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Laboratory Test Request Details

Test Request

Request: 16-00386

Status: Closed


Energy company needs laboratory for fuel testing. I have three samples (Light Ends, Solvent, and Industrial Diesel Fuel) that would require the tests the following tests:
? Appearance (physical state, color, etc.);
? Upper/lower flammability or explosive limits;
? Odor;
? Vapor pressure;
? Odor threshold;
? Vapor density;
? pH;
? Relative density;
? Melting point/freezing point;
? Solubility(ies);
? Initial boiling point and boiling range;
? Flash point;
? Evaporation rate;
? Flammability (solid, gas);
? Partition coefficient: n-octanol/water;
? Auto-ignition temperature;
? Decomposition temperature; and
? Viscosity
? Reactivity;
? Corrosivity
All three samples are petroleum based.

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Oil and Petroleum

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