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Good afternoon,
My name is Nick and I am the Head of Product for Badiani, a gelato manufacturing group with plants in the UK, Spain and Italy.
We do use many semi-finished products that we have manufactured by 3rd party companies, according to our recipes, specs, needs and procedures.
Unfortunately, I can notice that our finished product behaves in different ways depending on the market where we manufacture them and, once we have opted out the machines (all the same), the dairies and the sugars, we have come up with the idea that possibly some manufacturer of our semi-finished products may have altered our recipes.
I am therefore here to ask whether it would be possible for you to reverse engineer all our semi-finished products and have our ingredients to be deformulated in order to find a way to see if we have a supply chain issue.
Hope we can find a way to cooperate together in this and, if so, do you have a price estimate for the type of analysis you'd recommend us to proceed with?
Please, let me know.
Thanks for your time, understanding and consideration,
Kind regards,


Number: 22-01294


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