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Contract Laboratory has received the following manufacturing defects Laboratory Requests which need to be fulfilled! These manufacturing defects Laboratory Requests are received from a variety of sources ranging from start-up companies to large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, international organizations, well-respected universities and government agencies that are actively seeking Labs to perform their manufacturing defects Laboratory and Scientific Research. If you need a manufacturing defects Laboratory, please Submit a manufacturing defects Laboratory Request. If you need assistance or have questions contact us online or call toll free 1-855-377-6821. Please log in to see more.

Large tobacco company needs regulatory consultant for consultancy services regarding Health Canada Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards for Na... View More

IEC Rail Car Wire Assembly Testing

Industrial Laboratory needed for the following IEC wire assembly testing: wire pull testing, hi-pot testing of crimped wire assemblies in passenger ra... View More

ASTM Industrial Testing

Large Industrial Manufacturing Company needs Laboratory for ASTM Testing to the following standards:
ASTM C1304 - Odor emission
ASTM C1338 - Fungi ... View More

Biologics Release Testing

LONG-TERM TESTING Contract Manufacturing Organization focusing on producing live biotherapeutics, both as biologics (drugs) and(food) needs FDA Compli... View More

Waterproof Shoe Manufacturing Defect Testing

Consumer Products Performance Laboratory needed for waterproof shoe testing for manufacturing defects View More

SAE Air Dryer Testing

Large Industrial Manufacturing Company needs Laboratory for SAE Air Dryer Testing to SAE J2384 Air Dryer Test Procedure, This Standard defines the Tes... View More

ASTM / AATCC Tent Fabric Textile Testing

Textiles Laboratory preferably on the west coast, needed to assess the manufacturing specifications of fabrics used in tents to the following specific... View More

Sterilization Validation Study

USA Microbiology Laboratory needed for sterilization validation study testing of a product containing agar/growth media which will be sterilized in la... View More

Metals Powders Analysis

Additive manufacturing researcher needs Metallurgical Laboratory for elemental analysis of metal powders before printing and bulk materials after prin... View More

Coating Defect Identification

Materials Laboratory needed for FTIR microscopy analysis of coating defects, and determination of what the defect is. For example, if the defect is a... View More

Adhesive Performance on Coated PSA Laminate

Independent Adhesives Test Laboratory needed for confirmation of results from the manufacturing lab for the adhesive performance of a production coate... View More

Stem Cell Genomic Stability Research

Genomics Laboratory needed for Research Study to ensure a stem cell manufacturing protocol does not affect the genomic stability of our cell product ... View More

USP Heparin Monograph Testing

FDA-registered GMP Bioanalyticala Laboratory needed to perform USP-NF <208> and Heparin monographs testing in support of cGMP manufacturing. View More

Plastic Product ASTM Biodegradability

Manufacturing Company needed Third-Party Laboratory for ASTM biodegradability testing of a finished plastic spoon product to ASTM D5511 test method . View More

Deformulation of BBQ sauces and spice mix

Food Analytic Chemistry Laboratory needed for deformulation / reverse engineering and formulation of 2 barbeque sauces and on spice rub that are curr... View More

Dietary Supplement Deformulation

Distributor needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for deformulation of powdered dietary supplements that contain taurine, GABA. glycine, etc to confir... View More

Tempered Glass Evaluation

Materials Laboratory for tempered glass testing for possible manufacturing deficiencies View More

Probiotics company needs microbiology Contract Manufacturer needed for manufacturing chemically defined medium for growing Lactobacillus spp View More

Contract Manufacturing Organization CMO needed for lyophilization of human serum product including lyophilize 3000 vials of 7ml bottles at one run View More

LONG-TERM Contract Manufacturing Organization needed to manufacture / process / analysis of Fulvic Acid and provide detailed report on contents. We... View More

START-UP Food Manufacturing Factory needs food laboratory for nutritional testing of hot chili sauce and spice mix View More

Medical device company needs FDA consultant for advising on the registration and classification of self diagnostic kits prior to manufacturing. View More

