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100 Most Recent Telecommunications Laboratory Test Requests

Everyday, we receive new Laboratory Test Requests. These Telecommunications Laboratory Test Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking laboratories and lab suppliers for their projects.

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Pre-Production Speaker Testing

Large Telecommunications Company needs Acoustics Laboratory for frequency response and distortion analysis of a pre-production speaker in an Anechoic ... View More

Radar Test Facility Testing

BUDGET APPROVED Telecommunications Laboratory needed for Radar Testing: W-Band using Test method: over the air (Mil-PRF-53134, radar part: R... View More

Digital Splitter RF Testing

Laboratory needed for RF Testing ANSI / SCTE 153 2016, Paragraph 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 4.5 (Bandwidth, Passband Response, Insertion Loss, Return Loss, ... View More

Acoustics Microphone Testing

India Acoustics Laboratory needed for two microphone testing for an acoustics application. View More

Google Lens' Transmittance and Anti-Fog

Large Corporation needs Laboratory for transmittance and anti-fog verification testing of goggle lens' used in clean rooms. View More

UNE-EN 50525 European Harmonized Cable Testing

Electrical Laboratory needed for cables testing to HO7V-U/HO7V-R and HO7V-K according to UNE-EN 50525 View More

Initial Quote for UL Testing

Initial Quoto perform UL 1069 Standard for Hospital Signaling and Nurse Call Equipment and UL 2560 Standard for Emergency Call Systems for Assisted Li... View More

FDD Declaration of Conformity for New Consumer Wireless Device

Electrical Laboratory needed for pre-scan and testing for FCC Declaration of Conformity for a new consumer wireless electronic device.connected in ra... View More

ASTM Solar Reflectance Testing

Technology Company needs USA Laboratory for Satellite ASTM Solar Reflectance testing to ASTM C1549 Standard Test Method for Determination of Solar Ref... View More

Integrated Circuit Authenticity

Large Corporation needs Electrical Laboratory for authenticity testing of Integrated circuits to determine they are not counterfeit or refurbished p... View More

HALT / HASS Testing

Technology Company needs Electrical Laboratory for Highly Accelerated Stress Screening HASS / Highly Accelerate Life Test HALT HALT Testing of elect... View More

Computer DUT Compliance Testing

Computer Company needs Laboratory to ensure DUT complies with mandatory parts of ETSI 201907.
DUT: home network gateway View More

Electrical Certification Laboratory needed for electrical certification testing of various telecommunication devices
including BT/Wi-Fi Transmitter... View More

Electronics laboratory needed for compliance testing of telecom equipment to the Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive (R&TTE) R&T... View More

Telecommunications test house needed for UWB radio transmitter testing to measure the power and spectrum to EN 302065 Electromagnetic compatibility an... View More

Electrical laboratory needed for IEC testing of ladder cable tray under IEC to EN 61537:2001 Cable tray systems and cable ladder systems for cable man... View More

University researcher needs physical laboratory for doppler radar vibration measurement of sensor, receiver and software to model the receiving data a... View More

Electrical laboratory needed for IEC radio frequency testing of semi-rigid coaxial communication cables per IEC 61196 Standard View More

Telecommunication laboratory needed for radiated disturbance testing for BSMI certification of an instrument cluster complying with CNS 13438/13439. View More

Telecommunications testing facility needed for near-field communication NFC standards testing of aerial cable fittings including insulated piercing co... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Manufacturer needs Aerospace laboratory for FAA Testing of air field lighting transformers. View More

Telecommunications laboratory needed to measure radiated efficiency of an antenna chamber equipped with network analyzer. View More

Telecommunications laboratory needed for NABL certification testing of optic fiber cables. View More

Physical Environmental Laboratory needed with anechoic chamber for 3D antenna pattern measurements of a small unit (40 mm square) at 923.5MHz and 157... View More

Computer Hardware company needs certification laboratory for ETSI certification testing an e-CALL modem according to multiple ETSI standards includin... View More

Third-party testing laboratory needed for Ethernet cables (CAT6 and CAT6A) used in networking View More

Industrial Third-Party ISO 17025 Laboratory needed for IEEE, ANSI and UL Testing of 9 cables flammability and toxicity testing: FT4/IEE1202 flame pro... View More

Third-party testing laboratory needed for Ethernet cables (CAT6 and CAT6A) used in networking View More

Electrical laboratory needed for Dielectric testing of phone accessories between 800 mhz and 4 ghz View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for Fungus testing on Test coupons of Printed Circuit Boards PCB's View More

