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Automotive and Motor Vehicle Test Request

Request: 16-02166

Status: Closed


weathering test following TSM0501G with Suga machine model : WEL-SUN-HCH type sunshine Weather-O- meter for the following: 1 Discharge voltage ( V) Range 48 to 52 Mean 50+ 2% Discharge current ( A) Range 58 to 62 Mean 60+ 2% Cycle Continuous radiation Black panel temp ( Deg C) 63 + 2 or 83+ 2 Humidity Pure water spray for 12 min at intervals of 102 min (no humidity adjustment is required) Test specimen turning cycle ( r/min) 1 Glass filter Type Panel type that can be detached for each test specimen Glove type Permeability 0% for 275 nm or less , 90% or over for 400 nm 0% for 225 nm or less , 90% or over 400 nm ? An could you please estimate cost of test per hours . ? And for this you ever have experience for Toyota or Toyota molder or not I?m looking forward in hearing you. Yours Sincerely Mr. Prasert Khunnarong Intertek

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Automotive and Motor Vehicle

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