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Request: 17-0004

Status: Lab Needed


Company planning on establishing independent and third party Tobacco & Cigarettes Testing Lab based on ISO 17025 Standard, would like to purchase : 1) A routine analytical cigarette smoking machine based on ISO 4387 & ISO 8454 for Determination of total and dry particulate matter and carbon monoxide in the vapour phase of smoke ? Non dispersive infrared (NDIR) method (SM450 COA 20) 2) A laser beam measuring apparatus based on ISO 2971 for Determination of nominal diameter, ISO 6565 Draw resistance of cigarettes and filters rods and ISO 2965 Determination of air permeability (Quantum Neo WGCVK) The most critical issue we have is the lead-time which shouldn?t exceed 2 months from the date of order. So your co-operation and consideration is highly appreciated. You offer should include all related accessories, installation, commissioning and training at site. Also I enclose, herewith the local Tobacco and Cigarette Test Standards and will appreciate if you would be able also to offer a turn-key solution based on them. Kindly review the above and advise your feedback. Awaiting your prompt reply. Best regards,

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