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New Laboratory Sports and Sporting Goods Requests

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100 Most Recent Sports and Sporting Goods Laboratory Test Requests

Everyday, we receive new Laboratory Test Requests. These Sports and Sporting Goods Laboratory Test Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking laboratories and lab suppliers for their projects.

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Downhill Snow Ski Equipment

Government Agency needs Forensics Laboratory for testing of downhill snow ski equipment involved in a fatal accident. View More

Sports Protective Padding Mechanical Testing

Third-Party Laboratory needed for ISO testing on sports protective padding to ISO 10819:2013. Mechanical vibration and shock -- Hand-arm vibration --... View More

Thermal Resistance of Camping Mattresses

Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM Testing of Measuring Thermal Resistance of Camping Mattresses. We need quotation for 3 separate R-Value Testing.... View More

Swimwear Fabric Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Swimwear Manufacturer needs textiles testing facility for multiple testing to review our fabrics for quality and consistency.

We... View More

Plastics Degradation from Insect Repellents

North America GLP Environmental Laboratory needed for conducting studies of several EPA Registered insect repellent formulations to determine whether ... View More

Pointe Ballet Shoe Mechanical Flex Testing

Consumer Products Performance Laboratory needed for mechanical flex testing on pointe ballet shoe with thermoplastic insert. View More

ASTM / AATCC Tent Fabric Textile Testing

Textiles Laboratory preferably on the west coast, needed to assess the manufacturing specifications of fabrics used in tents to the following specific... View More

New Golf Putter Prototype Performance Testing

NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Sports Performance Laboratory needed for testing a new gold putter.prototype. View More

Sports Rubber Foam Chemical Analysis

Sports and Leisure Manufacturer needs Laboratory for analysis of rubber foam material sample for chemical composition. View More

Winter Glove Thermal Resistance

Consumer Products Performance Laboratory needed for EN511 CONDUCTIVE THERMAL RESISTANCE TESTING (EN511) for winter gloves. And what is the test cost... View More

ANSI Climbing Safety Harness Testing

USA Performance Laboratory needed for ANSI testing of half-length, nylon safety harness used for sports climbing according to ANSI Z133 Standard for ... View More

Playground Safety Certification

Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for safety certification testing for playground equipment. View More

Athletic Sports Floor Testing

Performance Laboratory needed for ASTM and DIN testing of wood athletic flooring to DIN 18032 Part II for wood athletic subfloor system and ASTM F2772... View More

Gym Equipment Performance

Performance Laboratory needed for gym equipment testing for cycle testing and battery life. View More

Sock CLO Rating

Apparel Performance Laboratory needed for CLO Rating Testing of Cold Weather Sock
View More

Yoga Equipment Testing

Independent Consumer Products Laboratory needed for yoga equipment testing including weight testing. Yoga equipment. includes carabiners, daisy chain... View More

Fitness Machine Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for testing of a new fitness machine.

View More

Shoe Water Resistance

Materials Laboratory needed for water resistance testing of waterproof boot and sock liner to EN 20811, Resistance to Water Penetration View More

ISO Fishing Net Testing

Physical Laboratory needed for ISO Abrasion resistance and durability tests for Fishing nets as per ISO 1805:2006 Fishing nets - Determination of mesh... View More

Performance Laboratory needed for thermal testing (EN342 rating) for our range of thermal clothing (jackets and trousers) and thermal gloves (EN511 ra... View More

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of new exercise equipment with resistance bands, clips for attachments and straps for safety and ... View More

Large manufacturer needs Textiles Laboratory for ASTM Testing of 4 fabric varieties to ASTM D2582 Puncture-propagation tear

View More

USA Consumer Products Laboratory needed for testing kinesiology tape products. View More

START-UP Outdoor wear company needs materials laboratory for breathability and waterproofness testing of new textiles materials used in rain pants. T... View More

Performance Laboratory needed sports tapes testing for the strength and quality of the products. View More

Environmental simulation laboratory needed for accelerated weathering testing of a mini-installation of a playground made from glued playground tiles.... View More

Sports beverage company needs food laboratory osmolality/osmolarity testing. Need reliable, consistent measurements to optimize formulation and supp... View More

Sports surfacing company needs Construction materials laboratory for ISO plastics testing UV testing as per ISO test method ISO 4892-2:2660 View More

Sports performance laboratory needed for proof of concept and safety testing of new sports product. View More

Sports performance laboratory needed to have exercise equipment tested to current safety standards. View More

Sports performance laboratory needed for exercise cardio machine testing to determine muscle groups affected, safety of machine, weight limits of mach... View More

Biomechnical laboratory needed for sports performance testing of Cardio machine - 800 lb. including weight limit, calories burned, tensile strength o... View More

Laboratory needed for Industry standards and safety testing for a piece of exercise equipment. No digital or electrical component to meet government a... View More

Materials laboratory needed for Permeation testing on elastomers to ISO 2782, Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic -- Determination of permeability to ... View More

Certified lab needed in Hawaii for ASTM Testing: Slip resistance testing to ASTM 2047,Standard Test Method for Static Coefficient of Friction of Pol... View More

Clinical Sports Performance laboratory needed for clinical biomechanical testing in humans to validate performance of university's sports biomechanics... View More

Third-party laboratory needed for biodegradability testing of plastic fishing baits for fishing potentially to ASTM D6691Standard Test Method for De... View More

Certification Laboratory needed for performance testing of waterproof pocket for swimwear and would like to test it for water inflation when submerse... View More

Sports performance laboratory needed for certification testing of sports equipment that it is safe at preventing head injuries. View More

Sports company needs optical laboratory for specific spectrum data of lens in 6 different sports environments. For example, the sports glasses used fo... View More

Consumer Products laboratory needed for certification testing for CE mark. compliance to the General Product Safety Directive of sports equipment. View More

Consumer Products laboratory needed for certification testing for CE mark. compliance to the General Product Safety Directive of sports equipment. View More

University Researcher needs laboratory for Sports Equipment testing for a 24 kilonewton Load rating and certification including durability . Load rati... View More

Clinical Research laboratory needed for clinical trial that can evaluate the accuracy of several heart rate measurement devices and compare them to E... View More

Sports performance laboratory needed for GPS device evaluation to evaluate the accuracy of a GPS device and compare it to competitive GPS devices over... View More