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Contract Laboratory needed for competitor's ejuice flavorings testing of vape products. All are basically the same formulation as e juice but we don't have 95% p.g./v.g. with terpenes as our base and in many formulations.. We would like to start a longstanding relationship and want to analyze something like 5 flavors per month. (For years to come) Typically a formulation will have between 10-20 individual chemicals in it. Generally terpenes (linaloll, myrcene) mixed with flavorings (ethyl butyrate, malitol, octanol) They're all food grade flavorings. They're all volatile and we Typically test on a GCMS. If you could give a call to further discuss or provide a quote for reverse engineering competitors flavors, and get us to a point where we've matched the flavor and have a master recipe for it. That'd be exactly what I'm looking for. I can send some samples over if you want to get a better idea of the compounds but you seem familiar with the industry. I appreciate your time and am looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanks,


Number: 23-02208

Industry: Vape, e-Liquid and e-Cigarette

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