Laboratory Test Request

Outdoor Concrete Resurfacing / Flooring System Testing

Project Description

Construction Materials Laboratory needed for the following testing for a building construction product which is an outdoor concrete resurfacing/flooring system:
Flame ignition testing: ASTM D 2859
Coefficient of Friction: ASTM C 1028 -- looks like this test standard was withdrawn in 2014, but is still frequently requested. Do you have a recommendation for a different test or should we continue with this test?
Accelerated weather testing: Report similar to the one in our example submission folder. No specific ASTM standard.
Abrasion: ASTM D-4060 or closest appropriate test
Chlorine/chemical resistance: I am seeing different sets of chemical testing for flooring, like the one in our example submission folder, but would like chlorine/bleach exposure to be specifically tested. We install the vast majority of our projects as outdoor pool decks, to give an idea of the chemical exposure.
Bond strength to bare concrete: ASTM D-4541 or closest appropriate test.
Flexural strength: ASTM D-790 or closest appropriate test to measure flexibility
Elongation ASTM D 412 or closest appropriate test
Tensile strength ASTM D 412, ASTM D-638, whichever is appropriate

Project Information


Industry:Construction and Building

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