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Cables and Cabling Test Request

Request: 16-00690

Status: Closed


Electrical laboratory needed for IEC testing of tape (synthetic) used in the fire resistance cables to sustain up to 800 deg celcius of temperature as per IEC-60331. The dimension of tape is 1) 8.00 mm/ 0.11 mm, We need below tests to be performed:- 1) Mica content (g/m2) 2)Glass content (g/m2) 3) Film Content (g/m2) 4) Bond glue content (g/m2) 5) Di electric strength (Kv/Layer) at a) 400 Deg Celcius b) 800 Deg. Celius (Important) 6) Maximum endurance to heat in deg Celsius. The specification standard and test method are as per IEC 60371. Could you please let us know the feasibility and availability of above? Please include a fee quote (kindly make it bifurcated by each test).

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