Polymer laboratory needed for Forensic and Root Cause analysis of the manufacturing of RF welding of vinyl PVDF AND PVC materials View More

Metallurgical laboratory needed for failure investigation of a failed metal plug stem that is a part of a Control Valve. It broke during operations, ... View More

Restaurant needs food laboratory for product development / formulation of a salad dressing prior to manufacturing and marketing View More

Pressure drop & CFM airflow testing on new line of HVAC cold air returns we are manufacturing. View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Large manufacturing company needs food /commodities laboratory for bulk taner cargo inspections: Confirmatory Certificate of Analys... View More

Large manufacturing company needs testing of Sealants (Silicone/PU/Acrylic) used in building and construction to comply with ASTM standards (ASTM C920... View More

Auto parts manufacturing company needs quarterly check of metal surface for compliance with ANSI B46.1 Standard in compliance with Rz10 requirement in... View More

Automotive parts manufacturing company needs testing of a lubricant certification per ASHRAE -97. The lubricant is a solvent based deforming product t... View More

Manufacturing and distribution company needs quick turnaround analysis to determine the compound used as a Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) in a 5 ... View More

Global pharmaceutical manufacturing (advanced chemical synthesis) company needs testing of 2-3 samples of Polysorbate 80 and 2-3 samples of Polysorbat... View More

UK Company needs a laboratory to test Adipic Acid as a raw material for to be used in manufacturing for:
1. Purity
2. Heavy metals residue... View More

Packaging testing needed for a container and packaging company for manufacturing process for several lines of containers that are specific to holding... View More

Large Custom Furniture Manufacturing Company needs laboratory for product durability testing for a Murphy Bed for 3FNE 99-583A compliance.Bed mechanis... View More

Multivitamin testing: For ingredient compliance of 4 finished multivitamins products after contract manufacturing process. To ensure same ingredients... View More

Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for ingredient testing of 4 finished multivitamins products after contract manufacturing process. to ensure in... View More

Materials laboratory needed for analysis of particulate formation in natural oil wood finishes. We are having some particulates forming that we need t... View More

Laboratory needed for Environmental Monitoring Testing for Class 8 Cleanrooms in a Non-sterile Pharma/Med Device Manufacturing Facility.
Current tes... View More

India Manufacturing Company needs metallurgical laboratory for silver alloy electrical contacts testing: detailed mineralogical analysis of industrial... View More

Packaging Laboratory needed for vibration testing an automotive pallet load to ensure returnable packaging will hold up
pack ships for automotive ma... View More

Alcoholic Beverage laboratory needed for full testing of Beer and Scotch. In process of obtaining manufacturing approvals. View More

Pharmaceutical manufacturer needs FDA cGMP analytical chemistry laboratory for Compendial testing for active components in a cGMP regulated manufactur... View More

FDA GMP Microbiology Laboratory needed for USP Microbiological testing (swab or contact plate) for cleaning validation of tools and equipment used in ... View More

FDA GMP Food Laboratory needed for formulation and manufacturing process development of milk made from sesame seeds (developing and customizing formul... View More

Small volume parenteral manufacturing plant needs product safety laboratory for toxicology testing, and interaction study (Migration study and Sorpti... View More

Microbiology Laboratory needed for microbial testing of manufactured medical device parts for specific microbiological requirements.
We are a contrac... View More

LONG-TERM TESTING Cosmetics Manufacturing Company needs microbiology laboratory to assist with and perform testing to start our environmental monitori... View More

Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for ingredient testing in barley tea drink. Beverage formulation for commercialization for factory manufac... View More

Plastics (Plasticised PVC) flooring manufacturer needs physical laboratory for combustion analysis of condensate from manufacturing operation that pr... View More

New Jersey food laboratory needed for Heat penetration test for food products in my manufacturing facility. Testing the time needed to cook in a steam... View More

Materials Laboratory needed for required Filter Testing (Directly from US Code of Federal Regulators, 40 CFR Part 50 Appendix L,Reference Method for t... View More

FDA GMP Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for raw materials testing of 16 ingredients that we need to test to verify that each component meets t... View More

