Pineapple Juice and Avocado Fruit Testing

Laboratory Test Request Description

Food Laboratory needed for pineapple juice and avocado fruit testing:
1. Fosetyl-Al (sum of fosetyl, phosphonic acid and their salts, expressed as fosetyl) PAFA_01_A Fosetyl aluminium - LC-MS/MS
2. ZMAS_02_D- Arsenic - Accredited. ICP/MS
3. ZMHG_02_D- Mercury - Accredited. ICP/MS
4. ZMPB_02_D- Lead - Accredited. ICP/MS
5. ZMSN_02_D- Tin - Accredited. ICP/MS
6. ZMAS_02_D- Arsenic - Accredited. ICP/MS
7. Total Al - PE324- Espect ICP/MS
8. Total Sb - PE324- Espect ICP/MS
9. Total As - PE324- Espect ICP/MS
10. Total Ba - PE324- Espect ICP/MS
11. Total Be - PE324- Espect ICP/MS
12. Total B - PE324- Espect ICP/MS
13. Total Cd - PE324- Espect ICP/MS
14. Total Co - PE324- Espect ICP/MS
15. Total Cu - PE324- Espect ICP/MS
16. Total Cr - PE324- Espect ICP/MS
17. Total Sn - PE324- Espect ICP/MS
18. Total Sr - PE324- Espect ICP/MS
19. Total Fe - PE324- Espect ICP/MS
20. Total Li - PE324- Espect ICP/MS
21. Total Me - PE324- Espect ICP/MS
22. Total Hg - PE324- Espect ICP/MS
23. Total Mo - PE324- Espect ICP/MS
24. Total Ni - PE324- Espect ICP/MS
25. Total Ag - PE324- Espect ICP/MS
26. Total Pb - PE324- Espect ICP/MS
27. Total Se - PE324- Espect ICP/MS
28. Total Ti - PE324- Espect ICP/MS
29. Total V - PE324- Espect ICP/MS
30. Total Zn - PE324- Espect ICP/MS
If your lab can run those, please provide a quotation for testing. Advice samples specifications in order to ship them.
I appreciate your support in advance.


Number: 22-01444

Industry: Beverages

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