Laboratory Test Request Description

Multinational Corp needs Germany, UK, Canada or USA materials laboratory for API and ASTM Testing for pipeline material for the Diversion Gas Pipeline is 16" diameter API 5L grade X60 carbon steel with an internal 3mm layer of type 316L clad. The longitudinal weld seam on a number of pipe sections has been observed to have an anomaly
(suspected lack of fusion). The purpose of this work scope is to identify the anomaly, assess its impact on the material properties, identify any limitations to the pipe material due to the anomaly, and assess the suitability of the material for use in its intended purpose.

Test Specimen
Specimen size is 30 cm in Length along the Longitudinal Weld Seam, and 20 cm in width, with the Longitudinal Weld Seam centered across the width.

Materials Testing Laboratory
1. The following are the minimum requirements for tests to be performed. Photographs of all Metallurgical Tests shall be included in the report. Proposals
for additional tests will be given consideration if they can be shown to be of value in achieving a better understanding of the material fitness for purpose.
- Visual to verify received condition
- NDE to establish the geometry and location of the anomaly
- Chemical Analysis to determine the composition and to confirm grade of manufacture
- Hardness test to determine mechanical properties
- Metallurgical Test to detect any inherent defects, including Macro Examination and Microstructure analysis

2. Prepare Test Report for the use of the Project. The report shall include the following as a minimum.
- Laboratory Test Results
- Interpretation of all test results
- Comparison of any identified discrepancies with the respective Code or Specification requirements
- Suggested mitigation measures, if required
- Assessment of material suitability for the intended purpose


Number: 11-2554


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