Laboratory Test Request Description

LONG-TERM TESTING Materials laboratory needed for ASTM physical, mechanical, and accelerated aging testing of polymer auto parts to car manufacturers specifications WSS-M2D496 (Ford), GMW 14196 (General Motors), MS-AY-549 (Chrysler-Fiat) including:
Density to ASTM D3574-16 Test A
Tensile Strength to ASTM D3574-16 Test E
Elongation at Break to ASTM D3574-16 Test E
Tear Strength to ASTM D624 Die C
Compression Set to ISO 1856 Method A
Compression Deflection Stress ISO 3386-1 +A1
Heat Aging to ASTM D3574-16 Test K, ISO 3386-1 +A1
Humidity Aging to ASTM D3574-16 Test J, ISO 3386-1 +A1
Dimensional Stability to WSS-M2D496, 3.5.10
Fogging to SAE J1756
Odor to FLTM BO 131-03 Variant B
Cold Flexibility to FLTM BN102-01 Method A
Solvent Resistance to WSS-M2D496
Flammability to ISO 3795
GMW 14196 Testing
Emissions per GMW 15634 (VOCs, SVOCs)
Emissions per GMW 15635 (Carbonyls)
Emissions per GMW 3205 (Odor)
Emissions per GMW 3235 (Fog)
Compression Force Deflection per ISO 3386-1 40% Compression
Mass per GMW 3182
Thickness per ISO 1923 or ISO 2589 depending on Type
Flammability per GMW 3232/FMVSS-302
MS-AY-549 Chrysler Fiat
Compression Deflection per ASTM D 3574-16 Test C 25% Compression
Aged Compression/Deflection Humidity Aged per ASTM D3574-16 Test C and J at 25% deflection
Aged Compression/Deflection Oven Aged per ASTM D3574-16 Test C and K at 25% deflection


Number: 17-00652

Industry: Motor Vehicles and Automotive

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  • Evaporative Emission Testing
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  • Vibration Testing
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  • Thermal Shock Testing
  • Shock Vibration Testing
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  • Testing

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