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Request: 10-00001

Status: Closed


Exploration Company needs California Geology Laboratory for Geochemical Accelerator Mass Spectrometry and Pyrolysis GC/MS Testing.We have a number of Ancient Quimbaya Gold Artifacts that have Geological developments on the surface and on the interior of the vessel After being buried in the damp earth for extremely long periods of time the earths acids and dissolved minerals have attacked the objects surface and interior forming characteristic crystalline encrustations and other formations and developments left by mother nature and the damp earth. Recently a California Professor of Geology personally examined the features and it was his opinion that some of these Geological developments could have easily taken 1000 - 2000 years to develop.The Geological Developments are far to fragile and Important to ship all the way to New Zealand in addition to the Geological developments needing to be removed from the actual Artifact itself by a certified geologist .

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