Large pharma need pharmaceutical laboratory for Raw material analytical chemistry and microbiology testing for pharmaceutical manufacturing.Seeking to... View More

Medical Device Laboratory needed for solvent removal process validation testing of a drug/device combination product. Please provide a quotation to co... View More

USA Food Microbiology / Chemistry Laboratory needed for FDA HAACP Validation Testing of fruit juice manufacturing lines View More

Midwest USA analytical chemistry laboratory needed for magnetic particle testing in Manufacturing Environment. Need parts tested for Magnetic Particl... View More

Environmental laboratory needed for soil and groundwater testing of 9 groundwater samples and 16 soil samples collected from a drug manufacturing sit... View More

Northern California biochemical laboratory needed for formulation testing to Finalize chemically based optical sensor formulation for use in a disposa... View More

Industrial laboratory needed for Water testing of wastewater of manufacturing businesses View More

Plastic manufacturing factory needs Saudi Arabia materials laboratory for plastic analysis. View More

West Coast USA pharmaceutical manufacturing laboratory needed for manufacturing product development of drug for export to Brazil View More

Optical manufacturing company of ophthalmic lenses needs Texas materials laboratory for lens testing of UV-reactive coating for viscosity and water co... View More

Natural skin care manufacturing company needs Canada Product safety laboratory for Amazon product safety tests for 6 oil formulations for skin and hai... View More

Dental manufacturing company needs preclinical contract research organization for medical device product safety studies including oxicology and biocom... View More

Industrial Hygiene laboratory needed of ASTM elemental trace analysis of the indoor air in our manufacturing building using ICP-MS or GC-MS. Mainly we... View More

Railroad manufacturing company needs food laboratory for flavored drinking water formulation and ingredient testing.
View More

Midwest analytical laboratory needed for Quality Control release testing: assay testing on n-heptane solvent samples with validated method. A validat... View More

ASAP: Automotive Car Parts Manufacturer moving to new manufacturing plant needs for automotive car parts testing of exterior plastic parts like Front... View More

USA FDA Food Lab for FDA GRAS and EU NOvel food testing We are manufacturing 100% plant-made salt from Salicornia. We require detailed analysis inclu... View More

Juice Manufacturing company needs Asia food laboratory for juice testing includingEnergy Sugar Carbohydrate Fat Protein Vitamin C Sodium Total Plate C... View More

Biomechanical Laboratory needed for dental implant testing: SEM of a clean and sterile titanium dental implant surface to document absence of particl... View More

South African based start-up Energy Drink manufacturing firm needs food laboratory for energy drink testing
View More

Natural environmental chemistry laboratory needed for development and manufacturing of eco friendly cleaning products " View More

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer setting up drug manufacturing facility in Africa needs contract testing labs for performing their drug testing. View More

Midwest Food laboratory needed for protein fractionation process using egg yolk with a 3-solvent method, who is looking for a large scale manufacturin... View More

Essential Oil Manufacturer that is manufacturing oil shipping cartons needs Transportation certification UN laboratory needed for UN certification tes... View More

FDA GMP Food Laboratory needed for food contact testing to FDA CFR 175.3 Resinous and polymeric coating testing that may be safely used as the food-co... View More

Yeast Manufacturer with alot of Temp,Pressure & flow instruments in manufacturing process needs India NABL accredited laboratory for metrology and in... View More

Manufacturing company needs marine toxicology laboratory Marine Pollutant testing on one of our products. Can you quote cost, turn around time and re... View More

West or Northwest USA materials laboratory needed for polymer testing by SIMS or Raman. Need to analyze some defects in a polymer film. Our analysis ... View More

USA radiochemistry laboratory needed for radioactivity testing for radioactivity in dietary supplements (radioactive isotopes). Currently we are manuf... View More

Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for USP Testing. USP Raw material testing of raw materials used in our liquid product manufactu... View More

FDA 510(k) CRO , FDA GMP Contract Research Organization needed for Medical Device Research and Development: Test Kit Manufacturing e are based in Wash... View More