Europe electrical laboratory needed for IEC tests on fibreoptic cables according to IEC IEC 60793-xx and 60794-xx standards: Testing fibreoptic cable... View More

Electronics Laboratory needed for fcc verification testing View More

Electronics Laboratory needed for light testing to pass FCC part 15 , Radiofrequency Devices and CA Prop 65 before selling those products. View More

Telecommunications laboratory needed for lab examination and reporting of our mobile phone devices that we produce in China. 1) 3G signal quality and ... View More

Technology Laboratory needed for Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers SMPTE Testing to , SMPTE 425 and 2082. Specially with the jitter t... View More

Canada or United States Laboratory needed for FCC Testing: Radio with bluetooth testing: Pt 95A-GMRS, 95B-FRS, UHF (FCC/IC)

FCC/IC RF 1 FCC/IC Par... View More

Electrical compliance laboratory needed with in-house capabilities to do the following compliance test. Please provide quote for each test. 1. FCC/IC... View More

Physical Laboratory needed for ISO kink testing per ISO 13868, Telecommunications and information exchange between systems -- Private Integrated Servi... View More

Plastics Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of plastic samples tested for scratch resistance, crack resistance and wear resistance of ASTM D7207-13, D... View More

Electronics Laboratory needed for reliability testing of of CB certificate View More

Europe Electronics Laboratory needed for RoHS, IEC 60950 safety test EN/55022 EN/55024 EMC test RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC ?
View More

Telecommunications firm needs Asia laboratory for ASTM Testing: Solar Reflectance Index test report for Granites. View More

University Researcher needs Ireland electronics laoratory for cell phone safety and toxcity testing is needed:x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy safety ... View More

Electronics Laboratory needed for cell phone testing: Vibration testing for low level low frequency

In order to test sensors of cell phones as fo... View More

Large electronics company needs Europe Laboratory for immersion of enclosure product ( 500x230x130)mm in ISOoctane(70) / Toluene (30) View More

Telecommunications Laboratory needed for FCC certification testing for FCC certificates for different product of our company, We have 3 Part 15 produc... View More

USA Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing: Optical Testing of Thin film (0.15-.05mm)
Need absorption testing covering UVA and the visible ligh... View More

India Laboratory needed for MPPT algorithm testing (EN50530) View More

Electronics Laboratory needed for Voltage Testing: Low-Voltage Ride-Through (LVRT) or Fault-Ride-Through (FRT), according to ANRE order 74 - Romania. ... View More

Laboratory needed for chemical testing of CBS calcium and magnesium. View More

Asia Electrical laboratory needed for UL 508 or IS/IEC testing of Low Voltage Disconnector used in telecom SMPS application. These single pole dc cont... View More

India Physical Laboratory needed for FIRE RESISTANCE TESTING as per IMO FTP Code Part 3 Resolution A.754 (18)A.III & A.IV, International Structural Fi... View More

Eastern USA Software Laboratory needed for software testing for software development for session border controllers and mcrosoft lync. we need transac... View More

USA Optical Laboratory needed for mirror specular reflectance testing service.

1. Measure absolute specular reflectance at 45° AOI over the spectra... View More

USA Mechanical Laboratory with qualifications needed for ANSI / SCTE-60 Testing AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARD / Society of Cable Telecommunications Engin... View More

Israel electrical compliance laboratory needed for compliance testing of led display to check its compliance with the European Standard for Mobile VMS... View More

West Coast USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for debris identification testing from debris on coaxial tube off of an antenna . noted that t... View More

Physical Laboratory needed for material strength and galvanized quality testing of telecommunication steel tower. Following items are included for tes... View More

East Europe Telecommunications Laboratory needed for R&TTE Testing Intruder alarm system control panel R&TTE Radio & Telecom Terminal Equipment Direct... View More

India telecommunications laboratory needed for IEC Testing for water tightness test one sample View More

Philippines Telecommunications certification laboratory needed for certification testing of new telecommunications products. View More

Electrical Laboratory needed for Electrical Testing for dish Antenna Antenna Gain & Efficiency C/N, NM, BER values for antenna. 3dB Beam width & F/D r... View More

Newspaper needs Microbiology Laboratory for microbial testing on cell phones.

