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    Below are some examples of the most recent incoming mining, metals and alloys Laboratory Testing Requests that we have received from companies, governments and organizations looking for mining, metals and alloys laboratories and scientific research facilities to perform their mining, metals and alloys Testing, Scientific Research, Analysis, Assay, Product Development, Certifications, Inspections. Does your company need a laboratory for lab testing or science research projects? Save time and money searching! Use our Lab Assistant to find contract test laboratories or contract research facilities. Submit Lab Testing Requests

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Aluminum Panel Antimicrobial Testing for Coronavirus Efficacy Rates

Contract Laboratory needed for antimicrobial testing of aluminum panels for... (view details)

Chimerical Compatibility for 3D Printed Hastelloy Material

Materials Laboratory needed for Chimerical compatibility for 3D printed has... (view details)

Scrap Moulding Glue / Adhesive Testing

India Materials Laboratory needed for glue/adhesive testing on scrap mouldi... (view details)

Grey Clay Properties Evaluation

North America (Preferrably Canada) Geochemistry Laboratory needed for prope... (view details)

Total Metal Testing on Silica, Clay and Feldspar Samples

USA Accredited Metallurgical Laboratory needed for Total metal (Sb, As, Ba,... (view details)

ASTM Stainless Steel Testing

URGENT Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM stainless steel sheet testing ... (view details)

Fabric EMC Shielding Effectiveness

USA Electrical Laboratory needed for EMC measurement testing to determine t... (view details)

Bullet Metal Identification Testing

Licensed NY Contract Metallurgical Laboratory needed for metal identificati... (view details)

ASTM and ISO Metallic Powder Testing

USA Metallurgical Laboratory needed for several ISO and ASTM tests on metal... (view details)

Silver / Lead Ore Analysis

Contract Test Laboratory needed for silver/lead ore testing by Atomic Absor... (view details)

NIOSH Amorphous Silica Testing

Environmental Consulting Company needs North America Performance Laboratory... (view details)

Toxicity characteristic leaching procedure TCLP Metals Testing

Contract Laboratory needed for Toxicity characteristic leaching procedure T... (view details)

Ore Gold Testing

Geotechnical Laboratory needed for ore testing for gold. (view details)

Medical Device Metal Disk Surface Composition

Medical Device Company needs Contract Metallurgical Laboratory for surface ... (view details)

Calcite (CaCO3) Analysis

Geochemistry Laboratory needed for Calcite analysis (CaCO3) The preliminary... (view details)

Aluminum Gelbo Flex Testing

Metallurgical Laboratory needed for performing gelbo flex testing on alumi... (view details)

Metal ASTM Impact Testing

Oil Equipment Company needs Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM testing of... (view details)

Manganese Ore Rock Bearing Testing

Internationally Accredited Southwest USA Geology Laboratory needed for mang... (view details)

Metal Particle Identification

Food Company needs metallurgical laboratory for testing and identifying of ... (view details)

Gold Plating Verification

Metallurgical Laboratory needed for verification of the quality and the thi... (view details)

Aluminum Conductor Testing

Large corporation needs laboratory testing facility needed for performing ... (view details)

Mining Metal Analysis

Mining Company needs metallurgical laboratory for analysis of 10 base metal... (view details)

Ore Mining Sample Testing

Contract Test Laboratory needed for testing of an ore mining sample . This... (view details)

Chinesco Figurine Authentication Testing

Laboratory needed for authenticating eight ceramic Chinesco figurines purpo... (view details)

EN 10264 Stainless Steel Wire Testing

Independent Laboratory needed for stainless steel wire testing to EN10264-4... (view details)

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Anti-Corrosion Testing

Metal producer needs Europe Contract Laboratory for anti-corrosion testing... (view details)

Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites

Contract Laboratory needed to measure coefficient of Thermal Expansion of C... (view details)

Metal Bottle Cap Sensory Evaluation

Manufacturer of metal bottle caps for glass bottles needs Independent Labor... (view details)

Zeolite Stability and Microbiology Testing

South Africa Contract Laboratory needed for zeolite stability and microbiol... (view details)

Compliance testing on jewelry

Laboratory testing on jewelry - Nickel, Precious metals, Government Complia... (view details)

Fly Ash Study for Metals Analysis

We are looking for a laboratory who can complete a fly ash analysis test pr... (view details)

Tungsten Ore Certified Assay

Third-Party Laboratory needed for certified assay done on tungsten ore. Can... (view details)

XPS Characterization of Covalent Organic Framework

Materials Laboratory needed for for XPS Characterization.The sample is a ne... (view details)

Loaded Carbon and Ore Testing

Contract Testing Laboratory needed for testing samples of loaded carbon an... (view details)

Metallurgical and Chemical Composition Analysis

Materials laboratory needed for Metallurgical and Chemical Composition Anal... (view details)

Steel Shutters Fire Rating Testing

Contract testing laboratory needed for a 120min fire rating test on a steel... (view details)

Cooper Flask Food Safety Labeling Claims Testing

Consumer Products Laboratory needed for food safety labeling claims testing... (view details)

BUDGET APPROVED ASTM Alumina Ceramic Materials Measurements

BUDGET APPROVED Materials Laboratory needed for Alumina Ceramic Materials m... (view details)

Triple R Copper Analysis of CDA 110

Metals Laboratory needed for triple R copper analysis (RRR = Residual Resis... (view details)

Gold Ore Fire Assay Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Contract Test Laboratory needed for gold ore content fire... (view details)

Impact Flexibility Test for Coating on Aluminum Panels

Physical Laboratory needed for ASTM Impact flexibility testing of 5 panels ... (view details)

Ore Rock Testing

Geology Laboratory needed for ore rock testing and assay (view details)

Lime Burnability Testing

Mining Consulting Firm needs Contract Test Laboratory for burnability testi... (view details)

Aluminum Panel Abrasion Testing

Materials Laboratory needed for abrasion resistance testing of 9 total 3x5 ... (view details)

Rock and Mineral Analysis

Well Company needs geology laboratory for composition testing of 10 rock an... (view details)

Beryllium Metals Testing

Laboratory needed for beryllium testing (view details)

Sand Gold Content

Laboratory needed to measure gold content in samples from 100-200 tonne of ... (view details)

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