Laboratory Test Request Description

Accredited and GMP microbiology laboratory needed for virucidal testing of a disinfectant as per Australian TGA guidelines. The laboratory must be GMP and licensed or internationally accredited laboratory eg NATA, TGA, FDA, PIC, EPA, NAMAS UK etc for the following:


Number: 17-01951

Industry: Disinfectants

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Other disinfectants laboratory services.

Other Disinfectants testing, analysis, scientific research and development, inspection, certification, engineering, failure investigation, and product development needs include :

  • antimicrobial Testing
  • germicidal Testing
  • anti-viral efficacy Testing
  • anti-bacterial efficacy Testing
  • skin irritation Testing
  • pathogen Testing
  • Bactericidal Activity Testing
  • kill times Testing
  • Influenza A virus H1N1 Testing
  • M Testing
  • bovis (Tuberculosis) Testing
  • Poliovirus Testing
  • T Testing
  • mentagrophytes (Fungus) Testing
  • carrier Testing
  • suspension Testing
  • capacity Testing
  • practical Testing
  • field Testing
  • use-dilution Testing
  • germicidal Testing
  • presaturated Testing
  • detergent Testing
  • chlorine Testing
  • suspension Testing
  • neutralization Testing
  • triclosan Testing
  • phenol Testing
  • toxicity Testing
  • MSDS Safety Data Sheets Testing
  • Product Labeling Testing
  • Carcinogenicity Testing
  • Product Comparision Testing
  • reusuable medical devices Testing

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