View More

ISO 17025 Laboratory needed for optical communication testing 1-SDH/SONET tests
1-1-bit eror rate
1-1-3-STM-16... View More

Optical Laboratory needed to test the refractive index of a new glass at 1550nm. The material is available in form of lens and can be available in bl... View More

Large Dish Antenna Manufacturer in India needs Electrical Laboratory to conduct the Logo Ink Reliability Test: The test is to be carried out as per IE... View More

Metro NYC, Lower CT IEC Electrical Laboratory needed for solar radiation test RTCM 11010.2 as per IEC60945 - Personal locator beascon 4"LX 2.5"WX1.5"T... View More

Europe Laboratory needed for Compact Test Range for Antenna as per ETSI 302 217 View More

Filter supplier in China needs ASHRAE/UL Laboratory for testing filter media. Need the media certified to 80% dust weight arrestance as described in A... View More

South Florida FCC and CE Laboratory needed for certification testing. View More

Japan UL Laboratory needed for rapid rise fire test on Valve stack 1 model in accordance to UL 1709. View More

India Physical Laboratory needed for weatherability testing as per NES M0135 Method-1, Class-3A. Appearance Test using sunshine carbon weather-o-meter... View More

USA Physical and Product Safety Laboratory needed for NFPA and ASTM Testing for NFPA130 for the cable flame/smoke and toxicity test View More

Ontario Materials Laboratory needed for forensic testing on a u-bolt failure that we would like investigated. We would like to get mechanical chemical... View More

France Physical, Materials Laboratory needed for NFC 33-209 Testing of aerial bundled cables View More

India environmental laboratory needed for ASTM soil compaction testing of Transmission Line Tower Foundations View More

Electronics Laboratory needed for testing power transmission cables according to government standards. View More

Europe ASTM E228 Materials Laboratory required for coefficient of thermal expansion measured preferably between -180°C & 100°C. Expected average CTE a... View More

USA Acoustics Laboratory required for testing TIA-920 for handsfree devices View More

Abu Dhabi or Dubai UAE Acoustics Laboratory required to test a Telecom cabinet for:
1- Vibration Testing & Analysis
2- Heat and stock
3- Chamber ... View More


Wires & Cables & PVC Cable Manufacturer needs physical laboratory for IEC60502 flammability testing: Low Smoke Flame retardent tests like Holgen conte... View More

Asia physical laboratory needed for Halogan Contents Test, Temperature index Test of Low Smoke Flame Retardant PVC Compound View More

Minnesota Laboratory needed for Data throughput rate for an HDMI cable to HDMI 1.3b standard. View More

Electronics Laboratory needed for IEC testing Against IEC 60227-3 and 4 View More

Africa Electrical Laboratory needed for IEC Testing of PVC insulated stranded electronics cable against IEC 60227-3 and IEC 60227-4 View More

Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia Laboratory needed for Performance testing of Aerial Bunched Cable accessories. As per French Std. NFC33020 / NFC33021 ... View More

India Physical Laboratory required for Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of FRP Rod used in telecommunication cable. Testing to be done on 3 different ... View More

India Electrical Laboratory needed for Electrical Testing of Optical Fiber Cables, Joint Enclosures and Splitters.
View More

US acoustics and Vibration Laboratory needed for 8-500hz @+/- m/s sq constant acceleration of 5500 lb tow trailer with satelitte antenna mounted to it... View More

Geochemical laboratory needed for analysis of maganese ore View More

USA physical weathering laboratory needed for GR 1089 testing lightning effects on telecommunications equipment View More

Electrical lab needed for testing Antenna Pattern & VSWR Measurement
Insertion loss & VSWR measurement for RF Splitters
Coupling loss, Isolation & V... View More

Telecommunications Lab needed that is capable of Over The Air (OTA) testing, TRP testing & TIS testing View More

ISO Electrical laboratory needed for UL/ISO Eye Pattern, S-Parameter testing on High-speed cable assemblies View More

Electrical laboratory needed for UL 508 or IS/IEC testing of Low Voltage Disconnector used in telecom SMPS application.

These single pole dc conta... View More

Product Safety Laboratory needed for RoHS testing (grinder test) of a small plastic device (4"w x 1"H) that has a copper element in the middle. View More

ISO electrical laboratory needed for equipment parameters testing (interfaces, signaling systems, protocols, transmission, operation and performance p... View More

Electrical laboratory needed for Electro magnetic compatibility survey testing. The survey environment includes the comms systems, microwave facilitie... View More

Physical Electronics Laboratory needed t Qualify electronic device product to perform in an explosive atmosphere. View More