Sodium Hypochlorite by weight using the iodometric titration method for a bleach manufacturing facility. View More

Midwest ENvironmental Microbiology Laboratory needed for environmental swab testing for non-sterile product manufacturing facility View More

Pennsylvania Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for custom synthesis of 5 to 10 grams of CAS # 88373-30-2, 1,3,5-Triazine-2,4(1H,3H)-dithione,6-[[... View More

Preference for New Jersey Laboratory needed for Eddy current inspection of 5 mm diameter steel bars to check for surface defects View More

Canada or USA Mechanical Laboratory needed for Mechanical shear strength testing of shear pins on 10 samples to determine manufacturing & material va... View More

India Manufacturing Laboratory needed for nutraceuticals View More

We are a medical device manufacturing company seeking a third party laboratory to perform testing on our products. We are particularly interested in t... View More

Arentina or US Microbioogy Laboratory needed for Viral load testing on raw bovine bone, viral load on processed bone, up to 6 samples taken at steps i... View More

USA Manufacturing Testing laboratory needed for ANSI 4950 Evaluating welding pads, welding blankets and welding curtains for hot work for welding safe... View More

South of Sweden ISO Biomedical Laboratory needed for manufacturing gene mapping, micro arrays from saliva samples from customer. There may have to be ... View More

India environmental laboratory needed for methane testing of biogas manufacturing from cotton textile waste: % of methane in biogas. View More

Cosmetic consumer products laboratory needed for analytical chemistry testing of 5 cosmetic products which are oil based and one which may contain wat... View More

OSHA compliant ANSI Manufacturer manufacturing a new hearing protection device needs sound testing and also OSHA compliant certs and NRR rating. View More

ISO Medical Device Quality COntrol Laboratory needed for medical device testing to ISO 5833 or 10993? Please send me a quotation for a few pieces of t... View More

Cosmetic Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for ingredient testing for verifying/validating ingredients in contracted manufacturing products are c... View More

Italy and Switzerland analytical chemistry laboratory needed for regular testing of materials to assess Far Infrared emissions at body temp (38degree)... View More

Ireland Electrical Laboratory needed for High Voltage Electrical testing of 20kV transformer bushing to establish electrical breakdown and check for m... View More

UAE FDA GMP Microbiology Laboratory needed for Compressed air & gas Monitoring and testing in Pharmaceutical manufacturing plant. View More

Multinational Corp needs Germany, UK, Canada or USA materials laboratory for API and ASTM Testing for pipeline material for the Diversion Gas Pipeline... View More

California NIOSH Industrial Hygiene Laboratory needed for NIOSH industrial hygiene testing of manufacturing plant workers for Airborne metals, dust, c... View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for USP analysis: Residual Solvent Testing per USP<467> 10 samples that I need to have residual solvent testin... View More

Large Pharmaceutical Corporation needs ISO Certificated Bioanalytical, Microbiology Laboratory for Nuclease Testing snd Bioburden Testing Nuclease Te... View More

"dry goods" manufacturing company needs Food Laboratory for testing Canola Oil and spices Lab testing Health Canada recommends.
View More

USA Physical Laboratory needed for Called protection test IP69K this uses high pressure heated water aimed at the test item at 4-5 different angles. W... View More

Neurology Preclinical laboratory needed to test auditory brain response ABRs in young mice with gene defects that lead to Usher IIIa disease. We are... View More

Coating and Paint Mfg needs materials certification laboratory for test certifications for our thermal insulation coatings, which we are manufacturin... View More

Laboratory needed for water analysis on polished water. (water standards and parameters for beverage manufacturing) View More

USA Electronics Laboratory needed for static breakdown voltage, insulation resistance between terminals, visual & mechanical, parametric defects, and ... View More

USA Microbiology/Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for Cleaning System validation testing on 1 to 3 pieces of stainless steel with slots, grooves, tappe... View More

Polymer Laboratory needed for polymer reformulation of polymer solution involving butyl rubber in suspension. Have the basic "recipe" from a deformula... View More

