway Testing, Analysis, Assays, Product Development, Scientific Research Experiments, Inspections, Certifications, and Engineering Projects. If you are a Railway laboratory that would like more information on these Railway projects, please visit Register Laboratories or call toll free 1-855-377-6821.



Electrical laboratory needed for SAE compliance testing of optical warning devices used on authorized emergency, maintenance, and service vehicles to SAE J845 Class 1 . Recommended practice providing design guidelines, test procedures, and performance requirements for 360 degree optical warning devices and selective coverage defined as any light that provides greater coverage then 40 degrees left-to-right but less than 360 degrees. Intended for authorized emergency, maintenance and service vehicles. Lighting tested from 5 degrees upward to 5 degrees downward.

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Aerospace, Aviation and Aeronautical

LONG TERM TESTING: Aerospace laboratory needed for BSS combustibility testing to BSS 7230 / BAC 5705 standards.

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Trains, Railroads and Railways

Laboratory needed for Slow bend test needed of train rails welded with electric flash butt welder 500lb or less. 136lb rail is the largest.. 125K psi with .75 deflection. 4 point.



Trains, Railroads and Railways

Mechanical Test Center needed to run the test study on industrial springs used in suspension cars (cyclic test, corrosion, etc.).



Trains, Railroads and Railways

LONG-TERM TESTING Microbiology needed for swabbing and Microbial count for transit company every two weeks for two months.




Contract Laboratory needed for film testing of UV400 Optical Film for UV protection and light transmission reflective, absorbtion and U Value



Trains, Railroads and Railways

Laboratory needed for validation testing projects on Locomotive Radiators and CACs.

1. Thermal Cycling: Full size radiator testing, which is approximately 1000 Kg. Low and high temperature water will be required at 98 degree C and at 4 degree C. Air at high pressure shall be applied above the water. Cycles are 250000.

2. Pressure Cycling: Full size radiator testing, which is approximately 1000 Kg. low and high temperature liquid will be used. High pressure air will be required at 60 psi with cycles of 250000.

3. Shaker Table: Full size radiator testing. Water will be required to circulate at 40 psig pressure.

4. Highly Accelerated Life Test: This is the process of testing product by subjecting stress, strain, temperature, pressure etc.. in excess of its normal service parameters to uncover the faults and potential mod



Europe environmental simulation laboratory needed with climatic chamber big enough to test pantograph for train according to EN50206-1 (According to EN 50206-1:1998, clause 6.3.3 [3]). Dimensions of pantograph are cca 3,5 x 1,3 x 1 m in a still state, but during the functional test pantograph has to go to the highest position which is cca 3,1m (so in still state is high 1 m and in high end state is high 3,1 m).

Do you have climatic chamber of these dimensions? We need equipment to be min 6 hours on -25 Celsius and min 6 hours on +40 Celsius. Functional test is performing during both tests. If you can offer this can you provide me with quotation ASAP.



Engineering Laboratory needed for BS 6853: 1999 Code of practice for fire precautions in the design and construction of passenger carrying trains-passenger train design and construction of General Specification for Fire


- Smoke Density - Toxicity



Railroad manufacturing company needs food laboratory for flavored drinking water formulation and ingredient testing.



Phsyical Laboratory needed for fatigue and endurance testing of a rubber to metal bonded silent block that to be tested for endurance as below:

Radial load : 1800 ? 3500kg Torsional : 25 ? 30kg.m Cardanic : 25 ? 35kg.m

At 2 ? 3Hz frequency for 1million cycles. All three forces are to be applied simultaneously .

The product : Rubber to metal bonded silent block

Total length : 196mm Dia : 115mm



Physical Laboratory needed for EN Testing: fatigue testing on rail welds according to EN14730-1, Railway applications ? Track ? Aluminothermic welding of rails



Testing of rail curve lubricating grease to British Testing Standard BS EN 16028:2012, Railway applications. Wheel/rail friction management. Determination of the volatile constituents in greases



Asia mechanical laboratory needed for IEC Testing: Cable test for mechanical parts in IEC60502 & IEC60794 (Armoured LS0H Copper & Optics cable for railway signaling)



Geology Laboratory needed for mineral testing of railway ballast to determine mineral consistency of the rock



Acoustics Laboratory needed for measuring sound level near Air port & railway track in mumbai vileparle area, at night 11.30 PM the readings taken by us in presence of your representative, that should be certified by you as you are having necessary accreditation from Recognize institute.



United Arab of Emirates, India, Middle east countries, UK, Canada, Europe EN Mechanical Laboratory needed for Micro Deval Test - Railway Ballast in accordance to EN 1097-1 - Under EN 1097-1:1996, the 10mm, 11.2mm (or 12.5mm) and 14mm sieve sizes shall be replaced by 31.5mm, 40mm and 50mm sieve sizes. The sample is divided and placed in a series of drums of specified dimensions with a quantity of steel balls and the drum is rotated at 100 revolutions per minute, for 14 000 revolutions.



India (UP) NABL Mechanical Laboratory needed for Vibration and Shock Test, Dump Heat Test, Dry Heat Test, EMC/EMI, IP 23, etc. Functional Test after each and every testing, Insulation & High Voltage, Reverse Polarity etc of Electronic Controller Card (PCB) of Brushless DC Railway Carriage Fan



Any location BS EN 13674 and UIC Metallurgical Laboratory needed for testing rail steel manufactured in China for for a large railway project in Malaysia.



Mechanical Laboratory needed for testing railway equipment to determine wear on equipment


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