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Contract Laboratory has received the following clinical trial services Laboratory Service Requests which need to be fulfilled! These clinical trial services Laboratory Service Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their clinical trial services Laboratory Service and Scientific Research. If you need a clinical trial services Laboratory, please Submit a clinical trial services Laboratory Service Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Mobile Phlebotomy Services

Company needs Canada Mobile Phlebotomy Services (view details)

Phlebotomy Lab Draws

Health Clinic needs Phlebotomy Service for it's Lab Dra... (view details)

Hospice Patient Blood Draws amd Culture Samples

Hospice needs Phlebotomy Company to take blood and UA w... (view details)

Contract ETO Sterilization Services

North America Contract Steriliz... (view details)

NABL Dead Weight Calibration Services

Laboratory needs NABL Contract Service Provider for dead weight calibratio... (view details)

Laboratory Instrument Calibration

Middle East civil testing laboratory needs laboratory calibrat... (view details)

Middle East Equipment Calibration Service Contract

Middle East ISO 17025 Contract Servi... (view details)

Calibration of DC Voltage Standard and Reference Multimeter

Contract Calibration Service Provider needed for Calibration services of
1... (view details)

Laboratory Systems Maintenance and Repair Contract

USA Company is seeking to outsource ... (view details)

Contract Sterilizationof Labware, Surgical Tools and Bio-Waste

Contract Sterilizer needed for steam sterilization services: lab glass, pip... (view details)

Laboratory Repair and Calibration Services

Germany Contract Service Provider needed for MRO (Repair and Calibration) C... (view details)

Laboratory Set-Up Consulting Services

Laboratory Consultant needed for providing consulting services for setting ... (view details)

Test Method Optimization Consulting

Laboratory needed USA Laboratory Consulant to provide services to optimize ... (view details)

CAP Certification Consulting

Clinical Laboratory Consultant needed to consult on CAP Certifications (view details)

Phase I Clinical Trial Manufacturing of Inactivated SARS-COV2 Vaccine

FDA GLP/GMP manufacturing of an inactivated SARS-COV2 vaccine including ina... (view details)

NABL Frequency Calibration

NABL Calibration Laboratory needed fo... (view details)

Clinical Laboratory Start-Up in Houston Texas Area

Laboratory Consultant needed to advise on the start-up of new clinical labo... (view details)

Weighing Scales Calibration Contract

Asia Contract Servic... (view details)

Home Phlebotomy Services

USA Contract Service Provider needed that provides home... (view details)

Contract Ethylene Oxide EO Sterilization Services

Contract Sterilizer needed for Ethylene Oxide EO sterilization services of... (view details)

Medical Tool Contract Sterilization Services

Large wellness company needs Contract Sterilizer for sterilization service... (view details)

Contract Steam Sterilization of Syringes and Reprocessed Medical Devices

Canada Contract Sterilizer needed for steam sterilization services for syri... (view details)

Silicone Tubing Steam Contract Sterilization

USA Contract Sterilizer needed for steam sterilization ... (view details)

Sampling from California

Food Laboratory needs a partner food... (view details)

Canada Mobile Phlebotomy Services

Large USA Clinic needs Mobile Phlebotomy Services of Patients in Canada (view details)

Electrical Laboratory Consulting Services

World Class Experienced Consulting firm need to provide Consultancy service... (view details)

Biomedical Laboratory Set-Up Consulting Services

South Africa Laboratory Consultant needed to advise company on establishmen... (view details)

Industrial Hygiene Contract Work

Insurance Company needs Industrial Hygiene Laboratory t... (view details)

Europe Contract Sterilization Services

Europe Contract Sterilizer needed for contact sterilization services to red... (view details)

University Laboratory Incubator Shaker Repair Servies

University needs Contractor for repair services on incubator shakers. (view details)

Middle East Laboratory Consulting

Middle East Laboratory Consultant needed for advising on all preparation fo... (view details)

RFP Quality Assurance Services


Clinical Healthcare based company seeking RFP's fo... (view details)

Glucose Oxidase Manufacturing Trials and Validation

FDA GMP Contract Manufacturer for glucose oxidase manufacturing trials and ... (view details)

FDA Medical Device Contract Sterilization Services

LONG-TERM FDA Contract Sterilizer needed for ETO & Gamma sterilization serv... (view details)

Laboratory Developed Test CLIA Compliant Analytical Validation

Clinical Laboratory Consultant needed to provide guidance in performing C... (view details)

Laboratory Consulting on Laboratory Equipment Standards

Chemists on site want to move a residential oven from the lunchroom to a la... (view details)

Medical Device Contract Cleaning, Packing and ETO Sterilization

LONG-TERM Medical Device Manufacturer needs Contract Sterilizer for cleanin... (view details)

Industrial Optical / Electronics Laboratory Start-Up Services

Laboratory Consulting Firm needed for assisting industrial research laborat... (view details)

FDA GMP Sterile Medical Device Contract Manufacturing

FDA GMP Compliant Labs to provide contract manufacturing services for smal... (view details)

Contract Ethylene Oxide Sterilization

LONG-TERM SERVICES Medical Device Company needs Contract Sterilizer for con... (view details)

Laboratory Consulting Firm needed for advisory services on the set-up of or... (view details)

CLIA Clinical Lab Set-Up and LDT Validation

CLIA Laboratory Consultant needed for new clinical laboratory set-up and l... (view details)

Laboratory Advisory Services

Technical Consultancy Firm in Renewal Energy Services needs Laboratory Cons... (view details)

Large tobacco company needs regulatory consultant for consultancy services... (view details)

Chemical Company needs Laboratory Engineering Company for technical advisin... (view details)

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