USA Mechanical Laboratory needed to perform Leaf spring tension test to verify manufacturing quality. View More

South Africa Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for impurity testing, HPLC analysis for determination of related substances and impurities with a ... View More

GMP Contract Research and Manufacturing Services Organization needed to test 'Depressor substances' for antibiotics as per Ph.Eur. 2.6.11. View More

USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed to test what chemicals are present on a sample of 18 oz. Vinyl coated polyester that has been used in the f... View More

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for testing for company selling Benonite and Magnesium Aluminun Silicate used in antacids,oral suspensions and tablet ... View More

Thailand PCBA Manufacturing Company needs Electrical Laboratory for failure analysis of electrical component. View More

Environmental Laboratory needed to perform biodegradability test on a chemical named "wax" (paraffin used in manufacturing of yarn in the textile indu... View More

Canada (Preferred)or USA Electrical Laboratory needed for testing for verification of compliance of a wire to MIL-W-81044/12. Insulation/jacketing an... View More

USA Virology Laboratory needed to test human amniotic fluid for HIV-1, HIV-2, Hep-B, Hep-C. This amniotic fluid is used for medical device manufacturi... View More

New Zealand based manufacturing company needs Australia/New Zealand Microbiology Laboratory who can test the vapour phase activity of their product a... View More

New Ireland manufacturing facility needs Certified Biochemisty Europe Laboratory for bioceramics testing of hydroxyapatite and pfinal product testing.... View More

Product Safety Laboratory needed to test recalled Tylenol for processing and manufacturing materials. View More

Large Door Products Manufacturer requires UK CE/EN Laboratory to test 4" x 3" Stainless Steel Hinges manufactured to the specs laid down in the standa... View More

Company that is establishing a manufacturing facility in Ireland requires an Analytical Chemistry Laboratory in Europe to test a bioceramic called hyd... View More

ISO laboratory to conduct ISO21461 tests. We are a manufacturing company that produces tires and tubes. Due to the REACH ANNEX 17 ,PAHS, we need to c... View More

We are going to carry out a geotechnological test for steel manufacturing plant. We are looking for agency who can fieldwork, laboratory work & Report... View More

Large Automotive Mfg needs Russia Physical Laboratory for automotive component testing sunroof and cockpit Operating Noises, Squeaks and rattles carac... View More

Large electronics mfg need IPC-TM-650 2.3.28 Ionic Chromatography testing as process qualification on modled electronics parts This test is required ... View More

Tri-State USA FDA GMP Microbiology laboratory needed for GMP microbial testing to ID C. Difficile for kill efficacy and environmental monitoring in a... View More

India FDA GMP Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for QC, USP and BP Testing for Powder/ injection filling manufacturing company View More

Pharmaceutical manufacturing company.needed US FDA GMP analytical chemistry laboratory for analysis of vitamin E natural oil (d-alpha-tocopherol) usin... View More

Manufacturing plant in Mexico requires Microbiology Laboratory to conduct testing of our products (Antibacterial Gel and others) against Type A Virus ... View More

Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for quick litmus tests for various drugs. Design and manufacturing a plus. View More

Bioanalytical Laboratory required for bioidentity test. We are a company that specializes in peptide manufacturing. View More

IEC 61215 & IEC 61730 Electrical Laboratory required- We are the manufacturing of Solar PV modules situated near Bangalore. We would like to have IEC ... View More

Materials or Packaging Laboratory required for testing for a custom poly plastic bag manufacturing company. Need to test the corrugated cardboard boxe... View More

Easterna USA Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed for Disinfectant Study on cleaning agents used in manufacturing facility agaist inhouse and ... View More

India GMP Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for manufacturing and testing of MCB, WCB, EPC, MS, MWS etc. View More

Mechanical Laboratory required for testing a new ducted-blade radial motor for automobiles and other applications. Testing to focus on energy input/o... View More

USA USP Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for testing excipients. We are a Japanese company manufacturing raw materials for pharmaceutical companies. We... View More

