Laboratory Test Request

Outsourcing USP Testing of Plasmids and Protein Testing

Project Description

Leading cell and gene therapy material manufacturer is looking to outsource the following lab tests for plasmids and proteins:
- Activity by UPLC
- Activity by HPLC
- Aggregation by UPLC
- Appearance
- Bioburden <61>
- Endotoxin <85>
- Endotoxin Interference I&E
- Growth Promotion <61>
- Growth Promotion <71>
- ID by SDS <1056>
- Osmolality <785>
- pH <791>
- Purity by HPLC
- Purity by SDS <1056>
- Purity by UPLC
- Residual Dnase
- Residual Rnase
- Sterility <1071>
- Sterility <71>
- Suitability <71>
- Total Protein by A280 <1057>
- Total Protein by Biuret <1057>
- Total Protein by Bradford <1057>

If I can be directed to someone who knows which tests are available and costs, that would be helpful.
Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Industry:Life Sciences

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