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Request: 19-00979

Status: Closed


Buy My Analytical Laboratory


Analytical Laboratory for Sale with the following:

ICP-OES, axial, sub-ppb detection limits, low hours
FT-IR, specular reflectance, cells, etc
UV/visible, scanning

GC-MS, headspace, autosampler, LVI, SPME
Ion and thin layer chromatography

PCR for food pathogens
Ion selective electrodes, conductance meter
Parr bombs, hot block, Vortex shakers, centrifuges, Zymark evaporators
Full wet chem and prep laboratory
Business particulars

$30K/month work stream, established clients. Food/agriculture, bioanalytical, pharma, forensics, contract research. Still have everything to run environmental as well.


$125K for the lab and warehouse (parts, spare systems, additional equipment, etc).
5 year non-compete
5 year consulting contract, 1500 hours per year, $225,000 per year. Additional time at $150/hour rate.

I?ll run your samples, teach your people, help you get accredited, set up QA and help you market. I?ll even take out the trash. :)

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