North Carolina Nondestructive Testing Laboratory needed for digital microscope to take 3D photos of the defects (debris) on the surface of the cranksh... View More

Singapore ASTM F2101-07 Microbiology Laboratory needed for Bacterial Filtration efficiency Test for Computer Manufacturing. View More

US Product Safety Laboratory needed for ANSI Testing of Personal Protective Equipment PPE Manufacturing company requires ANSI Z87.1 testing, ANSI Z359... View More

USA Food analytical chemistry labroatory needed for 3rd party organoleptic quality control evaluation of flavor prior to use in toll manufacturing of ... View More

USA Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing a raw material for pharmaceutical manufacturing. The material is Squalene (99+% pure shark live... View More

India Analytical Chemistry Labroatory needed for conducting stability studies of manufacturing water analysis kits for labaratory use. View More

Europe, USA, FDA GMP Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed to study persistent epithelial defects using alkali-induced (NaOH) burns or vir... View More

North America or Europe Analytical Chemistry Lab needed to to compare the analytical composition between two providers of samples. We are a Dietary Su... View More

Physical laboratory needed to do triaxial test for sintered ceramic materials Confining pressure 400MPa Loading axis until failure (around 2GPa)

Ir... View More

Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed to conduct a material composition analysis on (i) TPE product case (as shown in figure), (ii) TPE resin or (iii... View More

Physical laboratory needed for MVTR testing or WVTR testing. We are a manufacturing company of Carrier tapes and lock reels. As such, we are a semi-co... View More

Physical laboratory needed to do crush testing on various size Core Tubes used in our Boxboard Manufacturing Process.
View More

FDA cGMP analytical chemistry laboratory needed for USP testing on a pharmaceutical raw material for drug product manufacturing. The raw material req... View More

GLP analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Compound manufacturing and testing View More

GMP analytical chemistry laboratory needed for ISO Testing of the odor of Isopropanol at a manufacturing facility after a process improvement to dete... View More

FDA GLP / GMP microbiology laboratory needed for testing and small batch manufacturing of an antimicrobial polymer in development. We have been reque... View More

Fiberglass manufacturing company needs physical laboratory for ASTM Testing flexural test as ASTM D 638, View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for visual visual inspection testing of sterile liquid filled vials. Batch sizes up to 5000 ranging from 2ml - ... View More

Microbiology laboratory needed for cosmetic testing:stability, packaging, manufacturing cleanroom, preservative, outset--microbe test. View More

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for testing for identification of a drug manufacturing process related impurity. We need to identify its struct... View More

Microbiology laboratory needed for testin gto to identify microbiological agent causing contamination of liquid dish detergent in storage tanks at ch... View More

FDA GMP Food Toxicology Laboratory needed for all Product Safety GRAS testing for naturally derived sweetener to be used as an ingredient in food manu... View More

Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for testing a compressed powder caplet contained within a gelatin capsule and determine certain physical proper... View More

FDA GLP / GMP microbiology laboratory needed for viral load testing of relevant model virus in source materials for manufacturing pharmaceutical produ... View More

Toxicology laboratory needed for non-GLP USP Biocompatibility and Cytotoxicity Testing(MEM, some Agar diffusion) and hemolysis testing to support Rece... View More

EPA and FDA GMP Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for formulation testing of fragrance or flavor oils to develop liquid or aerosol delivery syste... View More

Analytical food laboratory needed for testing corn syrup for acid residue from the manufacturing process View More

Environmental laboratory needed for environmental monitoring and air testing for the concentration of selenium, cadmium, copper, and indium in the air... View More

Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for testing Polishing compunds used for manufacturing ng automotive resale production. View More

Imaging of glass micro structures with dynamic range of 10 to 1000 microns. Tclear glass is 60 mm cube but having small defects then need to imaged an... View More

Chondroitin sulfate USP testing,
lipid analysis of chondrotin sulfate,
development of HPLC putrity assay for chondroitin sulfate derivative to be u... View More

USP sterility testing and microbial identification in support of GMP manufacturing of Clinical Grade Lots of a pharmaceutical. View More