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Insulation Test Request

Request: 19-01483

Status: Lab Needed

Closed: 12/02/2019


Pipeline Polyurethane Insulation Aging Studies


Materials Laboratory needed for aging studies on polyurethane insulation used on pipelines to the following ASTM Test Methods:
1) ASTM C335,
2) ASTM D2126

3) Assembly bond shear strength at 73°F ± 4 °F (23 °C ± 2°C) un-aged and thermally aged (pipe heated to 320F (160C) for 3600hrs or heated to 338F (170C) for 1450hrs)

4) Assembly bond shear strength at 284°F ± 4 °F (140 °C ± 2°C) un-aged and thermally aged (pipe heated to 320F (160C) for 3600hrs or heated to 338F (170C) for 1450hrs)

Please note that #3 and 4 involve heating a 10 foot long assembly and then cutting out three chunks for each test and utilize hot fluid pumped through the pipe with the jacket at room temperature. So that would be atmospheric pressure.

I will need an idea about turnaround time and cost.

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